How expensive is a classic car? & 5 decisive factors!


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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Are all classic cars expensive and what makes them expensive? We look at 5 factors that decide the worth of a classic car!


Prices for classic cars vary with time by how?

Classic cars are hard to resist. Even those who say they can resist, actually they can’t. And if someone seriously claims that classic cars do not evoke any emotion, we have an exceptional case: most likely that person doesn’t know what classic cars are. It can be seen that classic cars are equal in popularity and even surpass new car models.

Therefore, the idea inevitably spreads that it probably equates not only in popularity but also in price. So, on what factors the price of the classic car depends? On interviewing with - A trusted online marketplace for classic cars for sale, we have unanimously made a list of the most important factors that will help you find out the answer for the question How expensive is a classic car? Read on!


The prevailing stereotype is that the older the car, the higher the price.

However, this is not entirely true. Many examples can be found where a newer model is much more expensive than an older one.

Although this is not the rule. In some cases, the older the car, the higher the price.


The price of classic cars by brand is similar to the current car market. This means that brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, etc. remain the most expensive.


Classic cars are also investments if you are a caring owner and collector

Meanwhile, other car brands lining up by the brand’s reputation, uniqueness as well as popularity among people.


The price of a classic car depends to some extent on the interior and exterior of the car.

A car of identical specifications can be sold at very different prices depending on the condition of the interior and exterior, the restoration works carried out.


The well-cared car, the more original details in the cars, the better. Although the original details also usually needs restoration and renewal.

Since renewal is not a cheap thing, it is perfectly reflected in the final price of the renewed classic cars for sale.

Actually, such a car might be two or even three times more expensive. However, the price may vary depending on the amount of original parts and their condition in the car.


Of course, the rarer the car, the more competition there is to buy it. The more people want to buy it, the more likely it is that the price of the classic car will go up.

So, the price of a classic car also depends on how many such cars are sold in the market and how many people want to buy it. Why wouldn’t the car owner sell it for the maximum amount offered to him?

In other words, the more famous the brand and the better the interior as well as exterior of the car, the more expensive it will be.

Also, the more restored and rare the car is, the higher is the price. It can often even be difficult to say why a car costs so much.

To decide on How expensive a classic car is a rather subjective thing. But as it is said, as long as there is demand, there is supply.

Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi

Car prices

Hassana Obi is an automobile writer and editor at She prides herself on hundreds of informative and entertaining articles on Nigerian traffic regulations, car prices and celebrity car collections. When Hassana is not writing, she is a teacher and philanthropist.

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