How I wasted N95,000 on a car for sale. Learn the lesson!


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I didn't make a naira in the car sale, but lost N95,000, plus the tension of ruining my friend's car, and a date! How come?

The sporty Nissan 350Z I sell for my friend

The sporty Nissan 350Z I was selling for my friend

There is a Nigerian morning prayer that almost everyone says that goes like this “don’t let me suffer for something I don’t know about”. I don’t remember saying this prayer on a morning last week because all my prayers go to heaven by force.

Erhmmm, this story is for anybody that would sell a car or more at some points in their lives. Don't bother reading it if you are too rich to sell the old cars that you no longer want to drive. Are you ready for this? Popcorn check? Face towel check? Because these days, even hard guys cry.

How I got to sell a fancy sports car...

So I have this friend that lives in Lagos, Nigeria that is a lover of performance cars popularly referred to as sports cars. He just bought a Dodge Challenger and he was looking to sell his Nissan 350Z because he didn’t want to own two performance cars at the same time based on the fact that it would be expensive maintaining both simultaneously. Money doesn’t grow on trees yet obviously.

We were having this conversation on a chatting app so I gave him a juicy suggestion: “Why don’t you bring the car to my workshop at Lekki Epe expressway? Most fast car lovers in Lagos ply this road daily. I can park it along the road so they would see the car and the buyer would just come in quickly”. Yes, I used to be a manager at a car workshop before I started writing car stories.

He agreed to give me the car to display at the shop I worked because he trusted me so much. Let me tell you why I wanted to sell this car for him.

  • I am a big fan of Japanese performance cars and I get to drive this car daily.
  • This was the same car DK drove in “Tokyo Drift” the movie.
  • I would get a share of the sales money for a job well done.
  • I would post pictures on my Instagram with an actual fast car.

Seems to be a nice deal for a car guy like me, right? But it wasn't that easy. Read on.

So I went early to my friend's house to pick up the car way earlier than I would go to work on payday, just to tell you how anxious I was to wield this car. Besides, I didn't have my National Driver's License at that time and I didn't want the Police to stop the latest young rich boy in LEKKI. I got the car to my shop safely and found the perfect sales spot for it. I also put an empty 5-liter engine oil container on the car just to indicate to people that it was on sale urgently.

Every day, people would stop to check it out but there was no serious buyer for about 8 days. I was getting sad by the day because I had spent money fueling daily while I go on joyrides in the evening. I needed to get money out of this car at all costs so I just kept my hopes high.

Me and the sporty Nissan 350Z I sell for my friend

No serious buyer after 8 days the flashy car was put on Lekki Epe expressway

My biggest mistake began

After 8 days, one man came to the sales spot just across my shop with his black modified Jeep Wrangler and he was excited to see the car I had on sale. He told me he was a race car driver some days in the fast-rising Nigerian RoadX championship series in Benin, Nigeria.

He was very interested in the car and he was negotiating well since it was a manual transmission which is perfect for racing and competition. Most real car lovers would pick manual any day in a previous article because of the sensation that comes with it. So he was saying N1,000,000 and I was hell-bent on N1,500,000 because that was the instruction the owner of the car (my friend) gave me. Fast cars aren't cheap. So I assume he must be a very prospective buyer. Who doesn't? But this was MY FIRST MISTAKE.

So the prospective buyer now said he would love to test drive the car just to be sure of the state of the engine. Nobody had made this request until now so I felt the man was going to buy this car. His Jeep Wrangler was parked in front of my shop so I was sure he wasn’t planning to elope with the beautiful red Z. And this was exactly THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MINE.

He started the car and leaned away sensibly just as a normal driver would. So he was going to make a U-turn in front and stretch the car before making another U-turn to return to the sales spot I parked it. I thought he's done with the test drive.

But 2 minutes later I saw a BMW E46 M3 drive by so fast on the other side of the road and I saw my friends Z Nissan chasing it hard at top speed!

It was like a dream or one of those Youtube street racing videos and would have made sense if it wasn’t the car I wanted to sell that was involved! I was sweating because the way the car was moving got me a feeling something bad would happen. “I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED HIM” “I SHOULD NOT HAVE ALLOWED HIM TEST DRIVE TILL HE PAID HALF” my mind just kept talking out loud.

>>> Here are 

Soon after, he returned with the car in one piece from what my eyes could see. The clutch of this car was smelling burnt so I popped the bonnet to check if the engine was still there. Smoke came out so hard guys and I shouted at the quite elderly race car driver buyer asking why he drove so carelessly. He said he met his friend at the U-turn so he decided to push the car to the limits by igniting a short race. I started the car, moved it to make sure it was fine and all seemed okay. But...

The car has been actually ruined

Later that day, I was planning a date with a lady I just met on Instagram. I was going to surprise her by showing up in this car just to make her know how much I loved performance cars. At 6'o clock, I set out to the venue of my mini-date and after driving fast for 3 minutes, I stopped at a traffic light sign just to never move again. The car wasn't moving while the gear was engaged! The clutch wasn't functioning anymore! The man spoilt it!

I got help pushing the car to the side of the road. I was crying and confused as I stood by the car on the side of the road thinking of what next to do. I decided to call my shop, and the security guy and driver offered to help me tow the car back to the shop but they made me promise I would settle them with cash for their effort.

Can you remember how I got here? I let someone test drive a car I wanted to sell without following/supervising him.

While we were towing the car back, there was an impact that made the front bumper of the Nissan 350z break in half and guess who was fixing all these things, ME.

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How much I got to pay for my stupidity

Canceled my date, slept at the shop that night and got a Nissan specialist to come over to fix the clutch of the car that day. The owner of this car has a history of being a boxer and I didn't want to be a victim of that talent of his lol.

I called the man who rough handled this car and he denied spoiling the clutch. He told me that was how cars are meant to be tested, he said my car was already problematic and that wasn't his fault. WOW, sir? I accepted fate and spent N95,000 I didn't have and the man eventually didn't get back to me on buying the car till this very moment.

Car sellers out there, never allow anyone to test drive your car without supervision. Some people just go around in the form of car buyers but in reality, they are trouble makers. So sad I had to learn the hard way and guess what?

I never sold this car until I returned it to the owner. He doesn't even know about this story until he reads this probably.

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