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Japanese used cars are the most reliable in the second-hand market. Click now to read best Japanese used cars & how to buy them online via car auctions!

Are you looking to buy a reliable used car? Probably you are owning one. And there's a 99% chance that it's a Japanese used car.

Buying used car is now a popular alternative among car lovers, & Japanese used cars take the lead as the most reliable second-hand in the automotive industry. Research conducted based on consumers report for the most reliable car brands, had Japanese car brands taking the top five out of the top 15 cars.

Here in this article, will show you almost everything you need to know about Japanese used cars, from popular pre-owned car list, how to buy them, reliable dealers and even nicknames Nigerians give to these car models.

Wait no more, let's delve in!

1. What are the best Japanese used cars?

Japanese used cars are those vehicles produced by Japanese car manufacturers. They can also be those formerly owned and used by Japanese owners regardless of their carmakers.

Popular auto giants like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan are all Japanese made cars. And for years, they've been in competition with other car manufacturers from Europe and North America. However, a lot of car enthusiast favors Japanese used cars because they are affordable, comfortable, pristine and not worn from use and lasts longer.

Japanese cars list for your reference:

If you own a Japanese car like Toyota and Honda you'll know that the high-quality that have been attributed to the Japanese brands aren't a hype. These car brands have won the hearts of many car drivers globally that we couldn't help but compile a list showing Japanese car brands. See them.


Japanese vehicles, either new or used, gain high trust from consumers

If you are planning on buying a Japanese used car but don't know which car to go for, here is a list of some brands and models you can look out for. 

  • Honda Civic

Honda Civic has been in production since 1972 to present and has gone through nine generations. This car is reliable and pocket-friendly too. The interior is made of quality materials and you have a variety of used Honda Civic options for sale in Nigeria.

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  • Nissan Note

This hatchback is a great choice if you are looking for a spacious car. It has a high roofline which makes the boot accommodate more luggage. It has interior features such as Bluetooth connectivity, automatic climate control and satellite navigation.

  • Mazda 6

Mazda 6 is a family hatchback with a large luggage capacity. It runs on a 2.0 Diesel engine.

  • Toyota Yaris

Toyota cars are highly sought after by many car shoppers. The unveiling of the model in 1991 was a projection of Toyota as an outstanding brand. Each generations of the model revealed an enhanced performance.

  • Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is a reliable car, with a 2.0 I-VTEC engine which endears it to car enthusiast. The engine has two variants: petrol and Diesel. So when it comes to second hand Japanese cars for sale, the cheap used CR-V is sure to have much sales.


Who wouldn't buy a neatly used CR-V like this?

  • Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 model is a mid-sized SUV that was unveiled in 1994. It has more room for cargo and the earlier models have spare wheels mounted at the back. On, you can find plenty of used Toyota RAV4 for sale.

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  • Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto pulled in more success for Suzuki, the automaker, in the UK. The car is built with a 1.0 gasoline engine. And its carbon emission is 103g/km.

  • Toyota AYGO

Toyota cars are widely sought after. The unveiling of this model in 1999 was a remarkable mark for the automaker. Each generation of the model saw an enhanced performance.

  • Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is widely known for its reliability, low maintenance cost and driving ease. It’s a great choice for Japanese used cars.

  • Lexus IS

Looking at the Lexus IS for sale, you'll know it is class defined in Japanese used car market. Though the petrol-driven 250 model is expensive, you can still opt for the diesel-driven 220 model.

Other second-hand Japanese cars that made this list includes:

  • Nissan Qashaqai
  • Mitsubishi Shogun
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Mazda 2
  • Honda Jazz
  • Nissan Juke
  • Mazda MX-5
  • Toyota IQ
  • Suzuki Swift

You can easily search for all mentioned car models for sale on - the biggest car market in Nigeria.

2. Why Nigerians love Japanese used cars?

Nigerians are car lovers and collectors too. Especially when the car is cheap yet have standard features like safety, comfort, efficiency, and luxury. And who wouldn't go for a cheap Japanese used car when it has all these features provided at a low cost?

Different car brands no doubt has been producing new cars for their model lineups, however, many Nigerians still go for used cars. Let’s see the reasons why!

1 - Nigeria is a middle income developing country with their GDP still growing. The average worker in Nigeria can't afford a brand new car because his per capital income is low. This will make him settle for an imported used car that offers comfort, safety and luxury within his budget. A Japanese used car is the best bet in this case. By opting for affordable Japanese cars instead of a new car, a Nigerian buyer can save a lot of money. It wouldn't be proper if all his earnings go into buying a brand new car, you know.

2 - Japanese used cars are almost new and in good condition. This is a huge opportunity for the business-minded. These used cars can be imported into the country and sold for more profit. We already have used Japanese car dealers here who are making a living from it.


Importing car from Japan costs much lower than other countries

3 - Probably, the models of these popular Japanese car manufacturers available in Nigeria are not your favorite and choice. You can go for your choice by importing it at a low cost.

4 - Popular Japanese car brands such as Toyota and Honda are preferred by Nigerians because of their reliability, availability of car parts and cheap maintenance cost. Every auto repair shop in Nigeria has car parts for these Japanese used cars and at a cheaper repair cost too. Even Toyota ranked as the least car to maintain among other car brands. And do you know what? Nigerians have a nickname for some of these Japanese used cars. See them below!

3. Japanese used cars nicknames by Nigerians

When it comes to nicknaming, Nigerians are always at the forefront. So, it's not a surprise that they have funny nicknames for some used Japanese cars and other models from all over the world. These nicknames were given based on the car's model shape and specification. If you are a car fan, you can totally relate to Nigerian minds why they coin these cars that way!

16 popular cars and their nicknames by Nigerians
No Model Nickname
Toyota Camry 1995 Orobo
2 Toyota Camry 1999 Pencil
3 Toyota Camry 2004 Big for nothing
4 Toyota Camry 2007 Muscle
5 Toyota Avalon Long John
6 Honda Accord 1990 Honda Halla
7 Honda Accord 1995, 1996 Bull Dog
8 Honda Accord 1998 Baby Boy
9 Honda Accord 2003 - 2005 End of Discussion
10 Honda Accord 2006 - 2010 Discussion continues
11 Toyota Highlander Carton Wagon
12 Honda Accord 2009/2012 Evil Spirit
13 Toyota Camry 2003 Big Daddy
14 Toyota Corolla 1996 First Lady
15 Honda Accord 1986 Pure Water
16 Honda Accord 1990 Alla 

4. Pros and cons of Japanese used cars

We've pointed out the reliability of Japanese used cars on the road and the fact that they are more favored than European and North American competitors. However, when you are planning on buying a Japanese used car, there are potential factors that need to be put into consideration.

4.1. Advantages of buying Japanese used cars

  • Reliable and dependable

Because of how reliable and dependable Japanese used cars have been confirmed to be, many people now have huge confidence and trust in the Japanese brands. This is a significant benefit of buying a cheap Japanese used car. They are well known to be almost free from car major issues relating to mechanical failure or engine breakdown. They simply last longer.

  • Attractive design

Perhaps this is the reason most people are drawn to Japanese cars: its stylish and attractive design. Japanese auto makers are taking the lead in up-to-date designs in the car world. They don't frequently change their designs like their competitors do because their designs doesn't easily go out of date, even when they decide to make modifications.

  • High resale value

Japanese cars come with a high resale value as they don't depreciate quickly the way European and American cars do. Car shoppers who buy brand new Japanese cars enjoy great trade-in value. Also, they can easily resale them if they decide to, at a huge price.

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4.2. Disadvantages of buying Japanese used cars

  • Tendency to be expensive

The high-resale value enjoyed by Japanese used cars than other competitors may make the cars to become expensive that consumers won't be able to afford it.

  • Huge down payment

Another con associated with these used cars from Japan is that you may be required to make some huge down payments, in order to buy them.

  • Smaller body size

Japanese cars are generally known to be smaller in size when compared to cars manufactured in other countries. Some people have this belief that big vehicles are safer than small cars. While it may be baseless, this notion is sure to discourage many people from buying Japanese pre-owned cars.


Cars from Japan are smaller due to the government regulations on dimensions

5. Why high grade Japanese used cars are sold cheaply

Now, you may be wondering why Japanese used cars that are in good condition are being sold at low prices. These cars even come equipped with many accessories to make them more profitable. Well, Naijauto experts give some reasons as below:

  • Cheap car pricing policy in Asia

The prices of cars are often the cheapest in Asian countries. And coming down to Japan, the prices are way cheaper there. The reason been that Japan has a large economy of scale, which is ranked as the third largest in the world. This encourages automakers to sell cars at cheap prices in their local market. Also, the manufacturers are always producing new models and releasing them into the market. Consumers there take advantage of the pricing policy and new models released to change their cars frequently. And when they buy new cars, the old ones are sold out.

  • Import tax system

Generally, every car driver knows the difficulty involved in the importation of luxurious used vehicles. There are some instances where the import tax on the used car becomes greater than the cost of purchasing itself. For Japanese used cars, the case is quite different. Yes, there is no import tax on any Japanese used car you plan on importing. And for car related taxes, they are cheaper over there than other countries.

  • Frequent release of new models

Japanese car manufacturers are taking the lead on the production of cars with cutting-edge technologies. Thus, car shoppers in Japan get to drive the cars first before it goes worldwide. Auto manufacturers frequently release new models but with slight changes. With this, previous models won't become obsolete. People over there love using cars with up to date features, so, it's not surprising to see them selling off their cars that are still in good condition to buy newer models.

  • The cost of dumping

Japanese people don't dump their cars when they no longer want it. Instead the cars are sold out at cheaper prices. Dumping costs are very expensive over there as they will pay for the car when it's picked up, together with other expenses that goes with it, it's wise to sell it off than dumping it.

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6. How to buy used Japanese cars online

6.1. Steps to buy used Japanese cars online

Having listed some of the best Japanese used cars, if you consider picking up one from the list and don't know how to go about its purchase , here is a way out as you don't have to go to Japan to buy it. Let's see how to buy Japanese used cars online.

Step 1: Choose the right exporter

This is the first step. Visit the online portal of any Japanese used car and take your time to inspect each site you visit. Here is what you should be checking.

  • Long establishment years: Check if the exporter has been in business for 10 years or more.
  • Registered company: Does the company has a registration number? Find out.
  • Telephone contact: Ensure the exporter has a telephone number that functions
  • Address, website, email: Look up the exporters business address on Google. See if there's an email address and if possible, search for the domain owner.
  • Association membership: Check if they belong to Japanese used cars exporters association as a way to show their genuinity. Be sure the exporter is experienced and reliable too.

How a Japanese used car auction works

Step 2: Examine the stock and prices

After selecting 2 to 4 exporters with the criteria listed up, compare their stock and prices. Here’s what to do.

  • Confirm the condition of the vehicle. Check the description, pictures, chassis number
  • Compare prices and condition of the vehicle you choose among the 3 to 4 dealers to know the market price.

Step 3. Inspect the payment details and terms of delivery. Clear all doubts

With the price, vehicle condition, payment and delivery terms, compare all together to know which exporter is suitable. Remember, this is a virtual transaction. Go through the exporter's review. Selecting the right dealer is the principal step.

Step 4. Communicate your requirements

Reach out and let the car dealer know the car you've selected and how much you are budgeting for the car 

Step 6. Place a bid on the car

Car bidding comes in if you plan to buy through auction. Here, a staff of the company does the bidding on your behalf. And if win, you make payments.

Step 7. Wait for the work of the exporter & shipment

Here, the exporter proceeds to do the paperwork for the car like inspection, export procedure and shipment. You’ll be updated with this information by the exporter.

The next step after the paperwork has been finalized is the shipment. Shipping the car to your country's port immediately will depend on the shipment schedule and if there's space on the ship.

Step 8. Get the clearance documents & car delivered

Every necessary documents, ranging from purchase to custom clearance when the car comes in, is sent to you through courier service. If you don't see it coming, remember to inform your exporter to request.

Your car will be delivered within a month. And when it reaches your port, inspect it again.

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6.2. Best Japanese car auction website

Given the fact that there are many Japanese auction websites online, we've carefully checked out some of them. These Japanese auction websites compiled below offer great service delivery based on customers review. See them now!

Best Japanese car auction website
No Name of auction house Website
1 JP Vehicles
3 Japan Auto Auctions
4 JPC Trade
5 CSO Japan
6 Japan Car Auction
7 Provide Cars Co Ltd
8 Japanese Car Trade
9 Prestige Motorsport
10 AuctionProJapan


You can easily find plenty of online auction for Japanese cars

6.3. Notes on Japan used car auction price

Japanese auction websites are one of the places you can find second hand Japanese cars for sale.

Japan used car auction price can't be known or predicted for a car that has not been sold. However, auction prices differ and it depends on the type of car you want to go for. Some vehicles are pricey and their bid deposit is also on the higher side than others. Again, you can place a bid deposit based on your budget. The car exporter will bid on your behalf for the car. If they win, you'll be notified and an invoice stating the total price of the car will be forwarded to you. And if they lose the bid, you can go for another auction or ask for a refund. The bid deposit is 100% refundable.

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7. Japanese used car exporters dealers & Japanese companies selling used cars

In Japan, the most exported item is cars and they are also the highest manufacturers of cars. For this reason, a lot of used car dealers have emerged from Japan. If you are looking for used car dealers or exporters that engage in used Japanese cars for export to Africa, and Nigeria in particular, we have drawn up a list of some Japanese used cars dealers and Japanese companies selling used cars. They’ve built a good reputation over the years and customers have commended on their great service delivery. Let’s check them out!

Japanese used cars exporters dealers   
No  Exporters Name Contact  Website

Be Forward

+81 42-440-3445

2 Trust Company +81 52-219-9024
3 SBT Co Ltd +81 45-290-9485
4 Autorec +81-567-56-3170
5 Jan Japan +81 78-321-5220
6 CSO Japan Co Ltd +81 90-2218-6677
7 Car Junction Japan +81 80-1389-9048
8 AA Japan +81 45-594-0507
9 Ninkipal Co Ltd +81 45-334-8238
10 Car Hub Japan +81 3-4540-8423
11 Japan Car Direct +81 80-7972-1982
12 RamaDBK Ltd. +81 45-402-6117
13 Kobe Motor Company +81 45-349-5855

Lead Motors Japan

+81 90-4615-8861
15 Tokyo Auto Company +81 80-3480-0345

8. Conclusion

Japanese used cars has made a name for itself in the auto world and used car market as well. Its reliability and dependability is second to none, no doubt it will continue receiving more patronage from car lovers in Nigeria and at large. And after reading this extensive article about Japanese used cars here, we hope you get to be more informed to make a better choice when going for a Japanese used car. is pleased to present to you many Japanese used cars listed on our cars for sale section.You can go through them to see if your choice of a Japanese used car is listed there.

>>> Do come back for more car buying tips on!

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