Mercedes G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria sell so fast despite its high price. Why?


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Why does the G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria sound like a beast; Why is it expensive but still very popular in Nigeria? Meet the almighty G-Wagon!

I start by saying the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is not ugly, it just looks weird in our world of today where curvy and aerodynamically pleasing cars are the order of the day. This article is all about the G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria from time and to date.

Red G-Wagon looking very very sexy

Red G-Wagon looking very very sexy

Even though there are 7 worst Mercedes- Benz cars in Nigeria, Mercedes-Benz is unarguably one of the best car brands you can buy in Nigeria but our focus today is the G-Wagon.

Why does the G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria sound like a beast; Why is it expensive but still very popular in Nigeria?  All of this you would know and more today.

History of the G-Wagon

The G-Wagon was initially a defence vehicle that was developed based on the suggestion of Shah of Iran who was a significant shareholder in Mercedes at the time and was later offered as a civilian version in 1979.


You can see that the shape hasn't changed a bit

This explains the boxy nature of the G-Wagon and the most amazing legacy of the G-Class in Nigeria and all over the world that it has kept this same boxy shape for over 40 years now.

What does the G-Wagon mean to Nigerians?

Since the early 2000s, the G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria has always represented power and wealth to Nigerians. The presidency of Nigeria has a specially built Mercedes-Benz G-Class that it uses for ceremonial days and I can say that this is one of the highest influence that has made Nigerians go after G-Wagon.


Timaya posing with 3 G-Wagons; says a lot 

The G-Wagon is the SUV that nobody needs but everybody wants just because it gives you a straight upgrade in the Nigerian status quo.

I and some friends went to the Ikoyi area of Lagos around 11:30 pm on a Friday night and we counted over 15 G-Wagons in 30 minutes driving by. This made me understand how fast G-Wagons for sale in Nigeria get purchased by wealthy Nigerians.

We tried to do the same on the mainland; Yaba area of Lagos but we didn’t find one G-Wagon.

Almost 60 per cent of Nigerian celebs have a G-Wagon in Nigeria to their name just because of the kind of swag that comes with owning one.

This just tells you that the G-Wagon cannot be afforded by everybody. The G-Wagon price in Nigeria and all over the world will shock you, just hold on.

Why is the G-Wagon expensive?

The G-Wagon has always been expensive from inception because it was always produced in limited amounts and it was a war based vehicle. Have you ever heard that the war industry is one of the richest industries in the world? Countries pump so many funds into any war based activity for bragging rights and reservation of power.


Wofai Fada just bought her G-Wagon recently; congrats to her

The G-Wagon is also built from high-quality parts that make it heavy and highly luxurious. Try and close the doors on a G-Wagon and the sound will let you know that there is heavy metal involved in the structure of a G-Wagon.

Also, the determinant of a price on an item is a combination of demand and supply. Mercedes is one of the most cherished car brands all over the world and the G-Wagon is a classic SUV that represents wealth and power.

Mercedes has used the G-Wagon reputation to carve a high price for the models all over the world and people still rush for it when new models go on sale.

People love the G-Wagon and that is facts.

Why is the G-Wagon so loud?

I would like to clear the air on one pressing issue. Not every G-Wagon is loud but the loud ones are the most common ones in Nigeria and I would tell you why.

There is a company called AMG and what they do is enhance Mercedes-Benz cars. Since 1995, AMG has been enhancing Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons starting with the G55.

G-Wagon exhaust note is awesome!

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG is one that has loud exhausts that sound very deep and powerful. Thanks to the bi-turbo V8 engine that AMG fits on these cars and its H-Design exhaust pipes.

You would rarely find a regular Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria from the 2012 year model that is not AMG. Nigerians buy this car for straight validation so keeping it silent and humble won’t really make any sense.

The G63 and G65 are the common AMG G-Wagons you would find around today and they are both fuel guzzlers because of the weight and big engine combination.


You can see the AMG logo on the side of the G-Wagon

The recent model G-Wagon G63 goes from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds. The possibility of this would have been argued for 3 weeks straight 5 years ago but I guess technology has been moving faster than time these recent times.

I would totally buy an AMG G-Wagon simply because of the sound it makes and have zero regrets afterwards.

However, there are some secrets about the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon in Nigeria and I would spill everything to you right now.

The secrets of owning a G-Wagon in Nigeria

Remember I said the G-Wagon has remained the same for 40 years? Well, Nigerians have taken pure advantage of this with a practice called “upgrading/facelifting”.


Evolution of the G-Wagon interior

A lot of G-Wagons for sale in Nigeria today have been upgraded from old models to look never. What is crazy about this upgrade is that a 2000 G-Wagon model can be facelifted to look like a 2018 G-Wagon. That is a whopping 18 years and over N50,000,000 difference in pricing.

This is why you see a lot of weird-looking G-Wagons for sale in Nigeria with modified grilles, lights and funny looking rims.


Upgraded G-Wagon in Nigeria

I mean, this is totally fine. Anybody can facelift their car anytime they want but what I have a problem with is the old model G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria being portrayed as a new model just because it has been facelifted/upgraded. This is one of the reasons why AMG Mercedes-Benz is very difficult to buy in Nigeria

This is a scam and should be prosecuted under the law.

Pros and Cons of owning a G-Wagon in Nigeria

The Pros

  1. A G-Wagon makes everyone assume you are very rich and influential
  2. The G-Wagon has a very high ride height that makes it practical in Nigeria
  3. The G-Wagon doesn’t age and goes out of fashion easily unlike other cars
  4. The G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria has a high resale value

The Cons

  1. The G-Wagon is a fuel guzzler because of its weight and big engine
  2. The G-Wagon is an object of scam in Nigeria
  3. The ride comfort in a G-Wagon is not premium due to its shape

G-Wagon Price in Nigeria 

Below are the Mercedes G-Wagon prices in Nigeria:


  Foreign-Used Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Prices in Nigeria
Model year Price in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2004 price 10 million – 25 million 
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2008 price 15 million – 27 million 
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2009 price 20 million – 30 million 
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2011 price 28 million – 35 million 
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2012 price 30 million  – 40 million 
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2013 price 40 million – 53 million 
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2014 price 52 million – 60 million 
Tokunbo Benz G-Class 2015 price 55 million – 70 mi


Locally-Used Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Prices In Nigeria 
Model year  Price 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2004 price 7.5 million – 12 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2006 price 5.2 million – 15.5 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2008 price 9.6 million – 19 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2009 price 10 million – 18 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2010 price 13 million – 20 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2011 price 15 million – 23 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2012 price 20 million – 30 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2013 price 30 million – 37 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2014price 20 million – 45 million 
Locally used Benz G-Class 2018 price  17 million – 60 million 

You can see that the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon price in Nigeria is very high and this explains why G-Wagons for sale in Nigeria is a hot cake. 


Now that you know why the G-Wagon for sale in Nigeria sounds like a beast and why it is expensive but still very popular in Nigeria, you can go ahead to read all about owning a Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria and other brands too like Toyota, Honda and BMW on

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