You been doing it wrong and here's how to use social media to sell cars online


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Of course, you can't sell anything these days without social media, including cars but you've been doing it wrong and here's how to use social media to sell cars online!


One thing that has always proven to be constant is change, and the world is changing rapidly day by day. This is especially seeing as things are not what they used to be technology-wise. Mobile phones these days are equipped with online apps that connect us with social media platforms, and the number of people using these phones worldwide continues to grow. From the little children just learning how to read and write to the more capable adults, these numbers cannot be exaggerated.

It's only natural that car sellers take advantage of this. You may think you are using social media to drive traffic to your car listing the right way as a car dealer, but are you sure you are doing the best in terms of how to use social media to sell cars online?


Social Media can definitely help your car business

We can all agree that e-commerce and social media have almost completely changed the manner we carry out some of the activities which were formerly done in the more traditional way. A good example is the way commodities are advertised and sold by marketers on the different online platforms made available on the internet. These online platforms indeed are a sure way of generating leads for prospective buyers as they accrue millions of users per day.

Selling cars online in Nigeria

Car dealers are constantly looking for the best ways to market their products on the internet due to its profitability. Hence the use of various car dealership sites as a way to generate leads and carry out sales. Online, a more assured and profitable tool for easy marketing and selling of products online would be Social Media or social selling.

For instance, the top car spare parts websites in Nigeria sell thousands of car parts to car lovers each year, and guess what? Many leverage on social media to get the numbers they need.

Whether you are a small seller with car listings on a site like, or a big dealer with a site of your own, you do need SM.

What is Social Media and how effective is it for selling car online?

Well, no one really needs to be told what social media is. However, technically, Social media is basically the collection of computer-based platforms created to facilitate relationships online.

These could be personal or business relationships. In the course of these, the exchange of information and ideas whether written, multimedia, or illustrated is paramount.

Although there are a handful of reasons why you would do well to create an online social media brand for yourself, one thing is decisive. Studies have shown that a whopping 79% of salespeople use SM and that those that do use social media as a marketing platform actually outsell those who don't.

This is because Social Media allows you to build connections with potential customers way before they actually buy from you. It is then easier to close the deal and sell the vehicle.


Everyone is on Social Media these days, so it makes sense for car sellers to be there too

Social Media as a sales tool

Commanding a social media presence is a very important aspect of marketing online for anyone looking to start a professional brand and encourage that brand to commercial success. It is definitely not an easy task, and for a car dealership looking to drive traffic to its product listings, there are steps you need to take in order to achieve this feat.

But fear not, as we're going to address these strategies one after the other.


Naijauto, one of Nigeria's biggest auto sites, uses Facebook to inform customers of promotions like this

Effective Social Media strategies for online car sales

1. Open your Social Media account(s)

First and foremost, you should begin by opening a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account as they are three of the leading giants of the Social Media world. However, an Instagram account is also important as more millennials these days are turning their attention to this platform. It is indeed crucial that you start placing ads right away to potential customers who have shown interest in procuring cars on these sites.

Your account can be as simple as the Naijauto Facebook page. This helps your customers keep up with you right on Social Media. 

2. Respond positively to potential client feedback

In order to maintain a good image on social media, a positive mindset and gesture are constantly needed as it helps promote you and also show you in a good light in the eyes of customers.

Gestures such as quickly and personally responding to customer calls, and being kind and understanding to customers' inquiries and complaints will go a long way in increasing your customer base online. They also work at making it easier to convert inquiries into solid sales leads.

3. Source for prospective clients through targeting

Try locating or targeting the exact persons or groups where individuals turn up the most to inquire about the products you sell, in this case, cars. It might be a Facebook group (whether private or public), an Instagram account, or a Twitter weekly chat.

Now the only way to benefit from this opportunity is by Facebook ads or to fix yourself in and be active there. This way you can monitor activities, listen to chats, pitch ideas, and also tend to the needs relating to your area of sales.


Targeted ads help you lock onto the exact customers you need

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4. Reconnect online with existing former and current clients     

There is a saying that "a bird in hand" is worth two in the bush' and even though having a multitude of connections on social media is not abhorrent, you ought to realize that having 50-100 meaningful connections is better than having more than a thousand less meaningful ones.

You will always stand a better chance of relating and engaging with people you know in business and real-life as opposed to strangers you just met online. So it's ideal that you make connections with colleagues you know already for quick and easier sales.

5. Advertise your cars on Facebook groups and IG pages

Posting of cars and specials on local Facebook groups which are created mainly for buying and selling cars online is a key move for car dealerships. Instagram pages, using influencers, are also great marketing tools.

This will create much-needed awareness for the shoppers on those groups who might be interested and willing to purchase a vehicle.


Like naijauto's page, use good images to draw attention

>>> Some of the best Facebook groups you can join here in Nigeria are:


6. Stay active on Social Media pages and groups

Another important step to take in the process of building a strong presence on social media is engaging with your prospects. There are diverse ways of interacting with your customers, such as:

  • Sharing noteworthy posts.
  • Liking and commenting on related posts.
  • Offering rewards and discounts exclusively to your social media followers.
  • Storytelling is a perfect way of interacting and building human connections with your prospects.
  • Responding to tweets, questions, and complaints that might arise to avoid missing out on value-addition opportunities.
  • Solving problems through insightful and informative articles.

7. Reviews on Social Media are significant

A study by DealerRater and Dataium showed that automobile shoppers are 90% more likely to visit your website and do business with you if you have positive reviews.

Hence, your customers should be encouraged to share their reviews and make their voices heard, as nothing hurts a customer with a sour experience like not being able to voice out or write down their frustrations with a particular product and prompting a quick response.

Be sure to monitor these reviews in order to limit cracks and also to address them.

car-and social-media-icons

Good reviews mean more customers and more sales

8. Use visuals

Social Media thrives on images, videos, and other visual cues. Inundate your platform accounts with the relevant content and you will not lack for an audience.

Get a better idea of it all with the vid below:

Video: 3 Ways To Use Social Media To Sell Cars


Social media is a major game-changer with regards to its continuing influence in a potential buyer's decision process. So, on that note, more car dealerships would do well to follow the trend of social marketing since if they play their cards right rewards are bound to follow.

Car deals are bound to be made, and high-profit margins from increased sales could definitely be achieved once you know how to use social media to sell cars online. You want to be known as the number one depot for cheap cars in Nigeria? You know what to do.

And if you are just a beginner and on your way to building your social media presence, why not join us at and have help you to sell car online faster? Click here to see how help you become a better salesman!

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