See the 5 kinds of cars that are hard to import to Nigeria from USA


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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With buying cars from abroad such as auction sites and other foreign car selling websites becoming a more popular way of acquiring a car among Nigerians, there are some kind of cars that are extremely hard to import to Nigeria. Check out now before parting with your money for one!

Many of those cars you see on the roads are imported from abroad. One of these major countries where cars are shipped into the shore of Nigeria is the United States of America. One peculiar thing about car importation is that every political regime comes with a policy that might make it easier or more difficult to get some of these cars across Nigeria.

Regardless of policy modification, there are some cars that governments of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and United States will definitely frown at. These are the 5 kinds of cars Naijauto has identified and brought to your attention.

5 cars that will be difficult to ship from USA to Nigeria

1 - Vehicle with no authentic title document

This particular document contains the evidence of ownership of the vehicle and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you are planning to sell or buy any car, this title document is needed to verify some vital details about the car such as ownership, model, year of production, year and address of purchase with case history of that particular vehicle.

To bring such a car to Nigeria will be very difficult since the document will be requested at the US Custom and Border Protection. If you are thinking of bringing a car from US to Nigeria, make sure you ask the seller for the complete title document. Failure to produce it will make them to deny or delay your export permission. The easy way out when you cannot produce this certificate due to one reason or the other, is to get Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) from the state you bought it from.


A car with no title document will be very difficult to export from USA to Nigeria

2 - When there is a Lien on a car

A car having a lien on it can be a big restriction on exportation. This is because there is an organization such as financial institution or even a person who also has a stake in the ownership. Sometimes a lien could be as a result of unpaid car loan or maintenance cost you are yet to clear before attempting to take the car out of US. Except you have full ownership or no lien on your document, you will not be allowed to take that car off the soil of United States.


A Lien ownership indicates joint or partial ownership by an institution or individual

3 - Over-aged cars

When the car is over 25 years since production or first purchase according to International Trade policy, this means that United States prohibits exporting such cars into Nigeria. That is why shipping vintage or classic cars from the United States could be a bit challenging. They will need to verify many documents before they allow such car to leave their shore, hereby wasting lot of time. For the regular car, many shipping agencies, once they know your car is more than the expected age, they might most likely decline your offer. Nigerians have devised a way of bringing such cars by re-routing to Cotonou and then to Lagos. This process could be risky since the Government has recently closed the border to Cotonou on importation.

4 - Cars that are stolen

Attempting to export a stolen vehicle is a risk on its own. If caught, you may be prosecuted in the United States. United States border law is very strict and attempting to cross the border or export stolen car is totally disallowed. You may want to rethink this before buying or taking stolen cars to those United States border officials.

How to avoid buying a stolen vehicle

5 - When your car is loaded with goods

Respect to Nigerians on smartness. But such smartness may not work with the United States when you are attempting to use the space in the vehicle for goods especially on RoRo. This might be allowed in other countries like in Europe but not in USA. The only alternative is to use sealed container for those items.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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