10 best hatchback cars for family in 2019


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Hatchbacks may not exactly be the fastest selling cars on the list, but there are quite a few that offer the most sophisticated features. In this article, we've picked 10 best hatchback cars for family in 2019 that deliver the best mix of running costs, safety features, and convenient family-friendly features.

No doubt, the latest SUVs and crossovers keep taking up all the attention recently, the conventional small family hatchback is still never left behind. Thanks to the various available combination of space, size, and price, all the hatchbacks on this list keep selling in thousands.

This article outlines the top 10 best hatchback cars for family in 2019, and for your pleasure, Naijauto has selected a few cars that offer the best mix of running costs, infotainment features, safety features, and convenient family-friendly features.

1. Ford Focus (N9.4 million)

Before now, the old Ford was mostly criticized for its minimal interior space, but for the new Ford Focus has wiped off this idea. You can be sure that the longer wheelbase means the interior space is roomier. Now, there’s enough room for four adults as well as enough boot space, which makes truly one efficient family car.

The state-of-art design is well laid-out and more accessible. On higher spec models, the ‘floating tablet’ infotainment screen seems like an afterthought, but it is installed in a convenient spot that can be reached easily while driving. Also, Ford’s SYNC3 system is perfectly seamless.

Compared to the Volkswagen Golf or Seat Leon, its cabin still doesn’t quite offer the same levels of fit-and-finish.


There’s plenty of space inside, and the overhauled exterior has given the Ford a totally revised look

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2. Volkswagen Golf (N7.6 million)

To mention just a few, from its splendid engine range to its advanced attributes and top-notch interior, the Volkswagen Golf is really void of any strong faults. It comes with new infotainment options and an improved engine range, which completely re-defines the hatchback class.

All Golfs are usually well furnished, offering features such as Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, stop-start, Electronic Stability Control (ESP), a generous interior and big 380-liter boot, and curtain airbags all standardly fitted. Even more, you can be assured of a space-saver spare wheel – which is getting really scarce, but still in high demand by family car owners.

When you eventually drive it, you can literally feel the level of capable handling, refinement, comfort, and responsive controls.


It's a little pricey, but don't doubt for a moment, because it's worth the money

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3. Seat Leon (N6.5 million)

The Seat Leon looks almost perfect with its angular and edgy styling. Even more, it has a range of body styles and engines, like the Golf, including the vivacious Cupra 300 and R.

On the downside, the interior feels cheaper and less tasteful than the Golf's, which technically reduces its cost.


The interior is a little bit on the downside

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4. Mazda 3 (N7.6 million)

The Mazda has got bold looks, solid build quality, sharp handling, and one superb interior. Compared to the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Seat Leon, the Mazda is taking one big step.

For the available three ranges, Mazda’s excellent SkyActiv technology is standard, ditching the downsizing trend that many other manufacturers are following. Instead, naturally-aspirated engines have been built with advanced engineering solutions in order to ensure the car is as efficient in real-world use as possible.

Regarding the engine, it includes a 98bhp 1.5-liter petrol, 2.0-liter petrol with 118bhp and a meaty 148bhp 2.2-liter diesel with the units offered across three well-equipped trim levels. The good part is that even entry-level models come with a decent roster of standard equipment.


Best way to describe the Mazda 3 - great steering feel, shift quality, well-balanced grip levels, and first-rate atmospheric engine response

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5. Kia Ceed (N10.8 million)

With every single model of the Kia Ceed loaded with exquisite equipment and an unrivaled 7-year warranty, the car is ruthlessly bent on clearing each of its competitors.

The Ceed range sets out with the 2 trim level, but this somewhat basic car is still detailed with smartphone connectivity, alloys, and enough modern safety technology. As expected, advanced spec models are accompanied with larger alloy wheels and, of course, more luxury equipment. On a higher level, the top-spec (201bhp Ceed GT) performs outstandingly well, although this is just for now.

Speaking of the interior, positioned right on top of the dashboard, the infotainment screen looks a bit clumsy. Although not as fancy as a VW Group unit, the system isn't so difficult to use. As a standard, all trims get Android Auto and Apple Car Play. However, unlike most manufacturers, the volume and major climate control buttons can be easily reached from the driver's seat.

Other parts of its interior feel high-quality enough, with boot space being just the same with the Skoda Octavia.


The handling and steering are more sophisticated than ever before

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6. Honda Civic (N7 million)

This model is the latest and part of the 10th generation. It arguably features the most rugged looks, giving us one standard unique look.

Furthermore, the interior space is very good and the boot still provides plenty of room and passenger space.

What makes the Civic better is the way it drives - it has good grips and the engine line-up (both petrol and diesel available) delivers a decent mix of performance and economy. The 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo would be just perfect, as it has enough performance for most needs and adds a sporty exhaust note.


The new petrol engines of the Honda Civic are impressive

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7. Audi A3 Sportback (N18 million)

The A3 Sportback is one of the best premium-badged family hatchback available on the market - comes with a host of lively TSI and frugal TDI engines and low cost of ownership, with the precision that Audi has to offer.

The interior is supremely well-constructed and suave, but it is not so captivating while driving and it’s also not as involving as its rivals or siblings.


It is a little not so enticing as the other hatchbacks in its class

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8. Vauxhall Astra (N8.8 million)

As always, the Vauxhall Astra has always been big on looks, and the current Astra is not an exception. You can't help but glance twice at the distinctively elegant lights, the razor-sharp lines, and its vigorous auto-physique.

On the inside, you shouldn't expect anything less. From the dashboard to the upholstery, large touchscreen, steering wheel, and gear lever, the design is close to perfection. For space, it has enough room with a sizable boot which is considered ideal for a family car.

Offering a comfortable ride and great steering feedback, the driving experience is sublime. Also, Vauxhall made sure the engine has an all-inclusive range and the most recent batch of capable diesel engines are quite thrilling as well.


The Vauxhall Astra is extremely spacious and fitted with strong, frugal diesel engines

9. Mini Countryman (N10 million)

The Mini Countryman now has a grownup version of its crossover. It’s a second-generation Countryman and it comes with better refinement, comfort, and practicality by Mini standards.

Compared to its closest rivals, the Countryman is somewhat cheaper, and it’s not as classy as you would expect from a Mini. However, it's the closest Oxford has come to nailing the compromise between sweet, well-balanced handling and sophistication.


Somewhat similar to the Audi Sportback, it isn't quite as classy as you would expect from a Mini

10. Peugeot 308 (N9.7 million)

This hatchback looks good enough physically, has a good drive feeling, and has an elite interior. As an advantage of its excellent fuel economy, the 308 offers a pleasant ownership proposition.

In addition, the Peugeot 308 is capable of up to 80.7mpg and it is also 140kg lighter than the previous generation. However, a little bit of improvement on the back seat will be very much appreciated.

Video: Peugeot 308 2018 hatchback in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews. (Source: carwow)

With this list of 10 best hatchback cars for family in 2019, Naijauto team hope we have cleared your way for buying the best car for family drives and you soon find your ideal car. See more car-buying tips and advice like this on our website!

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