7 expensive cars that look ugly in Nigeria


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Looks is a huge determinant when trying to buy a car for most people, check out these ugly but expensive cars!

Spending millions of naira is not the biggest problem I have with buying a car but would the car have the looks of a cute newborn baby?. Just because I am a big fan of the most adorable looking cars in Nigeria, I have put up a list of expensive cars in Nigeria that actually look ugly to me. 


This would be the straight definition of an Ugly car

Remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

7 Expensive cars that look ugly in Nigeria! 

1. BMW M4 - 50,000,000

The first all-new BMW M4 G82 has been spotted in Nigeria and yes, it came with the giant front grilles that the whole world and every BMW fan have been complaining about.


The massive BMW Grille sports car 

We all know about how BMW has been teasing giant grilles with new models of the BMW starting from the 7 series to the X7 BMW SUV that now led to a lot of funny memes and predictions about how BMW cars would soon start swallowing humans from the grilles.

Can't believe all that predictions came to be true in 2021 with the introduction of the newly introduced M4 Coupe category of the BMW Performance car line-up.


Compared to the previous generation, you can see why they are angry

The all-new BMW M4 and M3 have a very ugly front setup just because of the grille but what scares me is that every BMW Fanboy I know is starting to fall in love with the grille which is a huge sign of Stockholm syndrome. 

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This car is perfect from the rear based on looks and it is a great car based on performance and driveability. However, different companies have developed aftermarket solutions that return the M4 to a moderately sized front grille setup.

When I spotted one in Nigeria, the "money no dey Lagos" song flashed in my brain again cause that car costs a whooping ₦50,000,000 including shipping and clearing into Nigeria.  

2. Jeep Cherokee - 18,000,000

A little fun fact here; the Jeep brand made Nigerians start calling every SUV a Jeep because it was the first commercially available SUV in the market. Sadly, the Jeep brand has fallen off the list of the best SUVs you can buy in Nigeria.


Grand Cherokee SUV...just not worth the price 

The Jeep Cherokee new generation (2014 till present) is a very weird-looking and expensive car in Nigeria. This model of Jeep has always been a boxy-looking compact SUV but the one time Jeep decided to go all curvy on the design, they screwed up the front end with an awkwardly placed grille and a very thin wrap around headlight design. 

Feels like car companies are trying to shift design language for cars to a new level and it just gets uglier. It comes across like we have to be patient with car designers to understand what looks aesthetically pleasing to the human eye or we just have to accept the new 'ugly' vibe. One of the two must happen.

3. BMW X6 - 35,000,000

I have spotted the new generation BMW X6 about 5 times in Nigeria and I keep asking myself what BMW is really doing with the model based on appearance. It looks bold and bland at the same time. 


BMW X6, bold but ugly 

Trust me, I have no issues with the grilles but when you look at the car for 1 minute and take your eyes off, you won't remember anything about this car. 


Too much going on at the rear end 

You can just easily tell that this X6 will make Nigerians run away from BMW more because it looks like a car that shouldn't be moving on Nigerian road. I won't call the X6 ugly but it is just out of place. 

4. INFINITI QX80 - 40,000,000

The Infiniti brand has been an underdog luxury car brand in Nigeria that has a regulated affordable price just because Nigerians have not understood its value yet. Infiniti is simply the luxury edition of Nissan cars but today, we can say Infiniti isn't working with Nissan designs anymore because they don't have similar cars anymore unlike Lexus and Toyota.


What do you think about the looks?

This Infiniti QX80 you see above is one hell of an ugly-looking SUV. The looks say it all. The best thing about it is that it is one of the SUVs out there with the largest interior space you can get. 

5. BENTLEY BENTAYGA - 160,000,000

Davido did buy an ugly Luxury SUV for over ₦150,000,000 in 2019 and nobody dared to come out and say it to his face. The Bentley Bentayga is Classy and Luxurious Yes but it is ugly too and expensive. 


Bentley Bentayga is ugly but classy

Ugly based on the external appearance compared to other high-end performance SUVs in its class. I mean, it costs almost the same as a Lamborghini Urus and the Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach. The headlights, the grilles, the rear fascia and the hood(bonnet) design just look like those on a beautiful car from the 90s. 

The only Bentley Bentayga that looks good so far has been Obafemi Martins type of Bentley Bentayga Mansory edition which costs two times the base price for a Bentley Bentayga.

6. LEXUS ES300 - 2,000,000

The second-generation Lexus ES300 would have not been on this list if the third generation wasn’t released. I mean, we know that Lexus was looking up to the Toyota Camry Big Daddy for the design on the Lexus ES which is a luxury version of the Camry but something was absolutely off with this design. It is 2 million Naira and that is expensive considering the fact that it is a 2002 car. 


Am I the only one seeing the ugly side?

The front headlights had a curvy effect to it that didn’t quite resonate well with the bonnet of the ES300…the headlights offset into the bonnet and it just isn’t a good fit. Lights matter a lot in car design.

The body of the car also seems to be wider than the chassis it is placed on while the Camry big daddy doesn’t seem that way.

7. NISSAN JUKE - 12,000,000

The Nissan Juke is a subcompact SUV that has been in production since 2010 but the world calls it ugly not exactly because it is ugly but because it is one of the weirdest looking SUVs out there and it was a totally brand new design. Nobody had seen something like this before until Nissan introduced it.


The weirdest looking car ever 

It has its headlights divided into two segments with one comfortably sitting atop the hood. The silhouette of the Juke also looks like one of those annoying small looking cars on the road. 

However, this car has been selling so well that Nissan isn’t going to stop producing this car anytime soon.

The new generation from the 2019 year model looks more refined than the first generation. The lights are set into the car and it gives a lot of aesthetically pleasing vibes.

The Nissan Juke in Nigeria is loved by a lot of female drivers because it doesn’t look regular.


Now you know the expensive cars that look ugly and not worth their price in Nigeria

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