Car dealers in Nigeria: 5 best car dealers and 5 things unscrupulous dealers hide from you


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So you are looking for a car dealer in Nigeria? Check out the list of 5 best car dealers in Nigeria and 5 things unscrupulous dealers hide from you.

When it comes to car purchase, one of the first things to consider is where to make it: from an individual seller, a car auction or a car dealer? In the last article, we have discussed pros and cons of buying cars from dealers, but even you have decided to patronize a dealer for your future car, there are a lot of processes involved rather than simply walk into a random car sales points, point at one car, hand the cash and take the key, and happily drive home the desired car. No, it just does not work like that.

There are tons of car dealers in Nigeria, but since cars aren’t shirt or shoes that if it doesn’t fit, you can just return it for a better one or claim for a refund.

With that in mind, we have collected the best car dealers in Nigeria and 5 things dishonest ones want to hide from you. Let’s check it out. 

1. List of best car dealers in Nigeria

1.1. Best car dealer in Nigeria #1: Carmudi

Carmudi is an online car dealer providing high-quality cars of various brands, prices and sizes. Carmudi probably has one of the widest car collections and best customer services.


1.2. Best car dealer in Nigeria #2: Cheki

Cheki is among top car websites. Since they are like an outsourcing firm for car dealerships, no wonder they provide an astonishingly wide range of car body types and brands. You can find cars with acceptable prices on Cheki and they do verify their cars.


1.3. Best car dealer in Nigeria #3: Affordable Cars

If your top priority when buying a car is price then try visiting Affordable Cars. What makes Affordable Cars stand out is they don’t sacrifice quality for price, so you can still find a decent car with limited budget.   


1.4. Best car dealer in Nigeria #4: Elizade

Elizade is known for its huge number of Toyota cars so if you are looking for a car of a brand other than Toyota, do check them out, but if it is a Toyota car you seek, you probably wouldn’t need to go anywhere else


1.5. Best car dealer in Nigeria # 5: Naijauto

Naijauto interface

Naijauto is the leading portal for automotive classified ads in Nigeria

Naijauto is the leading portal for automotive classified ads in Nigeria. It employs a powerful design, friendly interface and highly intuitive features so the buying process will be simplified and user experience will be optimized. Users will have immediate access to an extensive database of almost 300,000 cars for sale and 1500 new listings updated each day. supports multiple platforms including web, wap and mobile app, thereby allowing users with an Internet connection to access vehicles information on any device. Besides, have the most dedicated customer support staff who assist customers with answering inquiries within 24 hours.


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2. Car dealers in Nigeria: 5 things unscrupulous dealers hide from you

Known for the ability to turn a heavily damaged car to a like-brand-new looking one, unscrupulous car dealers in Nigeria have all the shiniest cars to the average eyes, both tokunbo and Nigerian used, but a trip backstage can make you dumbfounded. Following are the biggest things that they never tell car shoppers.

1.1. Accident-damaged cars

Obviously, car dealers always tell buyers that their cars are in a very good condition and clean without any blemish or scratch. But when you recognize some signals showing the car has been repainted, they will immediately change their tone and palliate that was just only a minor scratch made during transportation. This is often a whopping lie, the car likely got damages due to an accident. You may have known that most imported cars in Nigeria are purchased from auctions selling a huge number of damaged cars. This is not a big problem because sometimes, some damages are minor inconsequential.

However, some sellers prefer to buy heavy damaged vehicles because they are sold at a very low price like scrap, then they will repair and sell them as fairly used ones for unsuspecting Nigerians. One useful tip for tokunbo car buyers is checking the car’s airbags for removing or the suspensions for being patched up, if they had, the vehicle could have gone through an accident.

Car buyers and car sellers checking an accident-damaged car 

Obviously, car dealers always tell buyers that their cars are in a very good condition and clean without any blemish or scratch

Should You Buy A Used Car That Has Been In An Accident?

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1.2. Flooded cars

There are some clear signs to recognize a flooded car. If your car shows one of the following signs then it is very much likely that your car has suffered a flood before:

  • The radio system refuse to obey your control of reducing or increasing the volume
  • You want to turn on/off the radio but the air conditioner shut down instead
  • The reverse camera operates whenever you start the car engine
  • Your vehicle brings you a number of annoying pranks

A flooded car

Buying a flooded car is such a risk

On the other hand, these cars are great attractions for dealers who always want to get as much profit as they can because the cars are sold at the auction with very cheap prices. The dealers will have their own tricks to fool your eyes and not let you know their car was flooded. One of the easiest ways to know is checking the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), particularly the Carfax VIN.

Buying a flooded car is such a risk as in fact, some owners have spent over a year with a big sum of money for their car maintenance without having any chance to drive it.

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1.3. Rolled back mileage

If you want to know how long the car has been used and how far it has gone, check its mileage! That is why many car dealerships tampered the odometer of the vehicle to roll back its mileage and fool the car buyers.  Once when I checked a used car to buy, its history report showed that the car's mileage was 403,000 kilometers but as looking at its odometer, the mileage was 80,000 kilometers. For sure, you know what happened, right? 

An old car on the yard

 Many car dealerships put some change in the odometer of the vehicle to roll back its mileage and fool the car buyers

1.4. How much they make on each car

In fact, some cars are sold at very low prices, especially when they have been in the garage for too long. It is also true that car dealerships can earn from ₦200,000 to ₦700,000 on a Toyota 2006 model and even more. But no matter they can earn, they will always tell purchasers that they can make only ₦50,000 on every car. If you give them a great pity, you will easily fall into their trap.

1.5. Unpaid import duty

Excessive import taxes in Nigeria, high levels of corruption and our porous land borders have led to a number of smuggled cars entering the country. Unfortunately, these vehicles will not be seized from the sellers but they will be seized from the final purchasers who don’t know that their cars were smuggled. Luckily, Nigeria Custom lately introduced a verification process that allows buyers to confirm whether the vehicle's duty has been paid or not.

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