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So you wanna buy a used Honda Pilot, and hat is just great! But wait a moment, it's not as easy as going to the nearest dealer. Get these fine tips.

We totally understand if you choose to buy a used Honda Pilot. I mean who wouldn’t, knowing how positively rated this car is, and how expensive the new model is. Honda Pilot is one of the top trends when midsize SUVs are talked about. When durability, safety, fuel economy, good gas mileage and a smooth ride is desired in a mid-size SUV, you need not look further than the Honda Pilot. In buying a used Honda Pilot, there are vital issues you should understand to help you get a better deal altogether. Check out this top buying tips from buying advice section as you make that used Honda Pilot purchase.


Honda Pilot can offer all of the durability, safety, fuel economy, good gas mileage and a smooth ride

1.  How much do you want to spend?  

There’s a used Honda Pilot for every budget. Before you set off on your Honda Pilot car hunt, you should have a specific price range in mind. Whether you're taking a loan to purchase it or paying from your pocket, budgeting an amount helps you stay focused while eliminating any additional expenses.

2.  Know your Honda Pilot trims

For each model or year of Honda Pilot you intend to purchase, there are several trims attached. The trims decide what kind of features the SUV comes with. You may have a particular car feature in mind and purchase the wrong trim that does not have that feature as standard. To know the features in any trim, research more, read reviews, and ask your dealers so you don't get a trim far from your original choice.

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3. Mileage

Do not ever overlook this because it is highly important. The worst mistake you can make when purchasing a used Honda Pilot is buying one with a high mileage. Mileage and gas mileage are often confused; but mileage refers to the total distance travelled by a vehicle since manufacture. When the mileage of your Honda Pilot is too high, then you are basically buying a worn out vehicle with little life left in it. Most used Honda Pilot cars have a mileage of about 70k-200k miles, it's best you get one within the range of 50,000 to 100,000. The highest you should ever go is about 120,000 miles though some experts say you can do 150,000 miles safely.

4.  Check the interior

If the exterior of your Honda Pilot looks good, that shouldn't convince you that the interior will look great too. There have been instances where people purchased a neat used car externally only to find out that the interior looked like it had been in a war zone. Check carefully for tears in the upholstery, or any damage that will prevent you from enjoying this car when you finally have it.


Check carefully for tears in the upholstery, or any damage inside

5. Check the cargo hold

Shhh. This is a well-kept secret. One way to quickly decide the true condition of a car is by looking at the cargo hold or boot. If it is neat, well vacuumed, and smells fresh, you are in good company. Avoid oil stained, dirty cargo holds. It is quite difficult to disguise this so watch for evidence of rush cleaning jobs done to deceive the unwary buyer.

6. In choosing year/model

It is understandable when you choose an older model for your Honda Pilot but you should know that you may be missing out on some features available in the newer models. If you don't mind having less in safety technology, infotainment system and driver assist, then any model should be okay for you but if otherwise, then consider the more recent generation or year of Honda Pilot. It does mean an increase in budget though.

7. Wheel drives

Before you purchase your used Honda Pilot, be informed that it may come with different wheel drives. The wheel drive basically is related to the number of wheels directly connected to the powertrain system. The practical effects is that the more wheels connected directly, the more powertrain you have for instance in rugged terrains. Here is some explanation about the four basic types of wheel drives:

  • Front-wheel Drive (FWD): It means that the power of the engine is directed to the front wheels which move the car forward and pull the rear wheels after them. It's known to help in fuel economy and release less carbon dioxide.  It can less controllable though in situations such as rainy weather.
  • Rear wheel Drive (RWD): This is the opposite of FWD where the car is moved by the rear wheels which push the front wheels forward. One advantage of it is that it helps the car to balance well on the road.
  • Four Wheel Drive (4WD): Sometimes referred to 4x4, here the power from the engine is simultaneously shared to all the four wheels of the car and you have the option to switch over to it when you need to. It is known to give more weight to cars but can adapt to different weather and road conditions.
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD): This is most times confused with 4WD. It supplies power to both the front wheels and the rear wheels, unlike 4WD however, it is automatic.


Honda Pilot is available in front-wheel drive or four wheel drive (4WD)

8. Test drive and inspect the car

There is no way you will know if the used Honda Pilot you intend to purchase is in good condition, if you don't test drive. When you are test driving, look for:

  • Brake: is it stiff or difficult to apply?
  • Bouncing: determine if the car is bouncing unnecessarily.
  • Weird sounds from the engine and steering wheel: turn off the radio while test driving; if the car is making any weird sounds from the engine or steering wheels it might mean trouble.
  • Smoke: check if the car is producing excess smoke when test driving.
  • Creeking brake: listen for any sound when applying the brakes.
  • Leakage and spill: inspect the car thoroughly for any leakage from the door or anywhere else. Check for any oil spill on the spot it was parked.
  • Gears: test the gears and reverse to know its functionality.
  • Engine: thoroughly inspect the engine of the car. Remember replacing a new engine costs much and can even destabilize the car upon repairs; you don't want to waste money.
  • Fluids: take your time to inspect the Honda Pilot’s engine coolant and brake fluid levels. 
  • Lights: check the LED lights, headlights and taillights.
  • Cracks: Look for any cracks on the windshield as it costs a lot to replace a damaged one.
  • Windshield wiper: try using the windshield wiper and look out for any breakage.
  • Leakage after the test drive: check out for any leakage under the car.

9. Take a mechanic along

If can also take a mechanic along to inspect the car then it will be an added advantage. They can easily detect various faults in a car just by the sound of it.

10. Choosing a dealer

Choose a trusted Honda dealer who you will purchase your used Honda Pilot from, to prevent having any legal issues surfacing in the future. is well regarded in auto sales circles.

11.  Collect the car information

When you finally find a reliable dealer and choice of your Honda Pilot, ensure you collect the necessary documents after all payments are finalized. If possible, make sure you see the car papers or legal documents to confirm its authenticity before handing over your cash or money.

12. Price

 Brand new Honda Pilot prices in Nigeria
 Brand new Honda Pilot 2018 price ₦11,2 - ₦17,3 millon
 Brand new Honda Pilot EX-L price From ₦14,1 millon
 Brand new Honda Pilot 2016 price From ₦13,4millon
 Brand new Honda Pilot 2017 price From ₦16 millon
 Brand new Honda Pilot 2019 price To be updating...
Tokunbo Honda Pilot prices in Nigeria
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2003 price ₦1,2millon - ₦2,5millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2004 price ₦1,5millon - ₦2,8millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2005 price ₦1,55millon - ₦2,85millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2006 price ₦1,58millon- ₦4millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2007 price ₦2millon - ₦3,95millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2008 price ₦2,2millon- ₦3,8millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2009 price ₦3,35millon - ₦7millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2010 price ₦2,9millon0 - ₦8millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2011 price ₦4,7millon - ₦10,8millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2012 price ₦3,6millon- ₦10millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2013 price ₦5millon - ₦11,5millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2014 price ₦4,9millon- ₦11,05millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2015 price ₦9millon - ₦14millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2016 price ₦13millon - ₦17,5millon
Tokunbo Honda Pilot 2017 price     ₦14millon- ₦19,5millon
Locally used Honda Pilot price list in Nigeria  
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2003 price  ₦715,000 - ₦2,3millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2004 price  ₦830,000 - ₦2,3millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2005 price  ₦900,000 - ₦2,5millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2006 price  ₦950,000 - ₦2,6millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2007 price  ₦1,060,000 - ₦2,5millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2008 price  ₦1,000,000 - ₦3,7millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2009 price  ₦1,290,000 - ₦3,4millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2010 price  ₦1,900,000 - ₦4,2millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2011 price  ₦2,700,000 - ₦5millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2012 price  ₦3,830,000 - ₦5,3millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2013 price  ₦3,600,000 - ₦8millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2014 price  ₦3,830,000 - ₦11millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2015 price  ~₦12,5millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2016 price  ~₦13,5millon
 Nigerian used Honda Pilot 2017 price  ~₦16millon

Following the guide above will have you driving a great Honda Pilot in no time. 

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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