5 Electric cars for kids 2021! Check out the best electric cars for kids in 2021!


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Are you one of the Nigerian parents who have problems thinking of cars for kids? Then, you will get a sure thrill checking out the best of these electric toy cars for the little ones. Check them out now!


Many parents in Nigeria consider a perfect toy car for kids the tiny ones they push with their hands or use a remote control to drive. However, cars for kids technology has gone way beyond that, and in fact, there are electric cars or EV cars for kids right now.

Check out the latest cars for kids videos, and you will be wowed. You may even say the kiddie car industry is way ahead of the regular auto industry regarding EV cars because they have been doing this for a longer time.

Fortunately, when you buy a toy car for kids you are unlikely to face these problems of the 7 most problematic Tokunbo/Used cars for sale in Nigeria right now.

Anyway, what are the best electric toy cars for kids this year? Take a look at our 5 top champs below!

1. Ride-On Jeep

After taking considerable time deciding, the best car for the children of 2021 is the Ride-on Jeep, with its capacity of two children, its realistic details, and its three-speed system with parental commands for ultimate kiddie security.

If you are looking for an electric car for your child that can be used to face just about any situation and comes with all the necessary security and safety features, you can stop reading here. This jeep on the road has everything and no wonder it's a bestseller on the online store Amazon with nearly 3,000 positive reviews.

Before you say more about it, there is only one scenario for which we would not recommend this car, and that is interior (driving in the home) use. It's too big to be handled safely and comfortably inside,  unless you have a lot of space, of course. 

Otherwise, this jeep is absolutely great for your little precious. The quality of construction is excellent, and furthermore, it is equipped with a long -lasting 12V battery, which operates to give the best performance, safety and pleasure as well as speed of a car for children.

It also has adjustable seatbelts coupled with a 3-level-speed-system, making it is easier for your child to control their pace.

Because it also comes with a remote control, you can use it with younger children if you wish. The solid and spacious wheelbase and the accompanying chassis underneath contribute to render it a good, safe, and reliable option for your precious kids.

Extras? There is even an MP3 player on the dashboard, so your child can play their own melody while drag racing through the yard. The car is presented in black, blue, green, red, and white colours, so you can choose your child's favourite shades and colours.


Bigger is better with the Ride-on Jeep above

2. John Deere Ground Force

Do your children want to assist you in the garden? This John Deere tractor, complete with a trailer, would be ideal! It's made by Peg Perego, a high-end Italian company that also makes premium infant car seats with high safety ratings, so you can be confident in the car's efficiency.

Then there's the expression. This reproduction of a John Deere tractor is simply stunning!

The car is fitted with a plethora of useful features. It has two speeds and the ability to reverse, which most other cars for children lack. There's even an automatic braking system for added protection, wow, great, right?

The tractor's big wheels can comfortably navigate dense grass, sand, or small stones. As a result, your child will be able to comfortably follow you around the backyard., and the wide trailer is also useful for transporting lightweight gardening equipment or toys.

This will surely make the child feel that he or she is really helping!

The seat has seatbelts that can be adjusted, and flip-up armrests on both sides for some added protection. On the dashboard, there's also an FM radio to complete the look.


Let the kid become a fieldhand with the John Deere Ground Force

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3. Razor Dirt Quad

Check out this Razor-Dirt-Quad for kids aged 5 to 10 who like to feel rugged and relaxed behind the wheel. It surely is the most powerful ride-on model on our list, with a 24V battery. It should not be used with younger children; it is clearly too strong and dangerous for children under the age of five.

For school-aged girls, the Razor-Dirt-Quad is the best luxury ride-on vehicle as it can comfortably transport two children, or even a child and an adult, depending on their combined weight. A fully charged battery can comfortably drive for two days on a single charge.

The Razor-Dirt-Quad will go from the road to the beach or the woods thanks to its long wheelbase. Your child will be able to follow you almost anywhere.


The Razor-Dirt-Quad is for older, more rugged kids

4. Best Choice Ride-On

At times, the right hue is far more important as compared to everything else. If your current little one is a pretty little diva who would like nothing but pink, this can be the car made just for them. Made by Best Choice Products, the automobile is the best size for youngsters from 3 years all the way to 7 years.

Typically the one-seater comes together with plenty of little added features to distinguish it from the rest. For instance, it offers entrance and sides LED lights, engine noises, and even a genuine horn. You could also plug-in your current own music with all the AUX system outlet within the dashboard.

In terms of safety measures, typically the car comes together with a remote device for moms and dads as well as sturdy seatbelts. It’ also has a new 12V battery together with 2-speed levels.


The Best Choice Ride-On mixes style and performance for little princesses

5. GMC Sierra Denali

Buying a fun toddler automobile with adult styles? The GMC Sierra Denali for youngsters delivers with even more than just fantastic looks: with a new top speed of some 5mph with their 12V battery, this infant machine is one of the many speediest mini electric automobiles around.

With a couple of real doors, very realistic, glass-like windows, side-view look-through windows, and speakers together with MP3 connectivity, your happy child will end up being able to move wherever they need in serious kid-sized luxury.

This two-seater can take up to a total weight of 130 lbs inside its cabin, as well as its dimensions being a bit larger than the regular, smaller-sized children’s automobiles at 28 x 62 x 35 inches.

This tends to make the mini GENERAL MOTORS CO Sierra Denali fantastic for children 36 months and older, for proper use both indoors in addition to outdoors!

This is why this GMC Sierra Denali easily makes our list of the best toy pickup truck for kids.


At 5 mph your kids will positively fly with The GMC Sierra Denali

FAQs about toy cars

For those parents buying a child car for the first time, the below frequently asked questions will help.

1. Are there good safety features on electric cars for children?

There are several safety features about electric cars for children, including seat devices, spring suspensions methods, and parent remote control systems.

2. Just what kid-ages are ride-on cars for?

Ride-on cars are for youngsters ages 1-9, generally speaking; the specific era range recommended may vary per car. Check manufacturer's specs to be sure.

3. Exactly how much are the average cars for kids?

Child car makers are not always careful about the range of costs for these machines. From what we have seen, depending on the quality plus whether the vehicle is branded, a person may anticipate coughing out anywhere between $100-$300, that’s like ₦45,000 to ₦135,000.

4. What is the particular best power tyres for a 5-year-old kid or older?

The best tyres or car wheels for a 5-year-old or slightly older child should undeniably be the Power Wheels Dune Racer. It’s designed and engineered in order to roar on any and every road or surface.

5. Can children handle an electric toy car by themselves?

It's not advised that kids drive an electric car all by themselves. Parents should always be on standby, with the particular handheld remote control system, in order to be part of the experience, and drive or brake in case need be.

6. What age group are battery-powered vehicles for?

Battery-powered vehicles are for children between the ages of 1 and 9. Nevertheless, due to bodyweight variations and restrictions and security features, the particular age group range recommended will be different according to the car type.

7. Can the kids drive electrical toy cars through the home?

Kids may drive electric vehicles inside your home or house as long as there is certainly enough room with regard to them doing this, and precautions are usually taken around stairs and anything delicate within the house. It’s also a great idea to have an adult present always.

You may have missed other toy cars for kids in the past. Catch up with the video below.

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If I were a parent and wanted to get a car for my kid, or just a friendly neighbour is about to buy cars for kids near me, I would go with the above. You can also get some cars for kids Youtube style by checking out options on the site.

Remember you may also buy cars online even during this pandemic, yep, even kid cars too. So, you go ahead and get one of the above cars for kids for your little one. Remember to teach him or her to drive safely. Enjoy!

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