7 special features that car manufacturers need to put in cars to be used in Nigeria


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Nigeria is a special country when it comes to motoring. This article is going to present 7 special features that car manufacturers need to put in cars to be used in Nigeria. Read on to discover!

Motoring in Nigeria has always been somewhat different from how automobile makers planned the standard to be and this just tells you how special Nigeria is as a country.

The easiest example to look at is how every car in Nigeria goes off-road. In fact, for a car to be considered one of the best cars that can survive in Nigeria it must be able to perfectly withstand off-road activities but this is not what the manufacturers planned.


Horrific sight, seeing regular cars go off-road

Off-roading is when you make a car go on roads that are not even and smooth and you'd agree with me that we have too many uneven roads in this part of the world. This is why you must know how to take regular cars off-road in Nigeria.

Today's topic is somewhat fictional. I would be talking about 7 special features that car manufacturers need to put in cars to be used in Nigeria. This is a world where impossible is nothing, so anything you read here today is not out of this world.

7 Special Features that Cars used in Nigeria should have

1. A car that can talk

A lot of Nigerian car users are too busy with life to pay detailed attention to their car's needs and wants. This is why we have a lot of Honda cars overturning on Nigerian roads. These car owners don't pay attention to the sound coming from various parts of the car.


Have you seen this movie? The animated movie about cars

If cars could talk and shout at their owners then we would have more properly maintained cars in Nigeria.

For instance, the water level in a car is low and it keeps screaming out of the speaker; "give me water or I will overheat" nonstop until the owner actually fills the radiator with water.

This will be super awesome, think about it

2. A car that recognizes/resists fake parts

A lot of car parts sellers in Nigeria are scammers. They have scammed so much that it feels like the new normal to them.

Yes, car parts have varying quality but car owners have the right to know what quality is being sold to them before they pay.


Recognizing fake parts is very difficult

It would be nice if cars could detect when a fake part is being affixed on the. It would be perfect if the car has a function that allows the car owners to give their car consent to accept the sub-standard part being fixed on them.

3. A car that signals one way

Personally, I have come across too many one carriageways in Lagos that seem like a two carriageway. The moment you make the mistake of entering this road, Police/Lastma/FRSC will just jump out of nowhere to arrest you for committing a one-way offence. One way is one of the easiest traffic offences in Nigeria to commit.


One way offences are very difficult to decipher in Nigeria

It's like they always keep the one-way road signal hidden from road users.

Would it be very nice if cars could have a database of all the one carriageways in Nigeria and just alert the driver whenever he/she is about to make a wrong decision?

4. A car that can go on and off in traffic

Some cars already have this start/stop feature but it needs to become a standard on cars to be used in Nigeria. There are areas of Nigeria with a constant gridlock week in week out and the air pollution caused by this is of a very high volume.

If every car could kill its engine when at a total stop in typical traffic congestion and come back on when the road frees up, we would be very good for our environment.


Cars already have this feature, we just need it on more cars

Another problem that would be solved by this is that people will no longer be sweating like 'Christmas Goats' in traffic due to heat.

I know you want to ask about the savings on petrol if this feature was in your car? You would have only insignificant fuel savings because idling a car doesn’t take that much fuel to consider a waste.

5. Every car should go off-road

I started off this article with the off-road example. Every car should be able to go off-road in Nigeria at the push of a button.


How would this Benz survive?

You know how you are just driving on the best road ever at this moment and the next moment there is a big hole in front of you to cross with your car.


Be honest, what type of Bugatti Chiron will work better in Nigeria; Up or Down?

The most common repair that goes on in cars used in Nigeria are repairs associated with the suspension system of a car and a bad road is one of the leading causes.

6. Car that uses heat to charge up

The heat in Nigeria for over 8 months out of 12 months from the sun is enough to power a solar cell that would serve the whole world electricity. It would be nice if cars in Nigeria had a mechanism that charges the battery that powers a lot of functions through the heat from the sun.


If cars could store up heat energy and use it to save fuel, it will be so beneficial in Nigeria

This heat is called solar energy and auto manufacturers need to explore more of this with cars to be sold in Nigeria.

7. A fake damage mode

I said cars talking would make Nigerian car owners maintain their car better but I think this last special feature is just the best for us.

Imagine this scenario. You are driving over the 3rd mainland bridge in Lagos and your car suddenly goes off for 10 minutes and it displays boldly on the screen that it is a fake damage mode that is playing out.


Cars spoiling for a few minutes before they actually spoil, do you understand?

It means that your car will be able to let you know what it feels like when your car breaks down. You will feel this hardship and once the mode is over, it returns your car back to normal.


I’d love to see all these 7 special features that car manufacturers need to put in cars come alive very soon. Though a lot of them seem unnecessary but trust me, there is a perfect sense in all the features I mentioned.

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