Cotonou cars buying guide: advantages, buying steps & prices

Check out our complete Cotonou cars buying guide for its advantages, buying steps and prices, head to Cotonou with confidence and drive home your dream car!

It is not difficult to buy good Cotonou cars as you may think. What’s more, if you know the below basic steps of purchasing a car from Cotonou, you could totally take a good car without spending a lot of time.

Most Nigerians come to the Benin Republic’s economic center, Cotonou to buy themselves a used car. Because used cars here are much cheaper than in Nigeria, buyers have more chances to get an affordable tokunbo vehicle than in Nigeria.

Cotonou cars in a Cotonou car lot

Buyers have more chances to get an affordable tokunbo vehicle in Cotonou than in Nigeria

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1. Cotonou cars buying guide

Following these easy steps and you can totally purchase a good car from Cotonou without a hassle. Rest assured that these steps are completely legal.

1.1. Step 1: Research your desired car

Before traveling to Cotonou for your car purchase, you ought to research thoroughly to know exactly what type of car you would like to buy. Moreover, carry out a careful study of the average price auto dealers offer for used vehicles. You can check out online car retailers like Naijauto or Cheki for the price range.

A man is researching Cotonou used cars in

Before traveling to Cotonou for your car purchase, you ought to research thoroughly to know exactly what type of car you would like to buy

1.2. Step 2: Don’t bring a bag of cash with you

Put your money in a bank instead of carrying all your cash to Cotonou. Check if you can easily access the bank account when arriving in Cotonou. It is ideal if the account has internet banking register so you can transfer your money. Besides, don’t forget to bring some cash with you to pay for things you need like transport expenses during your traveling.

As soon as you arrive in Cotonou, firstly you need to convert your Naira into local currency, Cedis. Try to find a good Nigerian Bureau de Change in Cotonou to get a fruitful exchange rate.

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1.3. Step 3: Accompany an agent or an experienced person

You should have an agent from Nigeria or an experienced person to take you around Cotonou auto market. In case you could find an honest dealer in Cotonou to go along with you, it is also a good idea. This guy would help you find a good dealership store as well as inspect used cars in Cotonou. Anyway, it’s better if you have negotiating skill so you can save more money. As Naijauto mentioned above, thoroughly research the average car price before you go to Cotonou for the car purchase.

a man with an used Cotonou car

You should have an agent from Nigeria or an experienced person to take you around Cotonou auto market

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1.4. Step 4: Prepare the customs paperwork

After getting a profitable deal, the next step you need to do is prepare the customs paperwork. It takes about two days to have your customer papers been ready. You can do this step by yourself or use a customs clearance service.

A girl bought a used Cotonou car

It takes about two days to have your customer papers been ready

Naijauto hopes that with these guides, now you go to Cotonou with confidence and drive home a good car for good price!

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2. Cotonou cars prices

Please consult the table below for the Cotonou cars prices. Please note that prices of cars may vary depending on its mileage, neatness, engine strength, year of manufacture and other factors, so the real sale price of a car might be slightly above or below the stated ranges but Naijauto tried to have the price ranges as accurate as possible.

2.1. Toyota

Cotonou cars prices: Toyota   
Model Model year and Price
Toyota Corolla  2000 – 2002: N900K – N1.3 m
2003 – 2005: N1.5 m – N2.3 m
2006 – 2008: N2.4 m – N3 m
2009 – 2012: N3.5 m – N4.5 m
2013 – 2015: N5 m – N7m
Toyota Camry 1996 (Camry Orobo): N750K – N900K
1997 – 2001: N1.1 m – N1.4 m
2002 – 2006: N1.5 m – N2.3 m
2007 – 2011 (Camry Muscle): N2.7 m – N4 m
Toyota Highlander 2001 – 2004: N2 m – N3 m
2005 – 2007: N3 m – N3.7 m
2008 – 2012: N5.3 m – N7.5 m
2013 – 2015: N7 m – N10 m
Toyota Venza 2009 – 2012: N5 m – N8 m
Toyota RAV4 2006 – 2009: N2.5 m – N3.5 m
2010 – 2012: N4.5 m – N6.1 m
Toyota Sienna 2000 – 2003: N1.3 m – N1.7 m
2004 – 2007: N1.6 m – N2.7 m
2008 – 2010: N3.4 m – N5 m
2011 – 2012: N5 m – N6.9 m
Toyota Matrix 2003 – 2005: N1.7 m – N2.3 m
2006 -2008: N2.2 m – N2.8 m
2009 – 2012: N3.1 m – N4.4 m
Toyota Avensis 2000 – 2003: N1.2 m – N1.5 m
2004 – 2007: N2.1 m – N2.7 m
2008 – 2009: N3.3 m – N4.5 m
2010 – 2013: N5 m – N6 m
Toyota Avalon 2000 – 2004: N1.5 m – N1.95 m
2005 – 2008: N2.7 m – N3.4 m
2009 – 2012: N4.5 m – N6.7 m
Toyota Picnic 1995 – 2001: N1.35 m – N1.8 m
Toyota 4runner 2000 – 2002: N1.8 m – N2.2 m
2003 – 2005: N2.5 m – N3.2 m
2006 – 2009:  N3.5 m – N5 m
2010 – 2012: N7 m – N8.3 m
Toyota Hilux 2005 -2012: N2.7 m – N6 m
Toyota Yaris 2000 – 2005: N1.2 m – N1.9 m
2006 – 2010: N2 m – N3 m
2010 – 2012: N3 m – N3.75 m
Toyota Hiace 2004 – 2008: N2.7 m – N4.2 m
2009 – 2012: N4.4 m – N6.5 m
Toyota Tundra 2000 – 2006: N2.4 m – N3.6 m
2007 – 2012: N3.7 m – N7.2 m
Toyota Land Cruiser 2000 – 2004: N2.3 m – N2.7 m
2005 – 2007: N3 m – N4.5 m
2008 – 2012:  N7.3 m – N9 m
2014 – 2016: N10 m – N17 m
Toyota Prado 2002 – 2005: N3 m – N3.75 m
2006 – 2009: N4.5 m – N6 m
2010 – 2012: N7.4 m – N10 m
2013 – 2016: N11 m – N20 m
Toyota Tacoma 2000 – 2004: 2.2 m – N3 m
2005 – 2012: N3.1 m – N5 m
Toyota Sequoia 2001 – 2004: N3.3 m – N4.1 m
2005 – 2007: N4.2 m – N5 m
2008 – 2012: N6.5 m – N9 m
Toyota Previa 2001 – 2005: N1.2 m – N1.8 m
Toyota Prius 2004 – 2006: N1.95 m – N2.4 m

2.2. Mercedes

Cotonou cars prices: Mercedes

2.3. BMW

Cotonou cars prices: BMW

2.4. Honda

Cotonou cars prices: Honda

2.5. Lexus

Cotonou Cars Prices: Lexus

2.6. Nissan

Cotonou Cars Prices: Nissan

2.7. Peugeot

Cotonou Cars Prices: Peugeot

2.8. Volkswagen

Cotonou Cars Prices: Volkswagen

2.9. Hyundai

Cotonou Cars Prices: Hyundai

2.10. Ford

Cotonou Cars Prices: Ford

2.11. Infiniti

Cotonou Cars Prices: Infiniti

2.12. Kia

Cotonou Cars Prices: Kia

2.13. Land Rover

Cotonou Cars Prices: Land Rover

2.14. Mazda

Cotonou Cars Prices: Mazda

2.15. Mitsubishi

Cotonou Cars Prices: Mitsubishi

2.16. Acura

Cotonou Cars Prices: Acura

3. Cotonou used cars: advantages

Below are the reasons why buying used cars from Cotonou is much preferred by Nigerian car shoppers:

  • Cotonou has more foreign used vehicles from Europe and US than Nigeria
  • It’s cheaper to transport a vehicle to Cotonou than Lagos, and it is also cheaper to clear a vehicle here
  • Buyers could get more reliable and trusted vehicles easily in Cotonou.

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