This is why Mercedes-Benz 4Matic technology is perfect for Nigerian driving


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Mercedes-Benz has a unique type of all-wheel-drive system called the 4Matic. Read on to see how it works and why it fits Nigerian car owners well.

If you are like me and like going to the beach to catch some fun from time to time, you would have observed how cars parked on the sandy beach get stuck while trying to reverse. The tires keep spinning either in front or rear, depending on the drive train layout. 


This can't happen with an all-wheel-drive

Cars with auxiliary gear don't suffer this predicament because once the all-wheel-drive system is activated, the car jumps out of that sinking sand with ease. This all-wheel-drive system is what Mercedes-Benz calls 4MATIC. Just the way an all-wheel-drive is different from a four-wheel-drive, the 4Matic is also different from a regular all-wheel-drive slightly.  


This is how an all-wheel-drive system looks inside 

What is 4Matic?

4Matic is Mercedes-Benz's fully developed all-wheel-drive system that sends power to all four wheels at the same time. This kind of drive makes sure a car can go through any terrain with ease because all 4 tires are being powered by the engine. 


All 4Matic cars carry this logo on the rear of the car

The first Mercedes-Benz passenger car to have the 4Matic was the 1985 E-Class (W124); ten years later, Benz re-introduced a new innovation on the 4Matic technology that had a 4-wheel electronic traction system on the ML (SUV) model series. 

Watch this video to understand how the Benz 4matic operates :

How the 4matic Benz works

What cars use 4Matic?

Nearly 50 models of Mercedes-Benz have a 4Matic variant that carries a 4Matic emblem at the rear just to differentiate it from the regular rear-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz cars. The 4Matic system is in use with Petrol engines, Diesel engines, and even Hybrid powertrain Benz cars. 

The C-class, E-class, GL-Class, and GLK-Class are very popular 4Matic powered cars you can find in Nigeria "kinging" on the roads.

What makes the 4Matic a special AWD system?

The 4matic is not just your regular type of all-wheel-drive system that spins all four tires at the same time. Some key features make it unique amongst its peers.


An E-Class Wagon enjoying a rough road with 4Matic

1. Independent wheels in every sense

Every wheel can spin at different speeds to increase precision at every turn. The 4Matic system monitors and adjusts every wheel speed depending on the angle the car is turning to increase the handling.


4Matic G-Wagon in its natural habitat climbing rocks

There are also sensors on every wheel that provides just the right amount of engine power needed in every direction to avoid using too much engine power to keep you gripped to the road. 

2. The 4matic system is fully part of the car

Unlike other AWD systems that feel like just an add-on feature to the car, 4Matic is integrated with the car's driving system from production. It works with all the safety features of your Mercedes-Benz car and this is why the 4Matic never poses a danger to the car. 

3. Quick response to road conditions

This is Nigeria where we have to drive on different road conditions from wet to dry to slippery, rough and dirty, the 4Matic provides the best possible ride by adjusting automatically to the road condition and giving the car maximum ride stability whenever you accelerate.


More power and traction with a 4Matic is assured 

What are the disadvantages of the 4Matic system?

You should know that there is nothing entirely advantageous when it comes to cars. Here are the downsides of the 4Matic sytem:

1. Price is more

It costs more to purchase 4Matic cars for any Benz model, This extra money can be up to ₦1,000,000 at times for brand new cars and ₦500,000 for locally used/tokunbo Mercedes-Benz cars for sale in Nigeria.

Also, the prices of Mercedes-Benz 4Matic model in Nigeria is a bit on the high side because it is high in demand and limited in supply.

2. More weight, more fuel consumption

The 4Matic system uses propellers and other components to distribute power to all four wheels at the same time and this means there is added weight to the car. This added weight, in turn, makes the car consume more fuel than the regular rear-wheel/front-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz cars. 

3. Overconfidence in drivers

There is a psychological effect with driving any all-wheel-drive system car, it makes you feel like you can drive your car anywhere and anyhow. This reduces your caution and it can lead to very disastrous accidents. 


Don't believe when they tell you Benz cannot tumble


The Mercedes-Benz 4Matic system is what every Nigerian need equipped on their cars because the reality of our driving condition is that it gets switched from normal to off-road conditions every minute. It's like to get to the best roads, you have to go through some very rough roads that regular front-wheel-drive cars would have a tough time on.

You would find great listings for your 4Matic Benz on so that you can experience a better ride comfort at an affordable price from a luxury car below is a list of the most common 4matic Mercedes-Benz cars in Nigeria. 

Common Mercedes-Benz 4Matic cars in Nigeria
 N/O Car model
 1  Mercedes-Benz C-Class
 2  Mercedes-Benz E-Class
 3  Mercedes-Benz ML-Class
 4  Mercedes-Benz GLE
 5  Mercedes-Benz G-Class
 6  Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class
 7  Mercedes-Benz S-Class
 8  Mercedes-Benz GLC

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