How to buy a cheap used car in Nigeria


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Check out 11 effective tips to hunt cheap used cars in Nigeria

It’s really necessary for all Nigerians to get a car today. However, a lot of them could afford a car, even it is a used one. How could you get a cheap car but still in good maintenance? It would be easier if you know the following 10 plus effective tips to find how and where to buy a very cheap yet good-quality car in Nigeria.

1. Be observant

One of the easiest tips to own a cheap vehicle for sale is keeping your eyes open. Always notice any used vehicles having the “for sale” sign. One of them should involve a cheap price and be good as the new one. You could find such cars in mechanic workshops, in the gas station or even on the road. Whenever you see these cars, first of all, write down the number on the advertisement board.

Always bear in mind that all cheap cars should be sold for numerous reasons, therefore make sure you got all information about them to avoid buying a low-quality car. Even you just spent little money for such car, it is still a waste.

used cars for sale

Always notice any vehicles having the “for sale” sign

2. Inform friends and relations

The more information you get, the more opportunities you have. That is the reason why you should inform both friend and relations to know your plan of buying a car instead of managing to find a cheap used vehicle by yourself.

They would help you not only find a good car but also negotiate the cheapest price. In some cases, if you don’t make your decision soon, you will lose the great chance of owning a cheap used car. Therefore, based on the idea of your friends as well as your relations, you can know the car is good for purchase or not and then give the decision quickly.

Moreover, if in your list of friends and relations you inform, maybe there is someone who is going bankrupt and tend to sell off all their properties including their car at the ridiculously low price. In this situation, you could take advantage of this big chance to buy a cheap used car because they need the cash urgently at that time, they don’t care too much about the real worth of his/her property. Furthermore, they also link you to those who would like to sell off their car quickly to get money.

A man buys a used car

Inform friends and relations about your plan of buying a car

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3. Sign in auto forums

In Nigeria, there are various car forums, which provide you numerous information of affordable used vehicles quickly. Join these forums, effectively interact with members there and make them aware that you want to buy a well-equipped used car at a certain price. That is also a good way to find a cheap used car fast.

4. Don’t be put off by high mileage

It is normal that many cheap used vehicles have high mileage. However, don’t turn a car down because of that reason because it may still be a good one.

5. Avoid classy used vehicles

Classy used cars always cost a lot due to its luxury features. However, our purpose of the cheap used car purchase is for necessity and not luxury. Therefore, just focus on finding the normal car and avoid classy ones.

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6. Go for vehicles with low used value

Certain used vehicles like Kia or Hyundai would have the low resell value that results in their give-away prices. On the contrary, some cars like Honda Camry and Honda Accord have very high secondhand value.  

7. Visit auto websites selling used vehicles

There are a lot of sites in Nigeria specializing in selling second-hand cars. Visit these sites and take time to study their used car listings to find a cheap one, which you like. Please note that our site, always provides you a large number of used car listings at very competitive prices. always provides you a large number of used car listings at very competitive prices

8. Buy accident cars

An accident vehicle always costs very cheap because people tend to refuse to buy this car. As a result, it comes with a very cheap price to buy. It’s also easy to get the information of accident vehicle, just contact with the mechanic and ask them about the history of accident cars.

9. Visit used car lots

Visiting secondhand vehicle lots might be the easiest way to find an affordable car in the country now. A lot of secondhand cars are there for you to choose. However, you have to bargain to get the cheapest price.

cars auctions

A lot of secondhand cars are in used car lots for you to choose

10. Go for car auctions

Every year, there are some cars auctions taking place in Nigeria. The most famous ones are organized by Nigerian customs. These auto events would give you more chances to get a high-quality vehicle at an unbelievable price in Nigeria.

11. Buy from Cotonou

Last but not least, purchasing a car from Cotonou is also a good idea for those who are searching for a cheap vehicle. However, this method is not suitable for amateur car buyers. You should get an auto expert, who has broad experience of buying used vehicles from Cotonou, to help you purchase the car at the cheapest price.

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Many cheap used vehicles in Nigeria now are old and imperfect. Nevertheless, after well maintained, they could have a good performance that gives you nice journeys.

Would you like to share your genius ways of buying a used car in Nigeria? 

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