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If you're in the market to purchase a Lexus vehicle but can not find a trusted and accredited dealership, here is a list of the top Lexus dealership in Nigeria, collected by!

Though, Lexus is a luxury brand which is reflective in its price, the ability to get the money for the car is sometimes not the issue. The issue may be in getting a trusted and accredited dealership for that model of Lexus you have saved up to buy.

A lot of people face this predicament in Nigeria for lack of information dissemination on various online platforms by auto companies.

You don’t have to worry anymore if you are in this category of people as Naijauto brings you a comprehensive list of the best accredited Lexus dealership in Nigeria. So if you are ready, let’s take a dig!

1. Top 3 Lexus dealerships in Nigeria

These are the list of the top performing accredited Lexus dealership in Nigeria, but it seems most are concentrated or headquartered in Lagos as this is the centre of economic activity in Nigeria.


Getting the full luxury of that Lexus car may require finding the right dealership!

1.1. Affordable Cars

Established in 1995, Affordable Cars has been growing in leaps and bounds as they offer Lexus dealership among other brands to Nigerians.  Headquartered in Lagos with two offices, with one on the mainland Ikeja, and the other on the Island in Lekki, serving corporate, government, and private clientele.

There is a manufacturer’s for every Lexus brand that is purchased from them, with after-sales service to go along. Their automobile workshop is known as AutoCare24/7 which guarantees the highest quality of after-sales repair and maintenance works for your Lexus brand. But that’s not all.

With the partnership with financial firms, Affordable cars can help individuals purchase their favourite brand of Lexus with the option of paying in installments. This makes them a Lexus dealership to patronise if you haven’t got the total cost of the car saved yet, as they offer competitive rates.Affordable Cars are opened from 8a.m – 6p.m Mondays to Fridays and 9a.m- 5.30p.m on Saturdays. Their address and contact information is given below including their phone numbers and e-mail.

  • Corporate office

76 Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos.

Tel: +234-01-632-3252, +234-817-4613440



  • Lekki office

Plot 7, Lekki –Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos

Tel: +234-817-460-0557, +234-809-556-5850

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1.2. Bras Motors Limited

This is a customer-oriented Lexus dealership company in Nigeria that has remained very relevant in the Nigerian automobile industry since 1986 when it was incorporated. It is also a subsidiary of Bras Ventures Limited, providing specialised sales of Lexus brands along with other automobile brands to corporate, government, and individuals over the decades.

They’ve been able to penetrate the Nigerian automobile dealership industry as they always strive to satisfy their teeming customers with their world-class service. They have become a household name as they have been “developing long term relationships” (in their own words) with their clients.

They also offer after sales services, maintenance, and repair which can range from a light bulb change to a full body repair and paint job. Their contacts address is given below with their phone number and e-mail.

  • Corporate Head Office:

Bras Plaza: Plot 15, Block 94, Lekki – Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Tel: +234-1-7746666



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1.3. Inspired Autos

This is a strictly online car dealership that helps with importing cars majorly from the US and Canada, both new Lexus and Tokunbo among other brands also.

Inspired Autos has been in operation since 2013, and its Managing Director, Mr. Abimbola Akin-Emmanuel, says the company offers competitive prices for both new and its Tokunbo brands of Lexus. With winning Africa's number one Online Auto vendor awards many times over, Inspired Autos prides itself in quality, as well as great value for money paid.

Another thing is that Inspired Autos offers a warranty on every Lexus purchased, with the opportunity to pre-order your vehicle from the US to Nigeria with a 40% down payment

You can also get an auctioned car from the US and Canada from this company, but the difference with them is that their auctioned car is that theirs have clean Carfax/Autocheck history report, not accident or salvaged title.

Some of their other services include pre-order of a car from the USA, auto diagnostics, the order of auto spare parts, oven baking and auto body works, upgrade of car kits and customization, and vehicle tracking systems.

  • Contacts

Sales: 080-230-50886

Parts: 080-989-00889




Inspired Autos is strictly an online Lexus dealership with quality service and top customer care!

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2. Summary of Lexus dealerships in Nigeria

In trying to recap the information of these three Lexus dealership in Nigeria, here is a table highlighting their contact details

AFFORDABLE CARS 76 Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos +234-01-632-3252, +234-817-4613440 

Bras Plaza: Plot 15, Block 94 Lekki –Epe ExpresswayLekki Phase1 Lagos

INSPIRED AUTO   080-230-50886

So there you have it, the list of top Lexus dealership in Nigeria brought to you by Naijauto. This should help you if you’re looking for a dealership you can trust in purchasing your Lexus vehicle.

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