Top 16 cheap SUVs in Nigeria priced ₦4 million or less


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If you are looking to buy an SUV but your budget is just ₦4 million or even less; we have got you covered in this article. Check out our top 16 picks of cheap SUVs in Nigeria for you!

The extra shipping cost and import duty that is usually incurred when purchasing brand new cars are one of the major reasons why most Nigerians prefer to buy Tokunbo/Foreign Used cars than new ones.

This also explains why our site here at Naijauto is packed with massive listings of majorly Foreign used and Nigerian used cars for sale in Nigeria.    

There is an increasing number of the Nigerian population that now prefer SUVs over sedans or coupe mainly because of the elegance, spaciousness and luxury SUVs provide as well as their drivability on bad Nigerian roads.

However, we have discovered that even with the varieties of Tokunbo/Foreign Used SUVs on the market, not everyone can still afford to spend huge amount of money on top-notch SUVs. This is why we are putting out this brief guide to list out some of the top 16 cheap and affordable SUVs in Nigeria you can buy with ₦4 million or even less.

1. Honda Pilot

Over the years, every single model of the Honda Pilot SUV has proven to be always rugged enough as a perfect fit for most Nigerian roads to date. The 2009 model is the most modern version that we are sure can be bought with just ₦4 million or less in Nigeria today.

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A Tokunbo clean 2009 Honda Pilot SUV can be acquired with just ₦4 million or less

However, if the lack of modern features doesn’t bother you then, you will surely get all of the older Honda Pilot models for much cheaper prices than its Toyota competitors.

2. Toyota Landcruiser

If you fancy the Toyota Landcruiser SUV and wish to own one, we are pretty much sure that you can get a 2001 model for as low as ₦3.5 million.


A 2001 model of the Toyota Landcruiser SUV is priced around ₦3.5 million

Most of the higher models of the Toyota Landcruiser like the 2016 version can get as high as ₦20 million in price on the Nigerian auto market.

3. Toyota RAV4

Many people aren’t aware that for as low as ₦3.5 million, one can get a 2008 model of the Toyota RAV4 SUV. And for just ₦2.5 million, the 2005 model is pretty much at reach while every other older model lower than the 2005 version is well affordable below ₦2.5 million.

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A ₦3.5 million budget can get you a 2008 model of the Toyota RAV4 SUV on the Nigerian market

4. Honda CR-V

You can get a 2009 model of the Honda CR-V SUV for ₦3.5 million on the Nigerian auto market and even for as low as ₦1.9 million, you can get a 2004 model if you want. The 2001 model is also moderate and more affordable at just ₦1.6 million.

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A 2009 model of the Honda CR-V SUV is priced around ₦3.5 million

5. Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner SUV is more of a timeless vehicle whose price usually varies year by year. Currently, the 2007 model cost around ₦3.7 million while every other higher model cost a bit over the ₦4 million thresholds.

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₦3.7 million budget can get you a 2007 model of the Toyota 4Runner SUV in Nigeria

6. Acura MDX

Believe it or not, the Acura MDX SUVs are more affordable than most of their competitors on the Tokunbo auto market. Having a budget of just ₦3.5 million is already more than enough to acquire a 2007 model of this SUV while older models such as the 2004 version go for as low as ₦1.8 million.

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A 2007 model of the Acura MDX SUV cost ₦3.5 million on the Nigerian market

7. Ford Escape

This is one of the cheapest American SUVs on the Nigerian auto markets that can fit into a ₦4 million budget.

You can become a proud owner of a Ford Escape 2012 model with just ₦3.8 million and every of its older models just falls below that price as well.

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You can own a 2012 model of the Ford Escape SUV for as low as ₦3.8 million in Nigeria

8. Ford Edge

This is the second-best American SUV that we guarantee to be affordable within a ₦4 million budget.

You can purchase a 2008 model of the Ford Edge SUV for as low as ₦3.2 million.

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You can get a 2008 model of the Ford Edge SUV for just ₦3.2 million in Nigeria

9. Lexus RX300

Don’t be surprised that a budget of just ₦1.9 million - ₦2.3 million is enough to own a clean Lexus RX300 SUV model that you like.

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You can own decent Lexus RX300 SUV model in Nigeria if you budget between ₦1.9 million - ₦2.3 million

10. Lexus RX 350

With a ₦4 million budget, you can own a beautiful 2008 Lexus RX 350 SUV model. But, any other higher models than 2008 will definitely cost you more.

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A ₦4 million budget is perfect for every model of the Lexus RX 350 SUV from 2008 downwards

11. Lexus RX330

A 2009 Lexus RX330 SUV model is still very much affordable with a ₦4 million budget while every other lower model than 2009 fits well below that price threshold.

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A ₦4 million budget can get you a 2009 Lexus RX 330 SUV model or older ones

12. Nissan Xterra

The Nissan Xterra is one of such affordable SUV that you will hardly see Nigerians opting for. Reasons being that many owners have complained over the years that the SUV has a horrible fuel economy and its engine makes too much noise.

But if you don’t mind considering this SUV then, you can get its 2005 model for as low as ₦3 million or even less while the 2004 model falls in the ₦2 million price range.

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Nissan Xterra SUVs are very much affordable in Nigeria but many people hate their fuel economy and engine noise

13. Toyota Sequoia

₦4 million can get you a Toyota Sequoia 2006 model but if you still desire something lower then, you can get a 2001 model of the SUV for around ₦2.2 million.


A 2006 model of the Toyota Sequoia fits within a ₦4 million budget while the older models are even cheaper

14. Nissan Pathfinder

You will pretty much get every model of the Nissan Pathfinder SUV from the 2009 model and below with a ₦4 million budget.


Every model of the Nissan Pathfinder SUV from the year 2009 and below fits within a ₦4 million budget

15. Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada is one physically huge but affordable SUV on the Nigerian auto market. With a ₦4 million budget, you can get a 2008 model of the Nissan Armada SUV as well as every other older model.


A 2008 model of the huge-looking Nissan Armada Sequoia fits well within a ₦4 million budget

16. Mercedes-Benz ML350

If you are a Mercedes fan but only have a ₦4 million budget then, your best bet is a 2006 Mercedes-Benz ML350 model.

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A 2006 model of the Mercedes-Benz ML350 SUV is a perfect match for a ₦4 million budget


At this point, we believe you should be able to pick interest in one or two of the above-listed top 16 cheapest SUVs in Nigeria that you can easily buy with ₦4 million or less on!

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