Top 10 best car battery chargers in Nigeria


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If you need to make a decision from a careful selection of car chargers, then our top 10 picks of car chargers are all you need. Check them out now!

Car battery chargers in Nigeria have become essential these days, especially as smartphones and other digital devices have become important parts of our daily lives. These days, everyone seems to be inseparable with their mobile devices and thus can not bear the thought of their devices running out of charge. Thus, the car battery charger in Nigeria has become understandably very important.

In Nigeria though, every car seems to have one, even the taxi drivers and Keke Napep riders. But the big issue now is, how do you choose from the unending choices of car chargers in Nigeria? To make a choice let me take you through a car battery charger guide or what we call the car battery charger tutorial that will highlight things like car battery charger price in Nigeria and other car battery charger information you must consider before making a choice.

Car Battery charger information you must consider

  • Fast charge: You should consider if your choice is able to charge your phone up to full charge within a considerably short period. 
  • Is it compatible with a wide range of USB charged devices?
  • Price for car battery charger
  • The number of ports available.
  • The power rating of the charger.
  • Safety features: Does it offer protection for issues like overheating, overcharging, or short-circuiting?
  • Durability: It should be able to last long with the utmost performance rating.

Car battery chargers and prices in Nigeria

1. Omni high (₦7,800)

This car charger manufactured by Omni electronics is surely a good bargain for the money. The authentic models of this charger cost about ₦7,800 only but you can easily get cheaper versions of this product on Jiji for as low as ₦1250 only. The Omni built charger is designed such that it stops charging the moment your device's battery gets to full charge. Thus it comes with inbuilt protection for overcharging while also guarding against overheating and any possible excess voltage events. Though there are reasons why you must not charge a new battery before usage, however, any new battery you buy is in safe hands with the Omni high charger.


Prices of the Omni car charger varies depending on the charger quality


  • The Charger comes with Dual Port USB.
  • The Omni car charger is easily compatible with various devices.
  • It also comes with two USB Ports.

2. ROAV smart-charge halo (₦7,750)

This is one of the many smart car chargers from Anker. This one is the ROAV smart charge Halo and goes for as much as ₦7750 excluding shipping charges. But rest assured that you can easily get cheaper options on Jiji and Jumia.

This smart car charger from Roav offers high-speed charging and other smart functions. All you have to do is just plug the ROAV smart charge Halo to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and the rest is history. This car charger offers rapid electrical charge delivery across the 3 USB charging ports.


The Roav smart charge Halo comes with 3 dedicated USB ports 


  • It comes with 3 USB charging ports.
  • One of the three USB ports is a Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 port.
  • The remaining two USB ports are dedicated PowerIQ ports with voltage-boost technology.

3. Oraimo bullet pro (₦5,500)

This is the first of several Oraimo-built car chargers we are recommending for you. The Oraimo Bullet Pro comes with Oraimo's smart fast charging technology, which, the company says, supplies as much as 3.4 amp of full-speed charging to your mobile device. The car charger comes with two dedicated USB ports, each rated about 18w in terms of power output from a constant current source. It also offers advanced safety features that help mitigate overheating, overcharging, and protects against electric voltage surge and against the battery exploding.


  • Two USB ports with a power rating of 18w each.
  • It comes with protection for overheating, overcharging, and power surge.
  • Comes with fast charge technology.


The Oraimo Bullet Pro comes with two fast-charge USB ports

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4. Oraimo BT roadster car charger (₦6,500)

The Oraimo BT Roadster car charger is a solid piece that offers both power and communication options on the road. The Oraimo BT Roaster comes with a dedicated port for charging your wireless earpiece. It also offers 2 standard USB ports with a current supply rating of 2.1 amp and 1.0amp respectively. The dedicated port for the wireless earpiece comes with a magnetic dock for easy charging while the standard USB ports supply combined power output of about 15.5 watts.

The BT technology makes sure the Oraimo Roadster is compatible with a wide range of digital devices and mobile phones from android to ios powered devices.


The Oraimo BT Roadster comes with a dedicated dock for a wireless earpiece


  • It comes with the BT technology, which makes it compatible with almost every device
  • Both USB ports have a combined power output of 15.5 watt
  • It comes with a dedicated magnetic dock for the charging of wireless earpiece
  • The standard USB ports are rated 2.1 Amp and 1.0 Amp respectively
  • Power input requirement is set at DC 12/24V

5. Baseus dual USB car charger (₦5,050)

Baseus builds some of the best and most affordable car chargers. But this Dual USB Car Charger that comes with Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge protocol. This car charger costs just about ₦5050 with an extra shipping cost of just ₦1035 from AliExpress. But I'm very certain you can find cheaper and less authentic copies of this car charger on Jiji and other stores across the country. Both USB ports can offer an amazing combined power output of 45 watts and pumps as much as 6 Amp of electric charge to your device. These specs surely confirm its quick charge ability which is surely good for battery life.


This charges dual USB ports offer a combined power of about 45 watt


  • It comes with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 protocol
  • It offers a maximum power output of 45 watts
  • It also comes with intelligent real-time voltage monitoring and intelligent charging control feature

6. Vano USB car charger (₦4,100)

This is one stylish looking USB car charger and comes with 3 USB charging ports. There is even a different model from Vano that offers 4 USB charging ports, so you decide on which to go for. But you should know that the 4-USB-port charger costs more than the 3 Port charger which you can get on Amazon for about 4100 only. Vano is compatible with all mobile devices, be it iOS or Andriod-powered. It also comes with a safety design that allows it to mitigate overheating, short-circuiting, excess voltage, as well as overcharging.


Vano car charger comes with 3 USB charging ports  

7. Necktek USB car charger (₦9,500)

Necktek USB car charger comes with the Nekteck Quick charge 3.0 technology of which Necktek says, charges 80% faster for compatible devices, and takes just 35 minutes to get to 80% battery charge for compatible devices. The car charger supplies about 36 watts of electric charge across both USB ports. 


car battery charger images of the Necktek USB car charger 


  • It comes with the auto-stop feature when full charge is reached to help mitigate overcharging.
  • It is built with fire-resistant materials.
  • Its quick charge features make sure you get an 80% battery charge in just 35 minutes.

8. RAVPower turbo car charger (₦5,500)

The RAVPower turbo charger's two USB ports supply as much as 18 watts of power to every device plugged in and comes with protection for overcurrent, overcharging and overheating. It can simultaneously charge two devices across both USB ports at full speed. The RAVPower turbo car charger costs about ₦5500 excluding shipping cost, but you can be sure to find cheaper options at stores across the country.


The RAVPower turbo car charger costs about ₦5500


  • It comes with protection against overcharging, overcurrent and overheating.
  • It supplies 36 watts across both USB ports.
  • It is compatible with virtually every USB charged mobile device.

The output is 6.5V, 3A for each port. No need to drag for space when the family is going out with the need to charge a phone, RAV power adapter comes with 4 ports and QC3.0 fast charge technology.

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9. Hussell car charger (4500 – 6,000) 

This Hussell car charger comes with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology that supplies a much as 5.4 Amp of electric charge to your device while the 2 available USB ports supply about 30 W of electric current The charger comes with an electric surge protector and temperature regulator that makes sure cases of short-circuiting, overcharging, and overheating do not exist.


Hussel car charger comes with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology


  • It comes with universal compatibility with various devices from iOS to Andriod.
  • It offers protection against overcharging, over-current over-charging, and overheating.
  • It also comes with intelligent adaptive technology.

10. Maxboost 2 ports (5,500)

The Maxboost comes with an in-built LED light, quick charge 3.0, it has an inner protective polycarbonate layer which compresses to give way for USB cables this property enhances its durability. It does not overheat, overcharge, or short circuit. It supplies 24 Watts of power, 5V, and 4.8 Amp of electric charge.


The Maxboost comes with an in-built LED light


Before now car chargers were not so common but since the power banks most of us depended on were getting a lot more trashy, car chargers found their way into our hearts. They have stayed there since. For this reason, a huge market has been created for car chargers across the country. We are sure you can get the best car battery charger in Nigeria and we sincerely hope this article will help you do soOur list will surely help you make the right choice the next time you plan for a car charger.

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