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These 6 awesome luxury cars arriving in 2020 will blow your mind!

One of the best inventions that have succeeded in turning Man’s life around is the invention of Cars.

Up till this moment, we keep witnessing the unveiling of cars that we did not expect until much later. For car enthusiasts, each of the anticipated cars will keep you doubting your taste of the previous one.

This article is focused on showcasing some of the most elegant cars that will envelop our hearts in 2020, here’s a list of 6 best luxury cars of 2020:

1. 2020 Alfa Romeo GTV

The next Alfa Romeo GTV has been leaked on social media, with a PowerPoint presentation image revealing the new ride. After the Alfa Romeo Giulia was released, a two-door coupe version of the car was expected to come out next. 3 years have passed by and finally, the Italian carmaker will grace us with the two-door coupe version of the Giulia.


2020 Alfa Romeo GTV

Although the Romeo GTV is a two-door variant of the Giulia, a closer look will definitely reveal all the differences and unique parts about the car. The cabin of the new GTV will be identical to the sedan. A few things will definitely be modified, but you can expect a familiar layout which is great because Giulia has a great interior design as well.


  • All-wheel drive with torque vectoring
  • 50/50 Weight distribution
  • 600+ Horsepower with e-boost
  • Four-passenger seat

2. 2020 Ford Bronco

According to, the legendary Ford Bronco is coming in 2020 by popular demand. After ending production in 1996, Ford announced the Bronco's eventual return at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit back in 2017.


2020 Ford Bronco

Just like the Jeep Wrangler, Ford has revealed that the new Bronco will be a real, no-compromise, body-on-frame 4x4 built to take on some of the hardest terrains. The SUV will have features like solid front and rear axles as well as an “Air Roof” - a no-compromise midsize 4x4 utility for thrill seekers who want to venture way beyond the city, says Ford. Another appealing feature is that just like the roof, its doors will be removable, and it will be stored in the trunk.


  • 2-door setup
  • 4x4 SUV
  • Removable doors and roof

Although Ford has not revealed what the engine will look like for sure, speculations based on the Ranger pickup assembly plant has been made:

  • 300-horsepower 2.3L turbocharged 4-cylinder paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • A slightly larger 2.7L EcoBoost V6.

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3. 2020 Tesla Roadster

The new Tesla Roadster which was revealed at the Tesla Semi event in 2017 has been described by Elon Musk to be the fastest production car ever developed. Tesla itself described the sophisticated Roadster as the quickest car in the world with record-setting acceleration, range, and performance.


2020 Tesla Roadster

Fortunately for us, Tesla has been so kind as to feed us with full specifications and price:

Specifications Detail
Acceleration 0-60 mph 1.9 sec
 Acceleration 0-100 mph  4.2 sec
 Acceleration 1/4 mile  8.8 sec
 Top Speed  Over 250 mph
 Wheel Torque  10,000 Nm
 Mile Range  620 miles
 Seating  4
 Drive  All-Wheel Drive
 Base Price  $200,000

You can also reserve your own Roadster.

4. 2020 Porsche Taycan

Three years ago, Porsche gifted us with the debut of its sleek, all-electric Mission E sedan concept, later promising it'd go into production as the Taycan in 2020. Right now, we are inching towards the time where we get to see the first all-electric sports car with the soul of a Porsche.


2020 Porsche Taycan

Initially, Porsche called the project Mission E, with the "E" standing for electric, of course. Mission E probably didn’t befit a sophisticated sports car, so in June of 2018, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume announced that the car would be called the Taycan. The name was officially announced during 70th-anniversary celebrations for the automaker. It means "Lively young horse", - a reference to the prancing pony in the center of Porsche's shield.


  • 800-volt infrastructure to charge the Taycan and its all-electric successors
  • Comes with multiple variants - the three initial power outputs offered will be 402, 536, and 670 horsepower
  • Will ride on a custom-built platform called J1

When asked how much the EV will cost, the model-line director for the Taycan, Rober Meier, said:

"we're expecting a price somewhere between a Cayenne and a Panamera.

  • Cayenne - $66,000
  • Panamera - $85,000

The Taycan might cost $75,000 or more.

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5. 2020 GR Toyota Supra

Just looking at its stunning elegance and athletic stance, the Toyota Supra is nothing less than a remarkable work of art. It’s has been rumored over the years that a new masterpiece was on its way, it has become a reality and the new 2020 GR Supra is more than a mere sports car. Described by Toyota, it is

our purest expression of performance, designed to allow driver, car, and road to become one”. 


2020 GR Toyota Supra



Speaking of cost, the prices and colors actually vary by model:

  • Launch Edition - $55,250
  • 3.0 Premium - $55,250
  • 3.0 - $49,990                                  

6. 2020 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe

The elegant and sporty BMW Gran Coupe combined with a four-door concept is one of the most interesting models arriving this year. It is expected to be unveiled later this year most likely at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September but as a 2020 model.


2020 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe

Well, unlike the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and 2 Series Coupe, so much has not been said about the athletic ride except the fact that it will be based on BMW’s front-wheel drive architecture.

In addition, has revealed a spy video, where a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe was doing some winter testing in the snow. Based on the spy video,

the car seems to be a BMW M235i Gran Coupe, the upcoming M Performance variant. As seen in the video, if the car is indeed the M235i version, there should be the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder as in the X2 M35i.

Of course, the 2 Series Gran Coupe won’t cost anything less than the price of the Gran Turismo, which retails at $45,400.

The Gran Coupe is also the model that closes Naijauto's list of 6 best luxury cars of 2020. Stay tuned with us for more articles like this in the near future!

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