Why you hardly see used Rolls-Royce and other high-end luxury cars for sale in Nigeria


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It is very hard to come by a used Rolls-Royce or other high-end luxury cars for sale in Nigeria and here are 3 reasons why!

If you wake up today and decided to buy 20 used Toyota Camrys in Nigeria, in less than 1 hour you will have all 20 of them delivered to your house because they are very much available.

I know you are planning to buy 20 high-end luxury cars for your friends sometime soon just like me! If you wanted 20 used Rolls-Royce Phantoms in Nigeria today, you will probably have to wait for 6 months to get them shipped down to you here in Nigeria because it is just really hard to find.


You won't find one high-end luxury car here

There are reasons why you don't see high-end luxury cars often displayed at car dealerships in Nigeria and that is what we would be discussing today. There are obvious reasons and there are reasons you never thought of. 

Why are there no used High-end luxury cars in Nigerian dealerships or car sales platforms?

1. These cars have a 'neck-breaking' duty and custom charges

The custom levy and clearing costs into Nigeria is one of the craziest fees in Nigeria. To bring in a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador or a 2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost into Nigeria you will have to pay 70 percent of the car's worth. 


These cars were seized because they have no custom duty

No car dealer will buy a used car at say ₦85,000,000 and still pay 70 percent of that which is ₦60,000,000 just to keep in a car lot and wait days for a lucky buyer to come and buy it off.

That is too much money being tied down with a high level of uncertainty. You can learn how to buy auction luxury cars from Nigerian customs, it is always way cheaper because they have been seized from their original owners. 

2. The cars are better-bought brand new for status symbol purposes

Nigerians have this mentality of buying high-end luxury cars brand new just for status representation in our society. They like to make the news of their new cars be like popular headlines. Imagine this is 2020, which of these headlines sounds better? "Davido buys 2020 Bentley Bentayga" and "Davido buys 2012 Rolls-Royce Phantom". Obviously, the first one sounds better.


This man pre-ordered his Cullinan, you can see the joy in his face

This is why Nigerians rarely consider buying used high-end super/luxury cars in Nigeria.

3. Their resale value is very bad

Many owners of high-end luxury cars in Nigeria never get to sell it at prices they are happy about especially if they have used it for over 6 months.

This makes them never declare their cars publicly for sale, they just pass it to a known person and use the phrase "a giveaway price". Have you ever wondered where high-end cars like Ferrari and Lamborghinis get repaired and serviced in Nigeria? Well, it is very scarce ad expensive. 


Lamborghinis on sale in Nigeria, who will easily buy? Nobody 

However, this doesn't stop some car dealers from selling used high-end luxury cars. In fact, some car dealers import strictly high-end cars into Nigeria.


It is not easy to be a used high-end luxury car dealer in Nigeria because there is a limited market for it. If you want to buy a used high-end car in Nigeria, you have to be really patient with the search. You also have to take advantage of the fact that buyers are very limited by bargaining extremely for the car. 

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