Manual vs automatic - which is more reliable and boasts higher performance?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Picking between manual and automatic transmission has always been a controversial topic, especially in terms of reliability and performance test. Click here for full info!

For so long, there have been several arguments as to which one is more preferable between automatic transmission and manual transmission. These arguments have always been centered on reliability and performance. Well, we feel both sides make convincing points. Those who love driving cars with automatic transmission believe that, the problem of changing gear every time could cause distraction and unsafe driving experience while sitting behind the wheel. This, they believe is a big challenge in driving cars with stick shift. The manual lovers while making their own convincing points believe that they have total control of their cars when they drive with manual transmission. Though the argument might seem subjective, but here on Naijauto, we will show you the major differences between a manual transmission versus automatic transmission in the area of reliability and performance test.

1. Lifespan

We believe manual cars come right on top in this one. When you take a thorough comparison with automatic transmission, you would agree with us that stick shifting cars tend to have a longer lifespan that could translate to years.


Automatic or manual- it all boils down to driver's handling on the road

2. Reliability on road

Since there are more gears in manual cars than most average automatic cars, there is high possibility that it reaches top speed faster and move over tough terrain better. Speed might not be what you are looking for in cars. On safety, the presence of added control in manual cars could guarantee safer driving experience.

3. Fuel economy 

Due to the absolute control manual transmission cars give you in determining how fast and high your engine burns, there is a higher chance of fuel efficiency in it than automatic transmission. When you look at the growing price of fuel in Nigeria, it looks like stick shift will save you a lot from buying fuel.


If you don't mind the stress of shifting stick at every interval, you might go for manual transmission

4. Repair and maintenance cost

The configurations and installations in manual transmission car is quite simple. When you consider the complexities behind automatic transmission, it feels like you might have to spend more on automatic transmission car when it comes to maintenance and repair. This is because automatic transmission cost more to fix when any of the components breaks. Replacing clutch in manual transmission might give you little headache, but it is very cheap to fix unlike the accumulated fixes or repairs in automatic. Averagely, it is cheaper to maintain a manual transmission car.

Automatic vs Manual Transmission

5. Asking price and comfort

When you approach a dealership or even an open market to get your car under limited budget, acquiring a car with stick shift seems to be more financially wise and could save you thousands of naira.

In the area of comfort and ease in driving, this seems to be very straightforward; since most automatic cars are more common on the roads, driving automatic transmission seems to be very easy. It gives you much needed comfort far above manual transmission cars. The rigour and fatigue accustomed with driving for long hours seems to be reduced in automatic transmission. With a free hand and bit more work on the leg, you will definitely find it very comforting.

Final verdict

Seems you are already thinking from the above points that manual transmission cars are better on the reliability and performance test. We might disagree a bit. We think the reliability and performance of most cars depends heavily on who is driving the car. If you are the kind of car owner or driver who doesn’t overwork the clutch in your manual shift, the car might last for a long time or even thousands of miles without you having the need to replace the clutch. But if you find it difficult staying behind the line, you might have issue driving an automatic car. In this case, automatic might be the better alternative because of the smoother and effortless driving experience it promises.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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