How do you know whether your car plate number is fake or not?


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Follow three below easy steps to check vehicle plate number in Nigeria.

In the last article, we recommended some useful checks to ensure you are not buying a stolen car, in which verifying car plate number is an important checks. In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide how to check car plate number using FRSC plate number verifying tool.

car plate number

How to check car plate number is original

1. Access

2. Input the car plate number in the box provided, for instance, “ABC863AP”

3. Click on the “Verify” button, the information then will be showed below that button. Because the FRSC doesn’t allow the general public to get the full detail of the vehicle registration, you can only find the car name and its registration date.   

Besides, please note that you must verify the vehicle plate number in the right format, for example, ABC123AB not AB123 ABC. Otherwise, the verification will fail.

check car plate number

Input the car plate number in the box provided

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