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The idea that luxury car hire is relatively pricey may not be true. Depending on your budget, you can spoil yourself for some hours or days. Check below the top list of luxury car rental in Lagos, Nigeria and their price range!

Car hire service is a business private transfer companies have established in the urban areas of the city. And people do well to patronize them. Perhaps, it’s your wedding, or you just came into the country but want none of the scurrying and highway-crossing that comes with Lagos public bus transit. You may even need to welcome a special guest from the airport in grand style.

The market of luxury car rental in Lagos Nigeria is relatively not congested. This is because it takes more than getting a fleet of cars and displaying them as “available for hire.” There are good reasons why car hire service is always in high demand. Ranging from one-time users, return customers, and expats, people who patronize them have plenty of good reasons to.

Why you should use luxury car rental in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Comfort and convenience

The first thing that comes to mind as the benefit of riding in a luxury car is comfort; and everyone loves that. You do not want your clothes ruffled or look sweaty before you get to your destination—especially when it is a long distance.  And then, you have the convenience of getting to decide when and how to use your rented vehicle.


Imagine you're driving one of those Rolls-Royce, how would you feel?

  • Safety

For luxury car hire companies, safety and security tops the list of their practices. Hardly will you see a premium car hire that will not entail a number of safety and security features. Some companies equip their vehicles with GPS tracking, bulletproof body and windshields, airbag support, etc. So, if you’re new in town and wanting to explore the city all alone, a luxury car hire may suffice for your transportation needs.

  • Flexibility

Variety is the spice of life. And if you’re a business class car enthusiast who always loves to attend corporate events and meetings in grand style, a luxury car hire service will offer you the flexibility of pulling into the lot in your favorite automobile.

Best luxury car rental in Lagos, Nigeria

Though there are many car hire companies in Lagos, but the quality of the service you will get depends on your budget. Worthy of note, what you pay for is what you get. You cannot get a limo with a midsize sedan budget. Here in this post, Naijauto review 5 of the best luxury car rentals in Lagos, and give information on how to make your booking, and pricing information if available. Make sure to check out the reviews of luxury vehicles on our website.

1. Make It Nigeria Hospitality

Make it Nigeria is an organization that offers a number of services including real estate, accommodation and car rental. Their fleet of cars includes Toyota midsize sedans, minivans, buses, and SUVs made by Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and Land Rover. They offer both standard and luxury vehicles for hire.

Prices of luxury car rental at Make It Nigeria Hospitality
Model Rental Pricing (Per Day)
 Range Rover SUVs ₦29,950 – ₦149,950
 Toyota Prado Jeep ₦59,950
 Mercedes Benz GL450 ₦69,950
Mercedes Benz G-Wagon ₦109,950
Hover Limousine ₦129,950
Chrysler Limousine ₦139,950
Hummer Jeep Limousine ₦159,950
Infiniti FX35 Limousine ₦199,950
Range Rover Limousine ₦199,950
Rolls Royce Ghost ₦500,000
Rolls Royce Phantom ₦575,000

***Please note the rental pricing may vary a bit during peak seasons. You should check their terms and conditions carefully as well to avoid unwanted surcharge.


You can ride in superstar style with a rental Range Rover

For booking, visit, fill in the information and submit, or contact them via:

  • Address: 27B Island Way, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Website:
  • Nigeria hotline: +234 817 470-2562, +234 817 777-0356
  • WhatsApp: +1 908 824-0101
  • Email:

2. Kunle Lawal Car Rental

Undoubtedly one of the most popular car hire service providers in Lagos, the company is located in the Victoria Island neighbourhood of the city. The company stands in a class of their own as they only offer premium cars while the services are reasonably priced. Their fleet consists of sedans, SUV, and ceremonial cars. On their website, vehicles are rather categorized into body types. You can rent the cars for up to 12 hours daily, and all prices are inclusive of chauffer’s services and fuel.

Prices of luxury car rental at Kunle Lawal Car Rental  
Model Rental Pricing Per Day
Toyota Sedans From ₦20,000
Porsche Sedans From ₦20,000
Mustang Sports From ₦20,000
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado From ₦50,000
Lexus SUVs From ₦50,000
Mercedes Benz G-Series From ₦50,000
Range Rover Vogue/Sport SUVs From ₦50,000
Rolls Royce From ₦70,000



Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes G-class are good options for a ceremonial car you can find at Kunle Lawal

For booking, contact Kunle Lawal via:

3. Dream Africa Motors

Dream Africa Motors offers so much more for you budget as their car rental is relatively cheap. They have a dashing fleet that include luxury Mercedes Benz BMW, and Range Rover Sport SUVs, and sedans. Their fleet also includes Audi Q7, Lexus GX 740, and the Infiniti QX5.


If you are an Audi fan, Q7 is a good choice for your important day at Dream Africa Motors

Presently, they do not have a website that displays pricing information but can only be reached through their telephone numbers and email.

Contacts of Dream Africa Motors:

4. Swift Rental Cars

Swift Rental Cars Limited provides inclusive logistics support across a wide range of markets. The company promises to deliver the best-in-class service when it comes to professional driving and luxury vehicles. They have an extensive lineup of vehicle brands including Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and Hyundai. Luxury buses are also available on the website.

Like the previous car rental service, Swift Rental Cars do not display their pricing on website. You need to register an account and contact them directly for the price quotes.

For booking, visit, fill in the information and submit.

You can also contact them via one of the channels:

A recent sports car race on Victoria Island, Lagos

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5. Rental 24H

Rental 24H can be described as an online car hire platform that markets the services of multiple luxury class car rentals, both within the country and internationally. They offer a unique perk that allows you to compare rental prices across several platforms before making a booking. SIXT and AVIS are two internationally known rental companies you can hire a vehicle from, using the Rental 24H platform.

When you rent a car on Rental24H, you have 3 pick-up locations to choose from: Ikeja, Apapa, and Victoria Island.

Prices of luxury car rental at Kunle Lawal Car Rental  
Model Rental Pricing Per Day
Toyota sedans ₦29,000 - ₦60,000
Toyota SUVs From ₦76,000
Nissan SUVs From ₦96,000
Mercedes-Benz E-Class From ₦96,000
BMW 5 Series From ₦145,000
Ford sedans From ₦44,000


Rental24H offers car rental services worldwide

For booking, call +1 (347) 719 1928

You can also contact their support team via


The idea that luxury car hire is relatively pricey may not be true. Depending on your budget, you can spoil yourself for some hours or days. Pricing of this kind of service is quite flexible, as it has a fairly competitive market. Above is the top 5 luxury car rental services in Lagos, Nigeria that you can trust. To choose the best car for yourself, please contact the companies directly for further specifications & related services.

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