Easy instructions to detail your car interior before selling it


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It's a lot easy to sell a car with a clean interior for a higher price than a car stained or dirty upholstery, with dust and debris lurking at corners of seats.

Have you ever wonder, why a car with sound engine and guaranteed performance seem to be under-priced when trying to sell it as a used car? The reason might not be far-fetched as the neatness and how clean the car interior is, can be the appealing feature of the car or the lack of it.

Detailing a car or simply doing a though job of cleaning the interior might be the difference between a well-priced car and an under-priced one in a secondary market. Making out time to detail the cars interior, therefore, will be worth the investment especially when you’re about to put it up for sale.

Naijauto brings you the steps needed to successfully detail your car and to get rid of all the debris lurking in the corner of your seats and the stains on your car upholstery.

So if you’re ready, let’s dive in!

1. De-junk the car– simply pack out of the car!

Everything and anything that can get in the way of a thorough job should be cleared. Effects like trash, personal items, jumper cables, windshield wiper fluid that’s been knocking around your trunk, and floor mats. These are not a necessary or functional part of the car. So, trash the useless stuffs and retain the remainder of your personal stuff in the house. This will enable you do a thorough detailed job.


Junks and personal effects must go if you must do a proper detialing job!

2. Vacuuming – first things first!

A thorough vacuuming job should be the first point of call. Get out your vacuum or a more powerful shop vacuum will give you more cleaning power. You could also take it to the local car wash for a vacuum job. This is because car-wash facilities have more cleaning power and their vacuum cleaner sure does pack more vacuum abilities than your regular home vacuum cleaner.

Make sure to vacuum every nook, cranny, pocket, and crumb hide-out of your car seat. Do every part of the interior – driver seat, front passenger’s seat, rear seats and the trunks too. do a thorough job of vacuuming the interiors to get as much debris and crumbs as possible.

a-vacuum-cleaner-for-a car

Vacuuming your car of dust, crumbs and debris is the first step to detailing your car interior!

3. Shift the seats around!

Your car seats are equipped with mechanical features that make it easy to shift them forward and backwards. Put this feature to use while cleaning to get a positional advantage a clearer point of view to be able to get out as much of the dust and debris as possible while cleaning the interiors of your car. So shift them forward, backward and fold them up and down to clean everywhere including the seat rails.

4. Wet wipes – another essential touch!

Do not just use soapy water to begin to wipe plastics and the dash in your car, this might be too harsh for the soft plastics and fade it out quicker. Find a suitable general-purpose cleaning agent to do this, and they can be found even at the supermarket and any hardware store.

For leathers, there are special leather cleaners available, and these should be used to clean leather upholstery to preserve it. Make sure you take your time to do this to achieve the best results.

Also, do not dust after wiping, rather dust before wiping the interiors  as raising dust after wiping the interior of your car only gives you more work to do. Don’t forget to wipe in sections as this is more effective and will ensure that you touch every part of the vehicle interior.


Wiping every interior "wipeables" is a good way to restore the beauty and value of your car!

5. Hot water extractor?

Yes, a hot water extractor is quite worth the trouble especially if you have an upholstered car. You can always find out if you can rent it at your car-wash or if they can just help you clean your car upholstery with it. It is very good to remove stains from car upholstery and to make look new again.

For cars with leather upholstery, leather soap can also be used to clean the upholstery provided you oil it at the end of the cleaning with leather oils or with a leather protector to permanently remove stains and dirt.

6. Do not forget the trunk!

With the whole inside cabin all clean and squeaky, it is easy to forget the trunk as you’re satisfied with the job you’ve done inside. But the trunk is also very important because that’s where most of your stuff is stored while in transit. Even though it might be dirtier than the interiors of your car, taking time to dust and wipe it down can also increase the value of your vehicle. When putting it up for sale, a car buyer will usually look at every part of the vehicle. So, don’t neglect the trunk, clean it!


Your car trunk is also as important. Clean it up too!

Final take

That’s all folks! The detailing steps you need to get the value of car up in the secondary market as brought to you from the stables of Naijauto. With simple and straight forward procedures, this should be an easy task without the need for expensive cleaning tools. Adhering to these tips is sure to maximise the value of your car at the sales point.

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