Go 50 - 70 kilometers further with low fuel light comes on with these 10 car models


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Noticeably, there come some potential damages to the engine if you keep driving in fuel starvation condition.

Not many people know that the fuel light on the car always “tells lies” to drivers. Actually, even when the needle on the petrol gauge tough empty, there are still 3.8 reserve liters of fuel left on the car. As well as that, manufacturers release the warning for petrol exhaustion pretty soon before the car totally runs out of fuel, because they may know people usually hesitate to spend money.

Accounting for this action of car makers, they, of course, don’t want their customers to get stuck on roads, cause traffic accidents or even damage expensive parts of a car like the engine.

the low fuel indicator

Although the needle is on empty, these cars still can go quite a long distance

According to Ed Mosher, a retired engine performance specialist, and also a car repair expert:

The really important thing, especially with new cars, is that they have an electric fuel pump, and fuel is used to cool that pump as it works. So if the weather is hot and you run low on fuel, you risk burning out a fuel pump real quick.

Source: Business Insider

The cold weather also can be a problem when your car runs out of fuel. Also shared by Mosher:

The air inside the gas tank can form condensation, and that could foul the fuel with moisture. This can cause fuel injector-firing problems, ice crystals around the fuel pump, and driveability problems. 

Source: Business Insider

He added that the phenomenon's quite rare but not impossible. And when it really happens, you must spend approximately $1,000 to $2,000 (N364,510 to N729,020) for a new fuel pump.

Automobile producers hardly reveal how far their models can go since the low-fuel light is on or the petrol gauge touches “E”. But some drivers hazard themselves to find out the truth. Take the website TankOnEmpty.com as an example, they have collected the data from many drivers with a view to giving an answer to this question.

an illustrative table

Distances that 2016 bestselling passenger cars and pickup trucks can move on when low-fuel warning light kicks on (one mile ~1.6 kilometers)

Some popular car models in Nigeria such as Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4, and Honda Accord make their names on the report. As seen from the table above, Honda Accord can run the longest way (~75.4km), the number of Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota VAV4 are 75.1km, 69.7km, and 51.3km in turn.

Video: Can You Get 50 Miles From An Empty Fuel Tank?

The collected data, of course, was not 100 percent accurate as anyone may unintentionally provide the incorrect information to the site. In addition, the fuel can be burnt out more when drivers frequently brake or quickly accelerate, compared with some people using cruise control and driving on the speed limit. Either way, data from TankOnEmpty.com is worth consulting.

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