How to avoid buying Tokunbo cars damaged by flood - 6 simple tips


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Are you planning on buying a foreign used car and you are probably scared of buying a flood damaged car? Read this to know how to avoid that situation!

Buying a Tokunbo car (oversea) in Nigeria requires not just technical skill but you need lot of information on making the best decision when at the car dealer shop. Acquiring a flood damaged car may be unknown even to the person you are buying it from. It finally relies on your prerogative to figure out whether the car is a victim of flood or not. The possibility of buying a flood damaged car is as a result of the incessant flood incidences in some of these developed countries. An example of such was the Harvey hurricane that occurred at the south eastern part of Texas in 2017. This deadly flood displaced 30,000 people and you definitely have no idea how many cars were damaged by this terrible flood. That is why Naijauto has come up with 6 simple tips on how to recognize a flood damaged car before you spend your money to purchase one.

Follow the steps below in order to avoid making mistake of buying one.

Step 1: Smell the car

This is when you need to put your nose to work, most especially your sniffing skills. Be on the lookout for moldy and moistly smell/odour in the inner cabin of the vehicle. These smells are hard to conceal in every tokunbo car you see when they just got into the country. Ability to sniff out this unique smell will prevent you from buying a tokunbo car that was damaged by flood.


As clean as it might look like, interior of flood damaged cars always have moldy smell

Step 2: Check under the hood

You need to check underneath the car you intend to buy for rustiness. This will give you knowledge of the kind of car you are buying. Flood causes under-body rust due to the non-resistance of iron, which is the material component of the vehicle underneath. This causes corrosion as a result of fast oxidation process. Most of these cars get to Nigerian shore through sea, which means they must have spent months on ships and this causes rust.

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Step 3: Test the electrical system

Checking the electrical system of a tokunbo car is another smart move of figuring out a car damaged by flood. Do not be too anxious to collect the car key. If possible, go with an expert in automobile electrical system that will assist you in doing professional inspection. A car damaged by flood is likely to have some electrical glitches or malfunctioning such as sensor problem, lights issues, and possibly seat control.

Step 4: Inspect the deformation on car seat

You need to check for any watermark on the seat upholsteries. This involves careful inspection of places that is foamy or the leather part, depending of what makes up the upholstery of the car seat. There is possibility the car seller is aware of this and trying to cover up the deformed places. Take your time and if possible, check the glove box for any foul play.

Step 5: Check the engine bolts for rust

One important place you should not forget to check are the engine bolts. The bolts like every metallic part of the car are prone to rust. Discovering this during inspection will help make a final decision.

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Step 6: Take a look at the floor rug

Why not take a look at the floor rug? This is another way of detecting a flood damaged car. When you carefully look through the rug, you will notice some discoloration or growth of bacteria on the rug. You can also look out for moistness in the rug. All these are signs of a car that has been exposed to flood.

Video: How to know if a car is damaged by flood

Always avoid being too desperate to get a car for yourself. With those tips to avoid flood damaged cars, you can easily find an affordable used car with acceptable condition.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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