Kicking it old skool: perks and knots of driving an old car


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What’s in it for you when you drive a classic car?

Compared to brand new, modern car cars, old school cars are totally different, not only for their age. They can be stunning and have their own identity that if you place them among the new cars today, they will stand out. It’s like in this world of new and technologically advanced cars, old cars are something new in our eyes.

I am fascinated by old cars. When I was still working in an auto shop, besides crushed cars and preventive maintenance, I’ve also had my fair share of old car restoration encounters. We almost always take a picture with these type of classics knowing that they’re rare and does not pass by our roads that much anymore. Seeing these old cars come to life is transporting me back in time.

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1. Old Vs. New

Besides identity, there are a lot of things to talk about when it comes to old cars and new cars. Since new cars are almost served to young people in a silver platter, old cars may totally come as a surprise to them. Let’s try comparing the two:

1.1 Identity

Let’s face it – you will most likely turn your head when you see a beautifully restored Mr. Bean mini cooper or a dressed up 1967 Volkswagen Beetle on the road than seeing a new and shiny Toyota Vios. Old cars have a certain angst to them that makes them a total head turner.

Vintage cars

Old Skul is cool

1.2 Mechanisms

New cars are definitely a win in this category. New car mechanisms are all electronically powered, while old cars are mechanically powered – meaning you have to use extra muscle efforts to use the car’s steering wheel, shift gear, windows, doors, hood, trunk – almost everything.

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1.3 Repair and parts

old cars

Vintage cars, vintage parts - hard to find

New cars will have an advantage when it comes to this. Since old cars are phased out, the availability of parts is quite difficult. Especially if you own imported old school cars. There could be a handful of stores that can possibly provide parts or help them order from overseas, but it’s very time-consuming. On the other hand, new cars always have readily available spare parts either from car parts shop or casa.

In terms of repair since old car has already gone through much more years, we cannot expect it to be as energetic as a brand new one. It could undergo more repairs as it adds more years to its existence and can be quite delicate.

1.4 Driving Ease

Of course, since old cars don’t have power windows, power steering, etc. It will take much more effort to cruise along with it. We have experienced this with the old school Mini Cooper, yes, Mr. Bean’s Mini Cooper and my husband has difficulty managing the steering wheel. Quite difficult but it pays off seeing people take a second look at the car.

1.5 Safety

a car without airbags

Safety hazard: no airbags!

One of the most important things to discuss. Old cars don’t have what we have now in our vehicles – no airbags, no extra safety features. So driving an old car really takes a lot of caution.

Now, it looks like that having an old car requires additional tender, loving care from its owners. Yes, they can be quite a sight but classic cars may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you get the chance of driving one, you are lucky! But, bear in mind that the experience may be totally different from what you are used to.

So here are some tips that could be of help if you get that rare chance of experiencing the good old classics.

2. Tips When Driving an Old Car

2.1 Super extra caution

I cannot emphasize this enough. Since old cars don’t contain the same safety features as the new ones, you should double the caution when driving. Imagine, no airbags, no ABS (Anti-Locking Brake System) so you don’t have the control of the steering wheel during sudden brakes. The chances of injuries in case of accidents are higher. So, if you’re already a careful driver of a more recent vehicle, be extra careful when driving an old one.

2.2 Be patient

It won’t run in the same manner as the new ones. So if you feel bored as you were travelling in a mediocre pace, just remember that you are driving an old car. You can’t force an old man to walk as fast as you can and same thing goes with old cars.

2.3 Get ready for some exercise

Since you won’t find power steering in the four corners of this old ride, you’ve got to be ready to exercise those biceps and leg muscles. Don’t get frustrated right away if any of them is having a hard time cooperating with you. Don’t force them too much as it may result to you breaking one of the important parts.

2.4 Prepare yourself for a possible breakdown

God forbid, but there are greater chances for old school cars to break down in the middle of travelling. Just always be prepared.

2.5 Remember the stories

Owning or driving an old car catches more attention from people, some of them wanting photos with it and asking for conversations. Be ready to entertain them with stories behind your old ride.

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