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The Ladipo auto parts market in Lagos is the most well known in Nigeria and even Africa, but there are things you need to know to buy successfully there,

The Ladipo international auto parts market is a market for buying all kinds of spare parts in Nigeria. Though this is a very famous and well known market, there are things about this market that you might not be aware of. Keep reading this Naijauto expose to find out.

1. Biggest car spare parts market in Africa

It is the biggest market for purchasing auto parts in all of Africa. It is a good source for both tokunbo (foreign used) and new auto spare parts in Nigeria, and many customers come to this market from Ghana, Ivory Coast, and other countries in Africa.


Despite some dispute, it is generally agreed that Ladipo auto market is Africa's number one

2. Location of Ladipo market

The market is located in Akinwunmi Lane, off Ladipo Street, Papa Ajao, Mushin, Lagos. It is from this location (Ladipo Street) that it derives its name now famous in automotive circles. It is very accessible when you are coming from different location in Lagos or other destinations outside Lagos.

3. There are non-Igbo traders in Ladipo market

Many people say that the market is dominated by the Igbo speaking indigenes of Nigeria but actually you can find every tribe and indigenous group selling spare parts and other goods in this market.

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4. It was once demolished

The spare parts market was once demolished by the Lagos state government a few years ago in order to construct accessible roads in the area. Another reason for the demolition was because of the severe sanitary condition of the market. At the time many traders lost almost all of their goods, yet they have now made the best of their situation and fully resumed trade.  


The demolition of Ladipo cost traders billions of Naira in loses

5. You can buy other things besides spare parts from Ladipo market

Ladipo sells other stuff besides auto parts. Although internationally known for auto-parts, the market at Ladipo also serves as a destination for other goods. It is a normal sight to witness the constant offloading of containers filled with non-auto-related goods. Some other goods that are widely sold at Ladipo market are:

  • Complete cars: You can get complete cars in various conditions at the Ladipo auto parts market. Both new or tokunbo cars of different models can be found there too.
  • Televisions: Smart TVs of different sizes are the most sold brands of television.
  • Computers and Laptops: Different types and various specs and brands of Laptops can be found in Ladipo market too. Though you can’t compare it to the huge Computer village that is located in Ikeja.
  • Phones: You can also get low grade cheap phones and high tech smart phones in this market at affordable prices.
  • Shoes: Yes, even this. You can get cheap, used shoes at the market for both genders, as well as for kids and adults.
  • Clothes: Ladipo market also hosts clothes retailers. You can get clothing popularly called “Ok”, which are mostly foreign used clothes, at the market. Though, there are outlets selling “already-made” clothes too and all at an affordable price.
  • Other electronics: Especially household appliances like pressing irons, blenders, fans and few other big or small appliances can be found there too.
  • Generators:  These are available in various wattage specs and brands. You can also get their spare parts too in this market.

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6. Ladipo market and the motor economy in Nigeria

Nigeria as a country has what has been described as a “motor economy.” Goods and services constantly have to travel by road in order to get to various destinations. The comatose state of the nation’s rail system only served to increase the demand and pressure on road transportation, and subsequently on cars and other vehicles.

It is for this reason that Ladipo auto spare parts international market, as well as other auto-parts hubs, have grown over the years in response to the many vehicles plying the roads from one end of the country to another.

Car spare parts online demand and supply have also seen an increase and continue to do so. It is also for this reason that prices of auto-parts like shafts, suspensions and car ac compressors in Nigeria are on the rise from year to year. Auto parts serve many needs including tourism, logistic engineering, mass transportation and several other sectors.


Ladipo stocks a variety of goods that help the Nigerian economy

7. The environment

The Ladipo market is characterized by a unique environment that is not always as conducive to buyers as it can be. This is despite the best efforts of government and traders. You will notice the following about the market:

  • Greasy: The other parts of the market that does not involve auto parts but sell some of the other items listed above may not have this issue but the Ladipo auto parts market has a very greasy surrounding. This is because of the car engines and the grease and engine oil in them. So if you intend visiting this market with your new shoes and white clothes, both might be ruined.
  • Illegal littering: Just like every market, you should know that you will sight quite a bit of littering around this market. This is one of the issues that every market in Nigeria is guilty of. Abandoned vehicle are OFTEN used as a dump site.  The government has in recent times tried to improve the sanitary conditions of the market.


Ladipo does not score very high, sanitation-wise but reforms are underway

8. Criminal activities

Unfortunately, Ladipo is also infamous for a number of criminal occurrences.

  • Middlemen: Not all middlemen are bad but there are more than many dangerous middlemen who pose as the owners of stores to dupe buyers. This is why it’s more advisable to walk into shop or store on your own without being directed by anyone. Also, buy goods from inside the shops.
  • Fake products: Some outlets are fond of passing off fake products as the real products. So it’s best you are fully aware of the product you want to buy to be able to differentiate the fake from the real.
  • Mechanics: Taking a mechanic along may help sometimes in identifying genuine parts, and many mechanics in the area provide this service. However, sometimes it is risky to trust them as they are entitled to a commission when they bring a customer. So trusting them to take you to the right dealer can be difficult. It might be best to bring your own trusted mechanic with you.

Despite these listed issues, you can rest assured that you can get the best auto spare parts products in this market, and most importantly, you can buy it at an affordable price. You can take along a trusted friend or relative who is familiar with the genuine article to help out in purchasing the right product.

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