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The Bluetooth connectivity luxury doesn’t easily come for most old model cars. Let’s check out some easy alternatives to your Bluetooth connectivity!

Just like technology is evolving, it seems every other industry evolves with it. The automobile industry is not left out in this evolution as newer, better and more advanced features are being added to newer car models to make for a more comfortable riding experience.

Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports are now standard features in every typical modern day car. If you own a car that is a recent model with these features, you don’t know how lucky you are that you can comfortably have your smartphone connect automatically to your car’s audio system. That is a luxury that doesn’t easily come for most people with old model cars.

If you own an old car with an out-dated audio system, and would love to stream your favourite music while on the road, do not worry, all hope is not lost for you. The situation could be easily salvaged. The good news is that the price for Bluetooth equipment is not as high as it used to thus, you can easily afford to buy an external one and add it to your car.

Let’s check out some easy alternatives to car Bluetooth connectivity problem, suggested by Naijauto.com!

1. Bluetooth receiver/ Adapter

This is practically one of the easiest, quickest and most common way of adding Bluetooth to your car’s radio system. When compared with other alternatives, it is also the cheapest way. With this device, you can connect your phone to the Bluetooth receiver and stream your music or audio to it. These Bluetooth receivers operate with an in- built battery system that can also be recharged by USB. They are either 12V- powered, battery- powered or USB- powered.

Bluetooth adapters come with different connectivity options and are designed to work in virtually any car model. Some of the available options are:

  • Connecting through Aux-In jack

Check and find out if your car has an in- built aux-in port. Most cars have it, even the old model cars. It is usually located on the centre console or audio head. The port has an appearance of a headphone jack and performs the major function of connecting an external device such as your smartphone or an MP3 player directly to the car’s audio system it does this connection using a 3.5 mm audio cable.

If you don’t feel like using the wire and want to bypass it, you can purchase a Bluetooth to aux-in adapter that can directly connect to the audio in jack. As it is a direct connection, the audio tends to sound better than the FM transmitters.


If your car has a built in Aux port the this Aux bluetooth option is a good bet.

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  • Bluetooth adapter with the FM transmitter

If your car doesn’t have an auxiliary port, then the next option is to go for the FM transmitter. The modern day FM transmitter comes with a Bluetooth receiver instead of streaming audio to stereo through the auxiliary cable; this device broadcasts it over an open user- specified FM radio frequency. You only have to tune your stereo to the right frequency so as to hear the audio.

One advantage of the FM transmitter is that it does not require wires. Since signals from Bluetooth are transmitted over FM frequencies, then there is no need to inconvenience yourself by hanging wires around.


One advantage of the Blue tooth FM transmitter is that it requires no wires

The downside to it is that it usually has weak signals with a poor audio quality and occasional radio interference. However, there seems to be an upgrade as regards these problems with the recent models.

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  • Bluetooth cassette adapter

A car without an auxiliary port is at least likely to have a cassette player. If that is the case with your car, another option for you might be to go for a Bluetooth cassette adapter. It is inserted in the tape slot of your car’s stereo just like a typical cassette. Some of the cassette adapter models come with an in- built microphone that you can use for wireless calls.


Some of the bluetooth cassette adapters come with an in-built microphone that you can use for calls

2. Bluetooth-enabled audio head units

This looks like the best option both in terms of functionality and clear sounds but then having to replace the entire audio head unit with this Bluetooth capable one makes it the most expensive.

Aside from the price of the audio head itself, you need the help of a professional to effectively make this installation and that would definitely add to the expenses.

The advantage of going with this option however is that you get to choose the features you desire. Also, higher end units can combine and form compatibility with your smartphone’s audio streaming apps, hands-free features and even text messaging.


The Bluetooth Audio head unit has a lot of features you can choose from while driving.

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3. Stand-alone Bluetooth systems

This speaker system is another easy way that you can add Bluetooth to your car. They have built- in mics and speakers that function independent of the audio system in your car.

Since they are standalone, they are easily mobile thus; you can move them from one car to another. Their features include a suction with which you can mount them to your car’s windshield and even clips. You can place them in any position that suits you in your car. They can be charged either via USB or an in- built solar panel.

Basically, an Auxillary, USB and external bluetooth unit can be connected to your car if you do not have factory fitted bluetooth command. All three options have wireless models. For instance, you car use an auxillary bluetooth unit connected to your phone via bluetooth and it send signal to the Aux and then to the car's system. Same goes for the USB unit. Best you check your car and know what unit would be easiest to install.

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Okenwa Emeka

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