Buying cars from Yahoo boys: Good or bad? These tips will help you!


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Yahoo boy is slang for internet fraudsters in Nigeria. They always sell their cars from time to time in between deals. Should you buy from them though? Read to know!

The phrase 'yahoo boy' is a slang used in Nigeria a lot to describe a certain group of people with an ostentatious lifestyle. Today, I want to tell you reasons why buying cars from yahoo boys can be the best or worst car-related decision you will ever make in your life. 

Who are Yahoo boys?

The term 'Yahoo boys' originated from the set of Nigerians that make a living from scamming people mostly via the internet and social media. Over the years, this illegal practice has evolved from regular Yahoo e-mail scams to large scale hacking of corporate bodies and wealthy individuals. Some even go as far as creating a fake yahoo boys app just to make their con art believable. 


Now, are we sure Hushpuppi is a yahoo boy?

Yahoo Yahoo is basically any form of fraudulent activity also known as 419 activity in Nigeria. The EFCC is the main body that investigates and prosecutes these scammers in Nigeria.

Most of the scammers in Nigeria start from a very young age and when their scam activity yields money, they live extravagantly. They always live like young legit billionaires, buying premium luxury clothing/accessories, high-end luxury cars, and expensive houses in various parts of the country.

Their lifestyle is very easy to wish for. When you look inside the lives of yahoo boys, it is basically living without a job but still with so much money to spend and this makes 80% of the male youths in Nigeria attracted to Yahoo Yahoo. It always comes in as the surest way to become financially successful without going to school or having a proper job. These days, there are yahoo boys Whatsapp groups where the training of upcoming conmen is done.   

The first milestone of a Nigerian yahoo boy is to buy a car. The moment they make their first set of millions from scamming others, they go for a nice looking ride first.


You can see them and their cars, always flashy

What is a Yahoo boy stereotype?

Any male youth in Nigeria below age 30 that drives a flashy car and dresses like a hip-hop star with an unusual hairstyle is mostly regarded as a Yahoo boy. It gets worse if they have no regular day time job. These types of people are always interrogated by Police and special law enforcement agencies like EFCC and SARS when they are spotted on the road. 


They are always having that  pop culture appearance, bob daddy look

This stereotype has affected upcoming musicians, music producers, artists, dancers, barbers, and other Nigerian creatives out there because creatives always need freedom of expression through cars, dressing, and lifestyle in general.

What cars do Yahoo boys buy?

The car a yahoo boy will buy is majorly dependent on the amount of money he has gotten from his illegal parole, but one sure thing is that 90 percent of the yahoo boys in Nigeria would never buy a car that is not flashy. 

They like buying cars that can easily be pimped to look even better so that they can clearly stand out with their cars anywhere they go. Popular cars yahoo boys in Nigeria like to buy are found in brands like Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus.


Bentley seized from a yahoo boy would be sold cheap

For bragging rights, they buy these cars either brand new or Tokunbo from car dealers while some import them directly into the country. They buy cars that are in vogue and most forget to save money for rainy days or invest in something productive. I think this is as a result of not working legitimately for the money, all they do is think about how to steal funds from legal money earners. 

The moment they go broke, I mean the moment there is no fraud money left in the bank account to be spent, yahoo boys immediately sell their exotic/regular cars to get money to keep up with their expensive big boy lifestyles and this is where you can take advantage. Also, yahoo boys arrested always need fast money to bail themselves out of their fraud cases.


EFCC goes after flashy cars to track yahoo boys 

You can buy your dream car at a cheap giveaway price from a desperate yahoo boy seller. They sell their cars cheaply because they need fast money and because they always have a plan to bounce back later and that loss from selling their cars cheap never bothers them. 

Now, let me show you the best/worst type of cars to buy from a desperate yahoo boy in Nigeria; one of the best sources for buying cheap cars in Nigeria if done the right way.

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Types of cars to buy from Yahoo boys 

The best type of cars to buy from yahoo boys are exotic cars that have not been used for up to a year and here is why; the moment a yahoo boy buys an exotic/luxury car, he maintains the car so well because of pride. G-boys would never want you to feel they are broke from the car they drive so they spend a lot of money, keeping the car in shape to always look brand new. 

I have seen a case of a Nigerian G-boy that sold a 3 months old 2016 G-Wagon worth ₦75,000,000 for just ₦25,000,000 because he needed money urgently. This car got sold in less than 24 hours because it was the juiciest G-Wagon deal ever proposed. The latest yahoo boys news is that Hushpuppi has been arrested by Interpol in Dubai. His Rolls-Royce cars will definitely get sold way cheaper by the government. 


Looks like he is in trouble and needs to sell the cars fast

It's best to buy cars that have not spent up-to a year with a yahoo boy owner and this applies to regular daily cars also but the cost savings on regular cars are not as sweet as the one on exotics and luxury cars. Do not fall for fake juicy car deals online though, distinguishing between a genuine and fake car seller online is a must-have skill today. 

Benz, Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghinis, and Range Rovers are very good cars to buy from Yahoo boys that have owned them for less than a year. Please, always bargain extraordinarily when buying these cars because that owner just needs money and doesn't care about the car anymore.  

Types of cars to never buy from a Yahoo boy

I told you Yahoo boys never buy new things when they are broke, so you should never buy a used car from a Yahoo boy that says he is selling the car because of a need to add money for a new car. This is a yahoo boys format to sell problematic cars. Cars like this have been badly maintained and they just want to sell it off to an unlucky buyer that would face the wrath of a badly maintained exotic car.


This Porsche's owner most definitely went broke

You will be able to predict how badly maintained the car is when you see it, as long as you go for the inspection with car professionals. Remember, mileage is never enough to judge a car's condition, there are too many mileage scams in Nigeria so you must inspect properly. 

Also, you should not buy cars with in-complete Nigeria custom duties/documents. One of the yahoo boy car scams in Nigeria is that some smuggle exotic cars into Nigeria, drive them illegally and sell off cheap to an unlucky person who would now face a huge problem from the Nigerian customs.

Nigerian customs seize a lot of cars that are illegally driven on Nigerian roads. The amount of money to be paid as fine runs into multiple millions depending on the brand and year model of the car.

Some scammers in Nigeria even buy stolen cars from abroad and start driving here in Nigeria. These cars will always be on the radar of Interpol and anybody caught driving this car anywhere could be arrested, taken to court then jailed. A used car on sale without complete documents is a no-no and it gets worse if it's an exotic/high-end luxury car.

Check out the video that details the rise and fall of Hushpuppi down below:


Not every young man out there carrying dreads/braids on his head and driving a flashy sports car is a Yahoo boy. For example, I used to have a Nissan 350Z as my daily driver car for a month straight and this car had a red and black paint job, large rear spoilers, and a modified exhaust that had a deep sound. I get 'Crank, won't police catch you with this red sports car" a lot from my friends and family but honestly. I just drive to a workshop where I manage cars being sprayed. I was not a scam boy. 


There is nothing that feels as good as buying expensive cars cheap, and buying cars from yahoo boys has proven to be one of the best ways to achieve this. However, you should not go around looking for broke yahoo boys to make car offers to. Let the yahoo boy car deal come to you organically. You can get scammed once people notice that you are after a bonanza car sales deal from yahoo boys in Nigeria.  Remember, scamming folks is their day job!

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