Tips on how to buy used Honda Civic in Nigeria


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Not everyone can afford a brand new car! Therefore, if you intend to buy used Honda civic, here are some tips to assist you

Fuel efficiency, affordability and high performance are some of the characteristics of the Honda Civic, that has made Nigerian drivers love the model. Over the years, the Japanese automaker, Honda, have always found ways to upgrade versions of the model to boost driver experience. Regardless, those who can't afford brand new ones, opt to buy used Honda Civic - and still get almost the same benefits. If you're in this category, here are some helpful tips on how you can make your own purchase, suggested by!

1. Check online

These days, there are lots of online car dealerships and sites that allow sellers advertise their used vehicles. You can go on some of them to not only find a used Honda Civic but also to compare prices. You won't want to buy one from a dealer in your neighborhood for twice the price of what you would find on Naijauto, for instance. When you have made a shortlist of the used Honda Civic cars you found online, you can call the owners and negotiate.

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Used Honda Civic cars can be easily found on online car websites

2. Check for car mileage

In pretty much all cases, the owners would allow you inspect the vehicle before making payments. If you get a good Honda Civic within your locality, better. Go over to check out the vehicle. Have a look at the mileage. This gives you an idea of how much the car has been driven. Find out if the owner bought it as a used car from someone else. If they did, you might have to look elsewhere. You can find this information on the change of ownership agreement - if there's one.

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3. Inspect the car with a professional Honda mechanic

Inspect the body of the car and the interior. Many used Honda Civic sellers tend to wax the vehicle to give it a shiny so it appears appealing to the buyer. But look around the car and even underneath for any sign of rust. Look under the lid of the bonnet and the engine. If you can, go with a professional Honda mechanic. They would definitely notice when something looks out of place. Also have them check out the tie rods, ball joints, suspensions, shocks and the engine in general. Engine sludge is a problem that makes car owners sell their used cars. Therefore look out for that and ensure there are also no leaks.

4. Test drive the car especially if it has a manual transmission

Some Honda Civic cars come with manual transmission. Ask the seller to let you test drive the vehicle. If they decline, red flag! However, if you get to test drive the used Honda Civic, observe the manual transmission. If there's difficulty in shifting sticks or the clutch being to soft, it needs to be fixed before you buy. Honda Civic cars with automatic transmission hardly have gearbox issues. In this case, check the switches and the lights on the dashboard. Ensure they work perfectly before buying the car.

Lastly, it's important to note that Honda auto spare parts are usually readily available at auto parts markets. Some used car dealers would make it seem like getting faults fixed will have them traveling across the continent. So ask for a discount if there's a fault or if it can be fixed before you buy the used Honda Civic. This way, you won't be spending a fortune on a problem you didn't cause.

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