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Generally, all families would opt for luxurious cars if it were within their budget. Those cars would definitely give all passengers including the driver a high level of comfort. Check below for the best luxury mid-size cars for families!

Choosing a particular mid-size car suitable for your entire family requires a lot of time, effort and planning. This is due to the fact that more than one person's interest is being considered, and as such multiple factors need to be considered. These factors will help you narrow your range to mid-size cars that will be practical for your entire family.

1. How to choose the best luxury mid-size cars for your family?

Generally, all families would go for luxurious cars within their budget, cars which would give all passengers including the driver increased comfort, a higher level of equipment and increased perception of quality. However, when choosing the best luxury mid-size cars for family, specific factors need to be considered as below:

  • Safety

Your family’s safety and well-being cannot be overrated, it is your biggest priority. Before concluding on which car to go for, it is best you research about the various safety measures incorporated in the vehicle.

  • Seating

This is a very important factor when it comes to a family with children or a family expecting children. Your choice would be limited to a mid-size car with a lot of rear seat space, a car which would definitely accommodate the entire family.

  • Environment

The place where you live impacts your choice of vehicle. The climate and terrain of your residence needs to be kept in mind when choosing a vehicle.

They are lot of luxurious mid-size cars produced every year, this brings us to the all important question of which of these is best for a family. We are going to look at the very best luxurious mid-size vehicles suitable for a family.

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2. Top luxury mid-size cars for families

2.1. BMW 5-Series 2019

This vehicle has a spacious cabin made with different quality materials and provide two rows of comfortable seats for your family. It has been made with standard features to guarantee that your family is comfortable, secure and free.


The BMW 5 series is built with an active protection system

  • BMW 5-Series 2019 Safety

This mid-size vehicle has been scattered with a lot of safety features to enable that your family remains secure. It has been built with an active protection system which readies the car if it senses an impending collision. The automatic braking system slows the car to some degree when necessary.

  • BMW 5-Series 2019 Seating

The vehicles front seat are made in such a way that the driver has a comfortable driving position. It rear seats are made with good car seat connectors, so as to make sure that your children's seat are connected safely.

2.2. Genesis G80 2019

This luxurious mid-size sedan is suitable for families as a result of it unprecedented combination of style, spacious interior and advanced technologies guaranteeing the safety of it passengers.

  • Genesis G80 2019 Safety

Speed and other critical vehicle and systems information are clearly displayed on the windshield directly in front of the driver, which means that the driver would always be focused on the road, reducing the probability of an accident and increasing the safety of the family.


The Genesis G80 2019 windshield reminds driver to focus on driving

  • Genesis G80 2019 Seating

The G80 is made with nappa leather seating surfaces with contrast stitching, making sure that both adult and children remain comfortable always. The G80 sedan has five seats with congenial accommodation that boast of more front and rear spacing than most of it rivals, enabling a family with children to be comfortable and relaxed.

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2.3. Honda Accord 2019

The Honda Accord ranks among one of the best mid-size cars for families, as a result of it appealing nature, passenger and cargo space and the beautiful responsive handling.

  • Honda Accord 2019 Safety

This vehicle has been built with a standard driver drowsiness monitor. This feature senses when the driver becomes drowsy or tired and raises an alarm. Since most accidents are caused due to drowsiness, this vehicle reduces the chances of the family having any accidental issues.

  • Honda Accord 2019 Seating

The vehicle accommodates passengers in two rows, with a high degree of space suitable for accommodating families. The seats have also been supplied with a heating system to keep the family warm and comfortable, even in severe weather condition


Honda Accord are supplied with a heating system

2.4. Mazda 6 2018

The Mazda 6 is among the list of mid-size cars suitable for families. This beautiful vehicle delivers some performance and features that most vehicles can't.

  • Mazda 6 2018 Safety

The car has been built with blind spot monitors that helps the driver detect vehicles by the side or rear of the car, by giving warnings that could be visual, tactile and audible.

  • Mazda 6 2018 Seating

The Mazda 6 2018 boasts of a lot of head and leg room and seats that allows the family to remain comfortable even on long journeys. The vehicle also has a full set of reliable LATCH seat connectors making the use of prams for your children safe.


The Mazda 6 are all built with blind spot monitors

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2.5. Toyota Camry 2019

We have come to appreciate Toyota brands for their family friendly style in terms of space and economy. Most Toyota brands are very economical to maintain and generally have good fuel economy. The Toyota Camry is no exception. Its interior is spacious enough to carry the family very comfortably and there is enough space in the car's trunk to carry as many as possible family luggage’s.

The fuel economy is very good, stands at 45 miles per gallon for highway use, which suggests better economy in the city. You can be sure of considerable power from the Camry and it can accelerate up to 60 mph in just under 6 seconds.

For this model, we may not need to introduce about its safety and seating because car drivers are way too familiar with this name. Anyway, we have spent a separate article on reviewing this car model and its used prices in Nigeria. You can check it here!


2019 Toyota Camry can accelerate up to 60 mph in just under 6 seconds

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