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Whether you believe it or not, the auto industry in Africa as a continent, is taking a major step to compete favourably with other major brands across the world. See the list of African car makers below and score their Made in Africa products!

Admittedly, most of the brands people are familiar with, are foreign products such as Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford and so on. You may not know yet, but Africa is really progressing in its automotive industry and this has helped the economies of those manufacturing countries.

The prominent CEO of Tesla in the United States, Elon Musk, is a South-African born tech enterprenur and CEO of SpaceX, has revolutionized the perception of people towards zero emission cars, such as Tesla’s electrified vehicles. Auto manufacturing companies in South Africa has indeed shown much promise as their products can now compete favourably in the international market. Here on Naijauto are the Made in Africa cars from the most popular African car manufacturers.

1. Birkin, South Africa

It is based in Durban and was founded in the 1980s. Birkin Cars has a strong reputation for premium reproduction of the Lotus 7 Series, known as Birkin S3. Locally manufactured Lotus and other limited-edited replicas of performance cars are exported by the company all over the world.


The Birkin S3 is a perfect replica of the Lotus 7 Series, requested by buyers all over the world

2. Saroukh el-Jamahiriya, Libya

The epic “Libyan rocket” from Saroukh el-Jamahiriya was super exotic, very quick and quite safe. It was a model created for late Muammar Gaddafi, former Libyan leader, in 1999. The car was built in Libya and was tagged as the joy and pride of the nation. At a time, it was compared with luxury cars from Germany.

The downside was; the model didn’t materialize into mass production. Regardless, it was an evidence of invention and creative design from the North African country. It was tagged one of the safest cars on the planet by the designers, especially when compared with Saab and Volvo. It came with eye-catching safety features such as electronic safety system with airbags for every seat, and ability drive for so long on flat tyres, making it an ideal car for conditions in deserts.


Specially built to run miles on flat tyre, the luxury rocket car was built in Africa for speed, safety and performance

3. Laraki, Morocco

An automaker, Laraki, is based in Casablanca. The company is solely owned by Abdeslam Laraki, a Moroccan luxury yatch designer. The design and production of luxury sports models and high-performance car is carried out by the company itself. One of such models includes the Laraki Borac, which comes equipped with V8 engine with an output of 1750 horsepower. Officially, this is the only recognized supercar from the continent of Africa. There is also the Laraki Fulgura, which looks and performs almost like Lamborghini.


The insanely fast Laraki Borac is the first world officially recognized supercar from Africa

Its cars are custom-built for buyers, and are strictly concept cars. Many of its products have been ranked among world most expensive cars in 2015, valued at over $2 million for every car.

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4. Advanced Automotive Design, South Africa

The Advanced Automotive Design, based in Pretoria, South Africa, has been manufacturing sports cars that work just like racecars. The company has a strong reputation in the auto world especially for the production of Shaka Nynya in 2007, which was named after the King of Zulu. Its speed and versatility has really mesmerized many drivers.


The Shaka Nynya is sporty and quite adorable among professional drivers for its road performance

5. Wallyscar, Tunisia

A reckoning force in the off-road vehicles’ profitable business, the powerful and small Wallyscar is a model that was produced in La Marsa, Tunisia. Well, the company was established in 2006 and from all indication; it is still a new manufacturing firm. It is popular for production of cheap, powerful and reliable 4X4s, without having much concern over the cars’ size. These cars in size are somehow similar to Skoda and Suzuki.


The all-wheel drive Wallyscar is a shocking revelation from the North African automaker, considering its size

The company sells more than 600 examples per year, from reports in 2014. These sales are majorly within Africa, Europe, North America and Middle East. The company is taking a new step towards making its off-road vehicles more environmental-friendly cars, which should be colourful and sporty at the same time, for the global market.

6. Bailey Edwards, South Africa

Peter and Grey Bailey, who are brothers, started this company in 2003. The company, Bailey Edwards, is a prominent automaker of top replica of sports car, based in South Africa. The firm produces and does customization on classic high-performance cars, which include Ferrari P4 and Porsche 917 for buyers across the globe. In order to expand its business to North American auto market, the company decided to station a factory in New York.


South African Bailey Edwards's replicas are one of the most sought after high-performance cars in the world

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7. Kiira Motors, Uganda

This is the first hybrid electronic car made in Africa. It was unveiled in 2014, but hasn’t been available on a commercial scale. Kiira Motors started as a group project by University of Makerere’s engineering students before the Ugandan government invested $40 million in the remarkable project. The aim was to produce cheap hybrid cars for African auto market and bolster the East African auto industry through Uganda.


The Ugandan Kiira Motors is an example of what comes forth when the government believes in the creativity of its citizens

The company has its factory in Kampala, capital of Uganda, and has been producing sedan, urban and off-road variation. The company is yet to achieve its full potential but is taking a huge step towards that.

8. Innoson, Nigeria

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has been producing cheap, premium quality cars from its factory located in Anambra, Nigeria. The Fox sedan that went into the market in 2015 was a remarkable starting point for the company and a big statement to the auto world from Nigeria.

Walkaround video of most typical car models from Innoson

Many of these African cars that are Made in Africa, for Africans first can easily compete with many models from major brands across the world. In the space of few years, African auto firms will become reckoning force in the world of car production.

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