Essential things to know before buying a second-hand hatchback


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A hatchback is the perfect combination of a stylish sports cars and a versatile SUV/minivan. With proper maintenance, a used hatchback will be a reliable companion on the road for many years ahead.

Besides sedan, hatchback is also a popular car body type for its versatility and convenience. In this article, we will guide you how to choose a best used hatchback.

Which hatchback is the best? Hatchback of different car brands

There are many hatchbacks from different reliable car brands in the market so buyers have various options to choose a car that best suits their preference. Some of the brands include:


The American automaker offers several different types of the hatchback. If you look to buy a Ford hatchback, you can select from its hatchback models available such as Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo. Among them, the Focus and the Fiesta are the most popular ones thanks to their attractive designs, good fuel economy and satisfactory driving experience, according to users and car experts.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus


When it comes to Volkswagen, there is also a wide selection of hatchbacks for you to choose. If you're in the market for a used Volkswagen hatchback then the VW Golf and VW Polo are the best. Volkswagen Golf is a luxury compact car with the elegant interior design and very affordable price tag while the Volkswagen Polo is sporty, offering a more enjoyable driving experience which is suitable for exploring and discovering journeys.

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Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf


In general, all Nissan's hatchback models are renowned for their powerful engine as well as the safety guarantee. Nissan Primera, Micra, Qashqai and Note are some of the more affordable options for a used Nissan hatchback. Nissan Micra has a beautiful design in every of its detail. However, Micra is Nissan's smallest hatchback model, even smaller than the Note. Meanwhile, the Nissan Juke is the sportiest and Qashqai is designed and developed for European tastes and has a classy cabin, and can be compared to the Mazda CX-5 or Subaru XV.

Nissan Primera

Nissan Primera

Hatchbacks from other car brands

Vauxhall and Opels

Insignia, Astra and Corsa are 3 perfect choices from these brands. The Insignia and Astra are compact cars/small family cars, however, there are lots of space inside which comfortably fits 5 people. Corsa is a compact and stylish car model with the special two-door design. Vauxhall and Opel come in different colors: silver, blue, white, black or red...

Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall Astra, the flagship hatchback

Check the date of manufacture

Knowing when your car was manufactured is important. You can identify it by decoding the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which can be found on the dashboard on the driver's side.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Newer car models may be equipped with more modern features such as USB port for MP3 player, Bluetooth, but they will be of course more expensive than their previous models. However, the previous hatchback models will be the more appropriate option if you can’t afford to purchase their later ones, especially if modern features are not so important to you.

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Features needed on a hatchback

There are some common features that every hatchback should have. In general, must-have features for a safe, comfortable hatchback include important safety features and comfortable driving experiences such as airbags, air conditioning, power steering, leather seats, car remote key...

Some customers may require a hatchback equipped with up-to-date features which they can find in newer models of the hatchback. Some of the latest hatchbacks have rear radio systems and speakers, allowing backseat passengers enjoy music while on the move.

Evaluate and test drive

The inspection and test drive is the most important step to evaluate a used car. You can see the video below:

How to Check a Used Car Before Buying (Checking the Engine)

Besides, the inspection includes checking transmission, engine. You should check whether it is a hatchback with automatic or manual transmission and with gasoline or diesel engine.

Automatic or manual transmission

Automatic and manual transmission offer drivers different driving experience. A hatchback with the standard transmission or manual transmission is often cheaper than the automatic transmission, but an automatic one will offer a better experience.

manual transmission

      A hatchback with manual transmission is cheaper but offers less comfortable experience for drivers

Gasoline or diesel engine

An old gasoline-powered hatchback would cost less than diesel-powered one. However, if you prefer fuel efficiency and are an environment enthusiast, diesel-powered one is the best solution.

Where to buy a used hatchback

Since a car is an important investment, customers should consider buying the best used car at the best price.

Buying used hatchback from a dealer

There are many second-hand car dealers in Nigeria. However, a friendly, honest saleman will help you a lot in buying a used hatchback.

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Buying used hatchback online

The best places to buy used hatchback online is classified ad websites. The first step is to fill in the search blank “used hatchback” then narrow down the criteria by selecting car brand, car model, year of manufacture, type of engine etc.

You should carefully look through the listings, examine the photos, look for any sign of accidents, or find out information about the ex car owner to visualize the car's history.


Hatchback is a perfect combination of a stylish sports cars and a versatile SUV/minivan. A used hatchback is the ideal choice for people who want to buy a car but can’t afford a new one. With proper maintenance, a used hatchback will be a reliable companion on the road for many years ahead.

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