Common car stereotypes - 7 Cars in Nigeria that serve only one purpose

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Do you know the common car stereotypes in Nigeria? We need to learn about them all by reading this article.

You see some cars in Nigeria, and you can easily tell what they are used for or who owns them because of the car stereotype that exists. These car stereotypes in Nigeria are what I am pointing out today so that when your car gets a certain type of attention/assumption, you will know why and where it is coming from.

Cars in Nigeria that serve only one purpose

1. Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is currently the most popular car in Nigeria for no other reason than that it is one of the best cars with good fuel economy, easy to maintain and has a good exterior/interior appeal. For these reasons, this car gets used very often as a cab-hailing service work machine.


The almighty Corolla E130 is one of the most common cars in Nigeria

1 out of every 7 hailing cabs in Lagos, Nigeria is a Toyota Corolla (9th generation). It is very possible that as an owner of this car, you will get people knocking on your windows when you park at public places because they think it's the cab they just ordered on an app. Below is a picture I took a while back showing 6 Corollas in various car colors one single frame at the same time!


6 Corollas in Lagos at the same time!

Sometimes, I start to wonder if the Toyota Corolla E120 was made only for Nigerians to buy but that is an ignorant assumption to make because this Toyota model is the best selling car in the world after taking the crown from the Volkswagen Beetle some years ago. The Corolla E120 in Nigeria ranges from 1,000,000 - 1,600,000 in the Tokunbo car market which is affordable based on the average prices of cars in Nigeria. This went out of production over 15 years ago, so it is impossible to still acquire a brand new one.

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2. Volvo 200 Series Station wagon

This car in Nigeria has no other function that to be used as a car for Ambulance and Mortuary services because of its Station Wagon body type that has enough space to carry humans in distress or corpses in transit. Though there are different car brands that also serve this purpose, Volvo is the ring leader. 


A Volvo 200 series with its monolithic shape

Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer that produces very durable cars and the fact that the 200 Series was manufactured between 1974 to 1993 makes it very cheap to acquire. The car has no special feature for its use in the medical line other than its ruggedness and reliability.


A 200 series conveying a corpse 

You would agree with me that it's very rare to see a broken down 200 series because of their simple drivetrain design. 

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3. Nissan Micra

This is the most stereotypical car on this list because it is confined to only Oyo State. The K11 Nissan Micra is the most common cab in Ibadan city and it feels like there are over 1000 of them living in the city of Brown Roofs. You would hardly find a different car brand other than Nissan being used for taxing in Ibadan city.


Nissan Micra in Ibadan (Source: Flickr) 

The Nissan Micra K11 is a compact Hatchback produced by Nissan between 1992 and 2002 with a small 1.4L inline 4 cylinder engine.


Nissan Micra (Source: Flickr)

The Nissan Micra in Ibadan carries 5 passengers surprisingly. 2 in the front seat and 3 at the rear which is illegal but has become a norm. The buses used in Ibadan for mass transit are very uncomfortable giving the Micras more patronage.


Uncomfortable buses in Ibadan (Source: )

4. Land Rover cars

Any Land Rover that is not being driven by a Nigerian Elite is definitely being used as a Towing service Truck because of its impressive off-road ability. The three models of Land Rovers used as Towing Vehicles in Nigeria are Defenders, LRs and Range Rovers and it's usually older models from the 90s and very early 2000s.


An old Range Rover (Source: Pinterest)

All that has to be done is to weld the towing devices to the chassis of the car and raise the ride height way up just to accommodate the towing devices in the car. These towing vehicles just drive around major highways in search of a broken-down car to rescue off the road charging an affordable amount for this service.


LR Towing truck in Nigeria (Source: Rentit)

Honestly, I think this trend will stop in the future because we now have specially built Towing Vehicles in Nigeria and also, Land Rover cars in production today would never be reduced to the level of being used as a Towing Vehicle.

5. Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

In Nigeria, the G-class is stereotypically a symbol of wealth and it amazes me a lot because The G-class has maintained only one shape since its inception and a lot of Nigerians still see every year model as a car only the wealthy can afford except the ones used as Towing Vehicles anyway.


G-wagon 2002 VS 2019 ...any difference?

Yes, the G-Class is expensive but we also need to know that some are very affordable. It just depends on how recent it is. Not every G-Class out there is out of the league of an average Nigerian. You also need to know that the G-Class is a car that can easily be facelifted from 2002 to a 2020 G-Class and from the picture above, we can see that the difference in the external appearance is very small. 

6. Heavily modified cars

The moment heavily modified cars are sighted on Nigerian roads, the first thing that pops up in the minds of onlookers is "FRAUDSTER!" "YAHOO YAHOO BOY" just because the car doesn't look regular. 


A heavily modified C63 Coupe 

A modified car can hardly pass a Police checkpoint without getting flagged because of the same stereotype of it being a fraudster or yahoo boys' car. It gets worse when the driver is young. Modifying a car can be very expensive and it seems like art only illegally gotten money can fund. But we need to know that Nigeria has a lot of car enthusiasts that set aside a lot of money to make their cars stand out with the car modification culture.

It's very sad how Nigerian car enthusiasts have to restrict themselves from modifying their cars because they don't want to be labeled fraudsters.

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7. Women's cars

Driving some cars as a man births a lot of questions like "is it for your wife?","is this your sister's car" etc because in Nigeria, there are some cars that have gender stereotypes. The design of these cars is somewhat feminine with perfect examples like the Hyundai Veloster, Kia Picanto, Honda Element, Nissan Jukebox, and some others. Men still drive these cars but it's very rare; the last time I saw a man rolling in a Veloster it was a gift to his mother.


The popular cars for women

There is also a color stereotype for these female cars. Bright /flashy car colors are easily attributed to women in Nigeria. Are there really cars for women ? well, it all depends on appearance and design.

Cars in Nigeria that serve only one purpose due to stereotypes
 Number Car model  Stereotype
 1  Toyota Corolla Cab-hailing service

 Volvo 200 Series

  • Volvo 240 Series
  • Volvo 260 Series
Ambulance and Mortuary
 3  Nissan Micra Cab-hailing service (Ibadan city)

 Land Rover cars

Towing service
 5  Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Symbol of wealth
 6  Heavily Modified cars Fraudsters
 7 Women's cars

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