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Do you drive a Hyundai model and find it difficult to find quality spare parts for repairs? This is your guide for all Hyundai spare parts dealers in Nigeria, check it below!

About Hyundai cars in Nigeria

The Hyundai brand of cars and vehicles is a relative newcomer to Nigeria's automotive market when compared to old dogs like Mercedes Benz, Honda, Peugeot, and Toyota cars. Hyundai had to fight for a place against the luxury reputation of Merceds Benz, the longevity and reliability records of both Toyota and Honda, and the "made for Nigerian roads" tag of Peugeot automobile.

Still, in a relatively short time, the Hyundai Nigeria has proven it is here to stay, and is giving all the brands above a very good run for their money. For instance the Hyundai Elantra is regarded as a sound alternative to the Honda Accord compact sedan in Nigeria. Hyundai is a well patronized brand in Nigeria because it is fairly affordable, reliable and can function adequately in Nigeria’s terrain. Naturally, with frequent use comes the need for periodic maintenance and the issues that accompany that; such as the best place to buy genuine Hyundai spare parts.

There are various options of places to buy Hyundai auto parts in Nigeria as the parts are far from scarce. The spare parts of this brand can be bought from Hyundai Dealerships, from websites online that sell Hyundai parts, and offline from car spare parts markets scattered across Nigeria. Let's check them one by one below!


Hyundai cars are cheap and reliable, hence their popularity in Nigeria 

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Hyundai spare parts dealers in Nigeria

Hyundai fortunately has quite a few authorized dealers in Nigeria. Some of these dealers provide other services. Globe Motors, for example, will provide Car Financing if you qualify according to their not-so-stringent terms. Some of the biggest Hyundai dealers are:

  • Hyundai Motors Nigeria Ltd

Description: This is a Hyundai designated outlet in Nigeria, where users can buy spare Hyundai parts of all models and also make major changes


Lagos: 270 A Ajose Adeogun St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Phone no; 0805 100 0313

Calabar: Plot 7, Block J, Northern Industrial Estate, Murtala Muhammed Highway, Calabar

Phone: 0803 976 5000, 0805 976 5000

Kano: 10, Club Road, Kano

Phone: 0814 133 7471, 0805 439 9999

Sokoto: No. 5, Gusau Road, Sokoto

Phone: 0816 989 4027

Abuja: Plot No 581, AO Central Business District, Abuja

Phone: 0705 699 2214, 0803 409 9999

Enugu: No. 6, Opposite Arab Contractor Enugu Port Harcourt Express Way, Enugu

Phone: 0810 465 6736


Hyundai Nigeria team when launching Hyundai Sonata 2018

  • Globe Motors

Description: Globe Motors is also an accredited dealer in Hyundai motors and spare parts. Globe is easily one of the largest dealers of the Hyundai Brand in Nigeria. They are available in many key states in Nigeria.


Head Office: 635 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Phone: 0802 342 3438, 0805 907 3322

Victoria Island Office: 641 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island.
Phone: 0703 946 8335, 0704 372 9481, 0906 943 9778, 0803 527 2770

Port Harcourt: Areta Estate Farm, 178 – 186 Aba Expressway
Phone: 0803 440 4177, 0802 051 8654

Abuja: 616 Eket Close, Opposite Garki General Hospital, Area 8
Phone: 0702 577 4145, 0803 586 6111

  • Coscharis Group Ltd

Description: This is a foremost dealer in various car brands in Nigeria, including the Hyundai brand. Coscharis is one of the few wholly indigenous autorized car dealers in Nigeria.

Contacts: Kilometer 32 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Awoyaya, Lagos


  • Karmax Automobile

Description: Karmax hugs the Abuja Hyundai spare parts market, where it is a solid dealer n all things Hyundai. Go to Karmax for cheap, genuine Hyundai parts and brans in the Abuja area.

Contacts: 1183 Sani Abacha way, Abuja Municipal, Abuja

Phone: 0803 552 2733

Websites to buy Hyundai spare parts online in Nigeria

Besides the above mentioned, there are also Hyundai auto parts traders online where you may purchase Hyundai parts. You can find them at:


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There are a few other Hyundai dealers’ outlets online besides these. The best thing to bear in mind before making purchase from these websites is to physically see the item you are about to purchase. Many of the sites have a pay-on-delivery option that makes the above possible.


You can also buy your Hyundai spare parts online

Hyundai spare parts markets in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Hyundai parts may also be sourced from spare parts markets all over the country. The drawback in buying from such markets are that there is an increased chance of buying substandard parts and the parts bought will usually carry no warranty, unlike those bought from accredited Hyundai dealers.

Since these places are general markets from where all dealers exhibit their product because of the usually large patronage, they allow you a wider variety of choice. However it can also lead to being exposed to scammers who are ever ready to steal from unsuspecting customers. These are places to buy Hyundai parts across the country.

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Hyundai spare parts markets in Nigeria by states
State Market Description and location
Lagos Ladipo international auto spare parts market

Ladipo market retains its first place as the number one go to spare parts market for all Hyundai parts required. The market is the biggest of its kind in Africa, although it also has strong rivals in the parts market in Nnewi and Nkpor.

Location:  Ladipo market, Mushin local Government area of Lagos State


Ugwuagba market

Nkpor Market

Nnewi market

Besides the auto parts market in Nnewi and Nkpor in Onitsha, the Ugwuagba spare parts market in Onitsha, is the most popular. The market is widely called "Mgbuka Obosi". This Mgbuka car parts market is divided into the old market and the new market; from there you can get your Hyundai auto parts at affordable prices.

Location of Ugwuagba market: Owerri Road Layout, Onitsha, Nigeria

Abia Nnentu Auto Spare Parts market

This spare market parts is the most popular in spare markets parts in Abia. Here you can find different shops where you can purchase Hyundai car parts and other auto parts of different car brands.

Location: A3, Ohabiam, Aba, Nigeria

Kano Kofar Ruwa Market

This is another auto car parts market you can find in Kano. There you can find any dealers for any car parts at prices which are reasonable.

Location: Aminu Kano Way, Kofar Danwawu, Kano, Nigeria

Ibadan Ojoo Market

This may not be the biggest auto market unlike the others but you can a find common Hyundai car parts there.

Location: Oyo Rd, Ibadan, Nigeria

In all the above listed markets and vendors and dealerships, Hyundai parts may be easily bought at affordable prices.


Ladipo market in Lagos is a number one destination to buy all types of Hyundai parts

Prices of commonly replaced Hyundai car parts

Hyundai spare parts are reliable, cheap and commonly available all over the country. What are the usual parts requested by Hyundai auto brand users in Nigeria?

Check below for our suggested prices of common Hyundai spare parts in Nigeria!

Commonly replaced Hyundai car parts
Hyundai car parts Price in Nigeria
Hyundai boot catcher From ₦5000
Complete engine ₦88,000 - ₦250,000
Windscreen From ₦12,000
Shaft From ₦5000
Shock absorber From ₦14,000
Rim Wheel From ₦10,000
Front door From ₦20,000
Tires From  ₦15,000
Drive shaft boot rubber From ₦4500
Windshield From ₦30,000
Car Boot From ₦15,000
Air Filter From ₦1,500
Spark Plugs From ₦3,000
Car Radio ₦6500 - ₦10,000
Fog lights ₦25,000 - ₦45,000
Batteries From ₦35,000

Community Report on Ladipo "Tokunbo" market

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Be sure to buy only original spare parts whenever you visit the above Hyundai spare parts dealers in Nigeria. Your Hyundai car will reward you with long and faithful service.

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