Differences in owning a Mercedes Benz vs BMW in Nigeria


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Mercedes Benz vs BMW are the two most common German cars in Nigeria and there are key differences between them. Read on to discover.

Ever wondered where the phrase "German Machine" came from? While it is impossible to say for sure how it started, we just know that Mercedes Benz vs BMW is the car rivalry that heavily influenced the saying in Nigeria for only one reason.

The way these cars last long and perform excellently even in the worst driving condition made them the gods amongst cars. Lexus is trying to match up to the car manufacturers of German competition these days in the automobile industry but it can never just be the same. 


Forget about the one you prefer, read this article with an unbiased mind

We would be talking about Benz vs BMW in Nigeria today with special focus on the differences in owning a Benz vs BMW car in Nigeria since they are both the most common German cars that Nigerians often buy.

It was nice to see that there is a Mercedes Benz and BMW joint venture meaning the rivalry is a healthy one. Benz and BMW came together and created a Christmas video at the end of 2020 showing a peaceful friendship between the two brands.

At the end of this article, you would easily pick between any Benz vs BMW of your choice depending on what you want from the car. They are very similar; however, those simple differences go a long way in influencing your decision about the two cars.

A Brief History of Mercedes Benz vs BMW in Nigeria 

Mercedes-Benz is owned by Daimler-AG while BMW is owned by BMW Group and both brands have been in Nigeria since the early 1970s as the premium luxury vehicle and passenger car brands for Nigerian car buyers. Mercedes-Benz, however, has been the presidential choice of car for the Nigerian Government. BMWs in Nigeria is mostly owned by lovers of the brand for reasons you would find out today. 

You would find Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach cars which are subsidiaries of the Mercedes-Benz brand in Nigeria because Nigerians really love to ride in Benz cars.  

What are the differences between a Benz vs BMW in Nigeria?

We would be discussing this Benz vs BMW topic within 8 considerations. This would help you understand the differences better and easily make choice based on your needs.

Benz vs BMW Fuel Economy

Mercedes-Benz cars averagely consume more fuel than BMW cars because Benz has bulkier engines and build than BMW. The heavy engines of Benz cars make them consume more fuel than BMW cars.

What will happen is that when you drive a Benz vs BMW of the same category, you will be spending about ₦2,000 more weekly on fuel in a Benz compared to the BMW. The fuel economy difference is solely dependent on the weight of the car. However, Mercedes-Benz has started a lot of innovations like Bluetec, blue efficiency and others to reduce the fuel economy of their cars.

Sadly, there is no Benz or BMW car on the list of cars with the best fuel economy in Nigeria; however, Mercedes-Benz has been working so hard on making cars fully equipped with hybrid electric vehicle technology, 

Benz vs BMW Durability

Both cars are always built from high-quality materials but there is something about Mercedes-Benz quality of materials that puts it ahead of BMW. BMW is notorious for using a lot of plastic parts in its cars and this pisses a lot of BMW lovers off.


The perfect example of what we mean by BMW loves plastic 

Mercedes-Benz likes to satisfy its customers when it comes to the quality of build and you can tell when you ride in Benz vs BMW cars in Nigeria. You would rarely notice anything fallen apart in a Benz car but we can't say the same for a BMW.

Don't get this wrong, a BMW has a high-quality interior when you compare to a Toyota/Honda but in that space of the best quality car build, Mercedes-Benz beats BMW.

Mercedes Benz vs BMW Maintenance 

Okay so this is funny, both cars are expensive to maintain in Nigeria but one is easier than the other. There are a lot of Mercedes-Benz specialists in Nigeria and these days, you would see Mercedes-Benz cars being serviced/repaired by non-specialist mechanics because it is friendlier, unlike BMW. BMW is very difficult to maintain in Nigeria due to the shortage of well seasoned BMW technicians.

BMW is a car that requires the highest level of technical know-how for maintenance and repairs but we lack this in Nigeria. This is why you see a lot of abandoned BMW cars in mechanic workshops.


BMW plastic parts make the engines lighter but make it so unreliable in Nigeria

So when you want to consider how easy maintenance will be for the car you choose, just have it at the back of your mind that Mercedes-Benz will not stress you in Nigeria the way a BMW would. The hack of maintaining a BMW in Nigeria is to find a perfect technician for the car and things will be smooth.

Mercedes Benz vs BMW Parts Availability

Mercedes-Benz has more parts availability in Nigeria just because of how common it is. The parts are not cheap but widely available. BMW however doesn't have parts availability in Nigeria like Mercedes because it is not common.

There are dedicated parts sellers for BMWs in Nigeria but they sometimes hoard prices of parts when they know it is very scarce and you would have no choice than to buy at any point.

Good news is that we are in an era where you can buy anything from anywhere in the world using the power of online shopping. If it is a BMW you want, you can always buy your car's spare parts online when you need them.

Mercedes Benz vs BMW reliability

The first thing to know about the reliability of both cars is that they are both not as reliable as your everyday Toyota Corolla but one is better than one.

Reliability of a car is the ability of a car to never develop weird/strange faults at unprecedented times. This is what cars of Japan like Toyota Motor Company pride themselves with.

Sadly, in Nigeria, this happens to BMWs a lot because of the driving conditions they are subjected to. Mercedes-Benz cars are more reliable than BMW cars in Nigeria.

BMW is the one car that cannot be treated anything less than how the manufacturer wants you to treat it. A Mercedes-Benz is more reliable because, over the years, Benz has taken cues from reliable car brands like Nissan, Toyota, Honda e.t.c to make sure that their systems are a little less complex to avoid strange faults from coming up.

I have seen a lot of BMW cars just stop on the road because something broke, sparked or spoilt. This means it is safe to say that Mercedes Benz vs BMW reliability has Benz topping any day anytime across all models. 

Driving Experience (Mercedes Benz vs BMW speed)

Driving experience in Nigeria is divided into two parts in Nigeria. We have the comfort aspect and the performance aspect.

Mercedes-Benz is better than BMW in comfort while driving because of how most of their cars are built to please riders. This is why Benz has a luxury Van called the Sprinter dedicated to passenger comfort. 

Comfortable leather and interesting infotainment are available on almost every Mercedes-Benz today while BMW is more focused on performance for most of its models. This is why we can boldly say that Benz vs BMW speed comparison is won by BMW but weirdly, BMW does not compete in the Formula 1 race series while Benz does. 


You can see the BMW is ahead at this bend

BMW is the ultimate driving machine and it performs better than a Mercedes-Benz on the road. Talking about a car that can drive fast through bends, BMW beats Benz because they have lighter engines and overall lighter weight. This is why you see more BMW cars being used as drift cars than Benz.

Mercedes Benz vs BMW Upgrading

In Nigeria, you can easily upgrade a Mercedes-Benz while it is almost impossible with BMWs. BMW is not a car a lot of people like to upgrade because BMW doesn't change looks significantly from year to year and when the look eventually changes, it is always so different that upgrade body kits cannot be built for older models.


You would hardly see BMWs getting upgraded but Benz gets upgraded/facelifted alot 

The ease of upgrading Mercedes-Benz cars in Nigeria is awesome. You can upgrade a 2002 G wagon to a 2018 model easily.

Mercedes Benz vs BMW Social Status 

Mercedes-Benz gives you a higher social status than a BMW in Nigeria. In fact, you could be driving a 2005 Mercedes-Benz ML and you would be more respected than a man in a 2015 BMW 3 series.


From time memorial, Benz gives you a higher social status than Mercedes-Benz 

The three-pointed star just has a way of gassing up Nigerians on wealth. Mercedes-Benz is the other name for "wealthy" in Nigeria. At this point, you are wondering between Benz vs BMW price, which is more expensive in Nigeria. The Mercedes-Benz is more expensive because it has a higher demand than BMW.

Mercedes Benz vs BMW price in Nigeria has a very significant difference, especially as foreign used and locally used. The Mercedes Benz GLE vs BMW X6 is a perfect example of this. There is about 3 million naira difference between these two cars for sale as locally used in Nigeria.

The Benz vs BMW comparisons you can do today would be Benz S-Class vs BMW 7 series, Benz E-Class vs BMW 5 Series, Benz C-Class vs BMW 3 Series, Benz GLK vs BMW X3 Series and the Benz GLE vs BMW X5 Series.


The differences in owning a Benz and a BMW in Nigeria are now very clear. The question 'Benz vs BMW which is better' cannot be directly answered. If you are looking for a car that you want to drive like a sports car, most BMWs are your best bet but if you want a show car that has all the interior comfort in the world, Mercedes-Benz is a better option. There are also a lot of sporty driving Benz and very comfortable BMW cars too but these are the major differences between an average BMW and a Mercedes-Benz.

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