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Nowadays, many hanges are being recorded; the car sales business is not left out. Buying and selling online is becoming popular. Read on to discover how.


The emergence of the internet has proven to be a huge leap for mankind in terms of development, innovation, and discovery. Researching information has never been easier than it is now. The internet is number one on everyone's list when it comes to an efficient and user-friendly platform for sharing, gaining information and ideas, and of course, business. 

Buying and selling cars online has only been a natural next step for most countries and is only just catching on here in Nigeria.


Why go through the hassles of physical buying or selling?

When it comes to the buying and selling of vehicles in Nigeria, whether you are a man or a woman buying a car, the internet is truly the way forward, especially post-Covid-19. Why? As previously mentioned, information gathering online is the trend and the future, hence the millions of people that use the internet every hour of the day.

In Nigeria now, before customers buy from particular car brands, research is usually carried out looking for information that will help them eventually in making a decision. 

This can be extended beyond research so that the actual buying and selling all happen online.


This method of buying or selling will soon be as extinct as the dinosaur

How to buy cars online effectively?

In order not to get left behind as a Nigerian car dealer looking to generate more leads and make more sales, you need to take advantage of the rich potentials of the internet. As a car dealer who is only just realizing the importance of using this medium to source for target customers and generate more leads than before, these are the steps you need to take.

1. Open a Social Media account

Social Media is an omnipresent phenomenon in recent times, and it's no surprise that the majority of salespeople who use it to pull traffic to their car listings tend to achieve more sales than those who don't.

There are few tips you can use as a dealer looking to generate leads for increased sales using the social media platform.

  • Create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and target potential customers with ads and other engaging content.
  • Join Facebook pages relating to your field of work and engage with car buyers by answering their questions, sharing experiences and thoughts, etc.
  • Always monitor your Twitter and Instagram accounts in case of hashtags you can leverage and relevant mentions.
  • Share your brand stories on social media in order to influence customers to make purchases.


Social media can get you that sale fast and efficiently

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2. Optimize mobile advantage

According to a study by Google, about 71% of digital communications and interactions take place on mobile phones. This shows that making elements of your websites or pages more responsive to mobile users will be of great profitability.

Considering the fact that customers spend greater lengths of time on their mobile phones than they do on laptops and desktop computers, it's imperative that you leverage this by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that your website or page is inclined to respond quickly to mobile devices.
  • Take advantage of the WhatsApp platform and SMS messaging.
  • Make it easy for potential customers to contact you by including your mobile phone number on your online content.


Don't forget making it all mobile-friendly

3. Optimize search engine usage

The Google search engine is used by the majority of people looking to find information online. Car buyers will frequently browse the web for car insights that will help them make selections and also make purchases without much stress. Sites like are indexed by Google to give users helpful, up-to-date information.


Your site needs to be on the first page of the Google search results pages 

So, as a car dealer, your job is to make your car brand more visible and accessible by creating a digital presence on car buying and selling websites such as, and, while also ensuring your cars are well listed online.

How to buy cars online?

Buying a vehicle in recent times is a sleek process owing to the customer preference of carrying out almost all interactions and transactions online using the websites and online car pages made available by car salespeople and companies.

However, you simply cannot achieve complete transactions online since you still need to test drive your car and sign paperwork. But that is changing also, as dealers are now willing to assist you with conveying or delivering your car straight down to you.


It's as simple as pressing the right key

Watch this video to know more about how to sell cars online.

How to Sell Cars Online - start your own Auto Dealership from home

Let's look at how best to go about purchasing a car from a car dealer online using the easy steps below.

1. Set a budget

Before setting out to purchase a vehicle you have to consider the cost of putting your car on the road and maintenance issues. Things like fueling, insurance (if needed), spare parts, etc, are some of the few things you should look at before forging ahead.

These things cost a lot of money going forward and will impact your finances later. Plus, you wouldn't want to be caught stranded with a luxury car you can't maintain. So as a potential car buyer such things must be considered as well as your ability to afford certain car models in the long run.

2. Find a suitable model

After the budget is set, your next move should be to find the right model for you. While some customers might know exactly what they want, others might have no idea whatsoever. For the latter, such will need help finding what suits them, considering their needs and also their budgets.

You could search online for car dealership websites and pages where you will find a large array of cars for sale that you can choose from. You can also check out car deals for purchase incentives. Finally, you could as well visit a local car dealership showroom to get a feel of the cars available if you need a closer look at them.

3. Chat with internet sales managers

It is a much easier task to chat with the salespeople and making deals online rather than talking with dealers, one on one, since the latter is usually a more stressful venture, and customers are put off by the idea.

You need to be clear about what you want to say to the sales manager. Find out if they're in possession of what you need and then find out if and when they will be able to bring it to you. You need to watch for hints that the car does not contain any of the bad things in a used car that make it bad for sale.

Negotiations will come after positive feedback to your questions, and only after a deal has been made will you proceed to the next stage.


Your salesperson can be at your disposal 24 hours via chat

5. Take a test drive and get your car delivered

A test drive is in order after you've finished negotiations so as to ensure you get sufficient value for your money. When the car is to your taste, further proceedings like signing paperwork, car price negotiation, and payment will follow before your vehicle can now be delivered to you.


Your car can come to you after you purchase online


Be sure to go through every paperwork before signing. And also avoid signing incomplete or incorrect paperwork before corrections to avoid future complications. In these days of the Covid-19 health situation, buying and selling cars online is a viable and safe alternative. 

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