The 4 Dangers of Upgrading your car in Nigeria (Don't do these upgrades)


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Upgrading cars in Nigeria is a new culture that has definitely come to stay. However, here are some of the 4 Dangers of Upgrading your car in Nigeria!

Upgrading your car in Nigeria always sounds like a good idea because the obvious pros usually outweigh the cons but when you think deeply about it, Hmmmmm... It is not really what you think. Sometimes last year, we published an article that gave useful tips as regards the things you need to know about upgrading your car in Nigeria. Well, we have done another extensive research and we are back with enough information as regards the 4 Dangers of Upgrading your car in Nigeria. This article should give you adequate knowledge about the most dangerous car upgrades which you should totally avoid doing.


Mercedes-Benz Facelifted in Nigeria

4 Dangers of Upgrading your car in Nigeria 


Car upgrade is a compound word that means taking your car from an older year model and making it look like a newer year model based on appearance tweaks only. It could be exterior or interior appearance. People adopted this practice to avoid buying newer cars because even car manufacturers themselves do the same thing with cars like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Toyota Prado, Toyota Highlander and every Lexus model out there to mention a few. However, what many don’t know is that car manufacturers don’t just facelift to achieve a newer model, they also develop newer technologies to make these newer models better.

Here at Naijauto, we have carefully outlined below the common dangers of upgrading/facelifting your car here in Nigeria. We do hope you carefully consider the information below whenever you want to invest in upgrading your car. Read on!

1. Car loses its true value 

Whenever you upgrade your car in Nigeria, it automatically loses its value but you won’t know this till you are about to resell. 

Used cars in Nigeria get heavily scrutinized when a potential buyer comes to pick them up. Remember, not everybody likes facelifted cars. Not everyone wants to be seen in a “2012 car externally but 2005 internally car”


2007 Lexus upgraded to a 2014 model; the back now looks older than the front 

However, there’s a hack. Your facelifted car would lose its value very fast when the 'facelift' job is not properly done. Many Nigerian car dealers do this car upgrade in Lagos for cars they have on sale just to make buyers more attracted and it works. If you are going to facelift your car at all, make sure you do it very well. Some common cars that are affected by bad facelift procedures would be the Lexus RX 350, Lexus IS250 and the Toyota Prado.


Annoying gaps on the body of a badly facelifted Lexus SUV in Nigeria

Evident gaps and clearances just make the whole vehicle above look ugly. Also, such gaps can easily let water droplets into unnecessary parts of the car during rainfall.

2. The car becomes difficult to resell 

Just like we emphasized in point 1 above; when you upgrade your car in Nigeria, it doesn’t make it the type of car that people are searching to buy anymore. Believe it or not, some of the cars with the worst resale value can sometimes sell even faster than upgraded cars in Nigeria. With all honesty, Upgraded cars for sale in Nigeria won’t be the first option people are willing to pick except when they are also in love with the idea of upgraded cars too.

3. Your car is somehow permanently deformed 

When you upgrade a car beyond 8 years, many parts of the car has to be cut to accommodate the new parts.

A perfect example of this is when face lifting a 2008 Toyota Hilux to the 2016 model, a lot of cutting and welding goes on at the back of the car to accommodate the new bumper and light. Yes, most people don't know that such type of permanent deformation reduces the safety rating of your car potentially. 


Permanent Deformity under the beautifully-facelifted Toyota Hilux truck 

Asides from this, destroying something without finding a solution is never a good thing. When you put up this car for sale in Nigeria, some buyers will easily notice this deformity too. 

4. Car loses the chance to be a classic car 

Oh yes! you lose the chance to have a classic car many years from now. A lot of facelifted cars cannot be reversed no matter how hard you try. Even when you try to reverse it, those parts you cut would make it impossible.


Changing the screen of this Toyota to a newer one makes it lose its Toyota "Spirit"

If your car is supposed to become a high-value classic car in 10 years time, you can never claim that title for your car because it has been facelifted. Most classic cars of high value today are stock cars that have never been tampered with.

Upgrades you must not do to your car in Nigeria 

If you have considered all of the points we listed above and still wish to carefully upgrade your car, read this information below to be informed about some dangerous upgrades to avoid. This information should save you a little bit from the dangers of car upgrades or help you do the right one for your car.

1. Changing the dashboard of your car

Some people go as far as changing the full dashboard of their cars just to achieve the original interior look of the newer year model for the facelift. We need you to know that this is a very bad practice that has so many side effects.

When changing your dashboard, you tamper heavily with the onboard wiring system of your car and this might lead to a lot of error codes on your dashboard which means a very faulty car at the end of the upgrade. 


Scattered Dashboard is always hard to put back together

This phenomenon is common with Mercedes-Benz and Lexus cars that were subjected to a car upgrade in Abuja. Car owners want the same dashboard and cockpit as the newest model so the mechanics get to work by replacing the dashboard parts with the latest designs. It often doesn't end well as we have seen.

2. Major cutting of car parts

Always avoid car upgrades that require cutting the metal parts of your car. Any upgrade that requires your car chassis or another part of the Skeleton to be cut is usually a bad facelift for your car. Before getting carried away with the possible end result, remember the saying that you cannot put a good building on a bad foundation. Once the foundation is bad then there’s no point at all in the entire process. Also, when you cut a car's chassis or skeleton, you have reduced the safety rating of the car. In case of any accident, the car will not save you because you have sacrificed all that for looks. 

You can also watch this video below to learn more about car upgrades or tuning modifications to avoid.

Stupid tuning modifications that actually make your car WORSE!


Now you know why you shouldn't go about upgrading every car you buy because there are some dangers and downsides attached to doing so. As of the time of writing this article, all that you have read above are the top 4 Dangers of Upgrading your car in Nigeria. When we find other useful information on this topic, be rest assured that we will surely publish a sequel article. And having said that, make sure to keep visiting our website for more tips and advice on anything related to cars in Nigeria. 

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