Honda vs Hyundai: Sounds alike but are different in 6 major ways


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Honda vs Hyundai are two car brands that sound alike but in fact, have many differences as regards their cars. Discover what they are in this article!

When Hyundai first showed up in Nigeria around 2004, a lot of us thought and assumed it was a car brand related to Honda because the name 'Hyundai' sounded like 'Honda' and the car logo symbols of the two companies also bear a strong resemblance to each other.

Just in case you are trying to pick between a Japanese and a Korean car, I will analyze the major differences between Honda vs Hyundai.

You know how a German car clearly differs from a Japanese car in various aspects like suspension, choice of interior materials, engine technology and other aspects. This is the same way Honda differs from Hyundai because these two cars were designed for different purposes and people. Let's discover the differences between the two automakers in this article with us.

6 major differences between Honda vs Hyundai cars in Nigeria!

1. Honda vs Hyundai Car Interior 

The interior of the Hyundai cars is always smaller and slimmer in size than that of Honda cars. An average Japanese person is always bigger than the average Korean. The Honda Pilot is a very spacious interior while its Hyundai Santa Fe rival has a smaller interior.


Honda cars are always more spacious 

Also, Honda uses a better quality of materials in creating its cars' interior and its features. I once drove a 2014 Hyundai Accent for a day and my palms turned red because of the hard plastic that was used to design the steering wheel.

2. Honda vs Hyundai Engine Performance

When it comes to engine performance, Honda comes out on top again. Hyundai cars are mostly bought brand new in Nigeria while Honda ones are mostly bought as Tokunbo. The fact that Hyundai cars have a very bad second-hand value says a lot about their engine performance.


You can see Honda is competing with a more powerful car in bigger competitions

However, cars like the Hyundai Ioniq and Kona have a better engine performance than their Honda Clarity and Honda HR-V counterparts if both are bought brand new. The problem with Hyundai cars is that they weren't built to last as long as Honda cars.

They initially perform well when bought brand new but over a period of 5/6 years, this performance drops below par while its Honda rival will till be going strong. 

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3. Honda vs Hyundai spare parts availability

Hyundai spare parts are very expensive in Nigeria because their cars are mostly used by the co-operate world of Nigeria. Honda has spare parts everywhere in Nigeria and they are also cheap.


Honda spare parts market in Lagos 

Till date, Hyundai has no designated spare parts outlet in Nigeria  

4. Honda vs Hyundai Trim Levels

Honda has a number of trims for each of their models while Hyundai has limited known trims. In fact in Nigeria, the trim level is not a thing people know Hyundai for. People just buy any Hyundai model without considering trim levels.


3 trim levels for Hyundai, 6 trim levels for Honda

The one time I noticed a trim level on a Hyundai car was with the Hyundai Veloster. There was a turbo version which was faster than the rest. Honda has a couple of well-known trims; LX, EX, EXL and Touring, which are the most common for Honda models.

5. Honda vs Hyundai Price and Value

 Hyundai has a very bad second-hand value because they are not built to last as long as Honda cars. As a result, the prices of used Hyundai cars in Nigeria are cheaper than that of Honda cars on the same level.


Now that you have known 6 main differences between Honda vs Hyundai, it will be easy for you to pick between the two brands when you want to buy.

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