Innoson cars in Nigeria: overview, pictures, price list 2020 & more


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Learn more about Innoson cars in Nigeria from our full review on including Innoson cars pictures, price list 2020 & 5 advantages you might not know.

1. Innoson cars in Nigeria: Overview

Known as the first wholly indigenous auto manufacturing company in Nigeria, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Co. Ltd attracts customer attention with its made-in-Nigerian vehicles that are made with purely Nigerian specs and not European, Japanese or American specs.

Japanese specs vehicle mean that it is made mainly to be used in Japan, so the Japanese environment is put in considerations while the carmakers producing their vehicles. Similar considerations were taken when American or European carmakers manufacture their cars.

Nigerian drivers are less lucky than their American or Japanese counterparts as they virtually had no opportunity to drive cars that are specially made for Nigerian environment, until the entrance of Innoson Motors.

IVM announced that their cars are made based on the environment, consumer preferences and local tastes in both Nigeria and African region – its concept of regionalization - during the production of its vehicles. Moreover, the Nigerian auto manufacturing firm stated that they would collect all users’ feedback and make constant improves on their cars accordingly to better meet all Nigerian customer demands.

2. Innoson cars price list 2020

Please refer to the table below for the Innoson cars price list 2020, as provided by IVM authorized dealers.

Innoson cars price list 2020

 Model  Price
 Innoson FOX   N3.52 - N3.96 million
 Innoson UMU   N3.63 - N3.96 million
 Innoson G5    N6.38 - N6.82 million
 Innoson G6   N6.6 - N7million
 Innoson G80  N27,825,000
 Innoson G40  N17,325,000
 Innoson Carrier 4×4   N6.49 million
 Innoson Carrier 4×2  N6.05 million
 Innoson 5000  N6.93million
 Innoson 6601   N11.44 million
 Innoson 6857   N24.2 million
 Innoson 6800   N13.31 million

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3. Innoson cars pictures

3.1. Innoson Fox

Innoson IVM-Fox

Innoson Fox angular front

3.2. Innoson UMU

Innoson UMU angular front

3.3. Innoson Carrier 4x2

Innoson Carrier 4x2 under the hood

Innoson Carrier 4x2 cargo space

3.4. Innoson Carrier 4x4

Innoson Carrier 4x4 angular front

3.5. Innoson G5

Innoson G5 angular front

3.6. Innoson 5000

Innoson 5000 profile

3.7. Innoson 6601

Innoson 6601 angular front

3.8. Innoson 6857

Innoson 6857 angular front

3.9. Innoson 6800

Innoson 6800 angular front

4. Innoson cars in Nigeria: 5 advantages

4.1. Fuel efficiency

fuel efficiency car

Innoson vehicles are known for their fuel efficiency

The Innoson vehicle is known for its fuel efficiency. Considering the fact that petrol is costly in Nigeria, the company makes its products to consume less diesel or petrol than other vehicles by from 10% to 15%. As a result, its customers continue giving their positive feedbacks on the car’s better fuel efficiency over other foreign brands.

4.2. Warranty

All Innoson cars offer a three-year warranty which covers engine, gear and axle. Furthermore, no matter which Innoson dealers you buy the vehicle from, they would provide quality and prompt after sale service, to the most remote locations. What’s more, the firm boasts the advantage of locally ready spare parts. Innoson customers can access warranty service through:

  • The Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop

The Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop provides customers with 24/7, quality vehicle repair service conducted by highly qualified mechanics and technicians who are ready to travel to all locations to so the services can be done with promptness and quality.

  • Innoson IVM Service Centers

The service centres conduct IVM sevices and other maintenance schedules. You can also buy Innoson original parts here.

2 man maintain cars

All Innoson vehicles come with three-year warranty which covers its engine, gear and axle

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4.3. Low or even no overheating

Innoson car owners can experience extra important features that handle engine overheating. These features include:

  • Advanced thermostat

The new Innoson thermostat is located between the radiator and the engine. It includes a metal valve with a built-in temperature sensor. This thermostat is able to open or close automatically. When it is closed, the coolant is kept in the engine. In case the car engine has reached a predetermined temperature, the new thermostat will open and enable coolant to circulate, thereby stopping the engine from overheating.

  • Double or triple fans

Double or triple fans are the second unique feature of the Innoson cars which handles overheating. Considering the country’s hot environment, the Nigerian carmaker equips 2 more fans to the AC condenser in addition to one of the radiator. This unique feature is one of the main reasons that Innoson vehicles such as its buses, SUVs hardly overheat.

4.4. Auto-financing

car key, pen and car document.

Innoson cooperates with several banks in order to help customers to buy brand new vehicles

Auto-finance programs in Nigeria do exist but their interest rates, as well as hidden charges, stop people from accessing one of them to buy new cars. In response to that, Innoson cooperates with Sterling Bank  in order to help customers to buy their brand new vehicle. The customer is allowed to pay the corresponding monthly amount for their car within three years.

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4.5. Environmentally friendly vehicles

The automotive industry is growing, but it brings negative effects to the environment. Therefore, customers expectation are shifting to more environment-friendly cars, which makes a lot of difficulties to vehicle manufacturers in general.

As Naijauto mention in the opening of this article, the Innoson company now is able to manufacture its vehicles based on the environment, consumer preferences and local tastes in both Nigeria and African region. It is achieved by:

  • Reinforced Shock Absorber

Dealing with the deplorable Nigerian roads, the firm equips its vehicles with a reinforced shock absorber to absorb shock impulses. This advanced feature would improve vehicle handling and quality when traveling on Nigerian rough roads.

  • Economic Effectiveness

Coming with a lightweight body design and world-class chassis, all Innoson cars are notably lighter than other vehicles of the same class. It is capable of providing high power output while achieving low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions at the same time.

Innoson cars

IVM is able to make products that meet specific Nigerian customer’s demands at the same price as other foreign vehicles

IVM is able to make products that meet specific Nigerian customer’s demands at the same price as other foreign vehicles. That is the major strength of Innoson cars. Moreover, the made-in-Nigeria cars care about special inputs at the manufacturing stage in order to satisfy special needs. 

So what do you think about Innoson cars? Are they worth your considering of drive home one? 

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