7 cars that best Air conditioning systems that can tackle Nigerian sun perfectly


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There are cars with advanced air conditioning systems that make cooling in the car way better.

With the way the sun in Nigeria bites your skin on most days of the year, don't you think it is crucial to have a car that has a functioning air/conditioning system? Yes it is. With the new vehicle technology, gone are the days when air/conditioning in cars always consumes a significant amount of fuel. Automakers have perfected the art of air/conditioning in cars today, and it is only right that I tell you about best cars with advanced air conditioning technologies today.

Almost all new cars today with air conditioning will never disappoint you as long as it works but there are some cars with amazing air/conditioning features and that is what I am telling you about today. With 'no long yarning' let us get into the top 7 brands of cars with the best air conditioning system to tackle Nigerian sun. So, when next you want to buy a car for family and commercial purposes you would know the perfect one to get. 

7 cars with the best air/conditioning automotive technologies :

1. Mercedes-Benz W205 C-Class


The ideal big boy/girl car in Nigeria right now

When the automatic control system is switched on, it activates a system called the 'AIR BALANCE PACKAGE'. This makes it possible for the air/conditioning system to produce various fragrances that just match the mood of the car at that point. The fragrance container is located in the glove compartment and when it finishes, you can replace it with different selections of fragrances you want.


Yep! that's it on the glove compartment

There is also a function that ionizes the oxygen in the car just to make sure you as a driver or passenger has a fresher air to breathe with. With this, you have no need for a fragrance in the car that eventually chokes you. Mercedes has provided an almost natural fragrance together with an air controller that ensures fresh scented air in the car at all times. 

Benz technology has clearly moved fast from just the 4-Matic all-wheel vehicles to more needed innovations. This function was first available on the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class but now you have it on the E-Class, S-Class, GLE-Class, GLC-Class and some others.

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2. Acura RDX

The new Acura RDX doesn't just have a dual-zone automatic climate control system. It also packs a GPS controlled air/conditioning system. This system has a solar sensor that measures the exact location of the sun intensity in the car then adjusts the airflow to give the sunny side more cooling than the shady side just to balance the cool air temperature of the car.


The Acura has never been widely popular in Nigeria but it is a great brand

With this system in place, one part of the motor vehicle would not be cooler than the other because of the sun rays during the day. This kind of air/conditioning system is what Nigerians need to have in their cars. It is an Acura, not a Lamborghini, it is one of the cheapest SUVs you can buy in Nigeria today!

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3. Toyota Prius


Prius is one of the best cars for good fuel economy in Nigeria

Everyone shames the Prius because it is slow and hybrid but I will say it anywhere that the Prius is the best car for any Nigerian that wants to spend way less money on fueling a car.

Now, the Prius is not only a fuel-saving car but also an advanced technology car based on air/conditioning. From 2015, the Toyota Prius featured a solar roof panel that powers a ventilation system that keeps your car cool at all times. When the temperature in your car surpasses 68 degrees, an electric fan comes on and draws in air from outside, cools the air and circulates it through the cabin of the car. Toyota knows the Prius is mostly a commercial/family-oriented purpose vehicle and it needs to be comfortable at all times.


Even rain cannot harm the roof panel

It also has a feature on the remote that can power the air/conditioning system for 3 minutes to cool the car before passengers enter the car. This feature is for Prius owners that have babies and toddlers that need to be comfortable at all times. So, when loading the baby in the car the AC would already be working even before you start up the car and drive off. Mind you, the Prius is one of the cheap cars you can buy today. Are you still looking for where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria? Naijauto.com was created for just that one purpose!

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4. The new generation Mercedes-Benz Convertibles 


Driving convertibles is very cool until rain starts falling haha 

Driving a convertible car is all fun until the cold wind from the air you are breezing through starts to freeze you up or the Nigerian sun starts to bite your neck. This is why Mercedes-Benz invented the 'AIRSCARF' system that warms you up whenever the car starts to speed up when the top is down.

The system is located around the headrest and back of the front seat area of the car. The neck area of the driver and passenger has vents that just begins to warm up according to the speed of the car and the temperature of the air around the car. This means that when the air is hot, the air scarf will now cool your neck. This feature is available in the C300 convertible, E400 and E550 convertible, S550 convertible, S65 and S63 convertible and the SLC300/SL450/SL550.


Can you see the vents around the neck area?

Mercedes-Benz as a major player in the automotive industry has clearly moved fast from just the 4-Matic all-wheel vehicles to more needed innovations like this.

5. Kia Optima EX 


The Kia Optima EX is worth more than the price 

From 2016 till present, the Kia Optima EX trim is not a luxury car, but then it has a heated/cooling leather seat option for the EX trim, and this just doesn't stop there. The heated seats can circulate cool air beneath the seat leather, and this gives driver and passenger a relaxed and comfortable ride that won't be expected from regular land vehicles. The Kia Optima is one of the cheapest cars for sale today in the mid-size sedan category.

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6. Honda Odyssey 


The major competitor of  the Toyota Sienna in Nigeria

The Odyssey is a family van and yes, it is expected to have a dual cooling zone but guess what? The 2016 and above Odyssey has a tri-zone air conditioning system with humidity control. The 3 rows of the seats from the driver to the back can have different levels of air conditioning based on preference. Once again, cars of Japan proving themselves. That is awesome!

The second-row centre console also has a refrigerated cool box passenger to keep road drinks but it is available only in the EX-L trim. So if you are looking for the perfect car for that road trip, say no more as the Odyssey is here to make your Odyssey worth it. Keep in mind that Honda cars are one of the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria.

7. Volvo XC90


Volvo is one of the makes of cars that went extinct in Nigeria. However, Volvo has been making a come back to the Nigerian auto market with its sporty looking flagship S sedan line and also the flagship XC SUV line. The new Volvo XC90 has taken the air/conditioning technology of the automotive industry to a level no one has reached yet.


Can you see the two separate temperature settings at the rear?

This car is an SUV that has a four-zone climate control system for the first two rows of seat. Despite being in the same vehicle, the 3 passengers and the driver can independently choose the level of air conditioning they want to feel. It doesn't sound real but yeah it is true. It also has a third-row cooling zone making it one of the off-road vehicles that will still give you ride comfort.

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We can't neglect that many things are changing positively with cars, leaving car arguments like 'manual vs automatic; which is cheaper' little relevances. 

Air conditioning has gotten better across all car models being produced today while some just have amazing technologies to make the ventilation system better and purposeful. You don't have to break the bank for the cars I listed here maybe except the high-performance Mercedes-Benz convertibles. Just tell your car dealer to get you one these top 7 affordable car brands with best air conditioning system to tackle Nigerian sun.

When buying used cars and secondhand cars, always make sure the air/conditioning system is working perfectly so that you don't get to sweat even when the A/C is on. 

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