What determines a good Tokunbo car? Don't be cheated by its mileage


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Aside from mileage, there are some even more important factors to determine a good Tokunbo car. Read on to know why the car's mileage is so overrated nowadays.

Many people go around with the wrong idea about what should be the best mileage for a good Tokunbo car. Therefore, people place too much emphasis on mileage as a yardstick for the condition of a car at the point of purchase. This is not entirely the case most times.

1. Why you shouldn't rely on car mileage to find good Tokunbo car?

The average mileage for used cars from Canada and USA annually vary with different car models, driver’s location and time of use.

When a car has 12,000 yearly mileage, it is often seen as an accepted figure in the US automotive market, but it could be higher or lower depending on several factors. This report was collated by the Consumer Protection Council in the country.

So, when you see a vehicle for the 2013 model year having sixty thousand miles, it means it has a decent annual mileage for a car. However, you would be shocked that a 2018 car with 30,000 miles may have a better mileage while the one with 100,000 may not.


Make sure you go with honest expert to inspect the used car you are about to buy

Sometimes, the case might be different, the 30,000 miles gained might be from city use or even shopping which would involve lots of stops and gos. This would have worse effect on the engine and transmission in the car as they are more inclined to tear or wear faster. This means, the desirable car with 30,000 miles might not be as good as that with 60,000 miles active on highways.

That undesirable car with 100,000 miles might have gained its figure from the highway drives, which, ironically, put minimal workload and strain on the engine. This is why you need to properly assess the physical condition of the car while considering the mileage too.

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Generally speaking, the history of the car is a very important yardstick if you are planning on buying a foreign-used car. So, if you end up buying a car formerly used as taxi, you could get a better mileage but bad history of frequent stops and starts, which has huge effects on the engine’s condition


Do not get overly excited with the mileage on the odometer. Request for the history of the car!.

Because of this perception, dishonest car dealers take advantage of this and alter the odometer to a much lower mileage to deceive potential car buyer. When you ask for the car report, you would be shocked to discover the extent of this manipulation. So, when you see a Honda product for the 2008 model year having 80,000 mileage in 2019, you should take caution before you rush to pay. Guess you need to start getting real with yourself as long as mileage is concerned.

Truthfully, many cars with real low mileage are usually in very good condition and you might end up paying higher for that compared to others with higher mileage,

Another factor people consider aside the mileage covered is the salvage history of the car. We expect accidented cars to be really lower in price compared with new one with low mileage and no salvage history.

2. What should you do when buying a used car?

Here are what you should do while at the point of buying a used car:

  1. Make sure you get the history of the vehicle before you think of buying that particular car.
  2. With the use if a honest expert such as your personal auto mechanic or anybody that has vast experience in car purchase, you should thoroughly inspect the car in case there is an omitted cases from the history of the car.
  3. While you pay attention to the mileage, you shouldn’t forget that the overall condition of the car is quite important.
  4. Be truthful to yourself as there is no awoof in car business. Your budget would surely determine the kind of car you would get. However, with your limited budget, you could still get a very good at a reasonable price.

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Video: How to tell if the odometer has been rolled back

Beware of dishonest salesmen or manipulated odometer as it has become a norm among many car dealers. Best of luck in your next purchase.

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