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Buying cars in Nigeria can be very difficult. Read this post to learn how to do this difficult thing properly and wisely!

You of all people would agree with me that to buy a car in Nigeria is an extreme sport, which is why a lot of people seek car buying tips and advice when they want to buy cars. The average Nigerian is more comfortable buying a Tokunbo car than a Nigerian used car because of how Nigeria as a country ruins the future of cars being used here daily.


There are thousands of bad cars in Nigeria waiting to be sold

Also, a lot of Nigerians get scammed daily by car sellers all over the country. It is either someone is paying so much money for a problematic car that looks like a good buy or something worse than that.

This is the story of how I discovered the best way to buy cars in Nigeria for the best price after many years of making terrible mistakes with buying used cars in Nigeria.

The problems I faced when buying my first car in Nigeria

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. A city where having a car could be a lifesaver because of the poor public mass transit around the State. I have been to a lot of big residential areas that allow no form of public transit. People without cars walk long distances just to get to their place of work. This tells you how important it is to buy a car in Nigeria for people living in Lagos. 


When Lagos frustrates you, a car will be one of your best solutions

In 2015, I was 2 years out of school and I was saving for my first car. I was ignorantly saving ₦1,000,000 because it just sounded like the perfect amount for a car.

When my money was complete, I hit the streets in search of a car all by myself and to my surprise, my money could not buy any foreign used car above year model 2000 and it shocked me. The last car dealer I spoke to in Ikeja advised me to go for a Naija used car and he said he could help with that.

Sadly, I bought a ‘not so good looking 2002 Volkswagen Jetta’ for ₦1,000,000,000 and it was the biggest mistake I have made in my life till now. I bought this car for N1,000,000 and spent over 700k before I got frustrated and sold it for ₦800,000 after 4 months of looking for a buyer.

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The Car I bought looked like this 

I know you are wondering why I never checked the Internet to read about buying cars in Nigeria or checking a Nigerian car sales website for the best cars in Nigeria for sale that fit my budget. As I said, this article is a testimony.

I never knew that there was a dedicated Nigerian automobile website until I searched for ‘best cars to buy in Africa’ and came out on top of the search list and it has the title ‘ best cars to buy in Nigeria’. That was the game-changer for me.

I had always known about car sales platform but the mental pain I sustained from buying my first car never left me. In my mind, if I got scammed buying a car I saw physically with my two eyes then buying a car from an online platform would totally be worse.

How I started buying my cars from

I started to read automobile articles daily on and on this fateful evening, I was reading about what to check for when buying a used Toyota Camry in Nigeria. Shortly after this, I saw a Toyota Camry listing pop up with the best price I had ever seen for a 2008 Camry looking so neat despite being used in Nigeria.

To be sure it wasn’t a scam, I signed up on the platform and tried to 'sell a car’ with I discovered that the listing wasn’t free and this was what hooked me for life. 


What the NAIJAUTO.COM interface looks like 

People actually paid to list their car on the website meaning they were serious businessmen/women that wanted to do clean business.

I can confidently tell you the reasons why everyone needs to buy a car in Nigeria only from

3 reasons why is different from other car sales platform

1. The listings are clear and informative

Naijauto has standards for car sellers to upload information and pictures of the cars they want to sell and the standard is just perfect for prospective buyers. Enough clear pictures and views, a link to a Youtube video of the car and every important information that car buyers need to know.

Unlike other websites where the listing has some vital information missing, Naijauto makes sure every single ad meets a standard that every buyer needs. Every seller on Naijauto has been verified and I discovered that Naijauto makes it a point of duty to physically interact with their most active sellers through training on how to sell cars better.


A Toyota Corolla listing on the website was the last car I checked out 

You can also filter your search so that it perfectly matches your budget.

2. The website is packed with information

Naijauto is the leading automotive blog in Nigeria which means it has something special to offer to its daily readers. Just think about any topic that is related to cars that you need to know, Naijauto got you covered. It has cheap cars in Nigeria and the prices listed in a logical way according to numerous criteria.

This is one reason why I just can’t stop buying my cars from the website. I read the pros and cons of every car on there and it just feels right and safe to buy my car from the website.


Naijauto is a standard car blog for Nigerians 

A website that teaches you how to generally interact with the world of online car sales platform is an act of selfless service and this says a lot about the mission of Naijauto as a company.

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3. The website focuses more on the best deals

As you browse through the website, you will see the best ads that suit what you have previously searched for. You can even leave messages and offer for a particular seller your negotiation for the car. Naijauto is that website that shows you exactly where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria that are in good working conditions. is currently the only website where I would buy a car for less than ₦500,000 and be confident about its reliability. This is because the website is filled with serious sellers that have invested money in their listings.


No space for scammers on the Naijauto website 

These are the things that make stand out. However, I noticed there are some improvements that should be made on the website, I would point them out below;

1. Availability of verified inspection centres to prevent scammers from duping Nigerian car buyers.

2. Availability of a portal for sellers to upload videos directly on the site. 

With these two things, I know that Naijauto will be better than every physical car sales outlet in Nigeria. 

How to buy used cars in Nigeria with

The whole process is very simple. You just need to access the Cars for sale section on our website, use our user-friendly filtering tool to search for your favourite car according to many criteria: Brands, Models, Prices, Production Years, etc. Then a wide range of cars that satisfy your demands will be shown to you. Once you have found your favourite car, you can find the sellers' contact information in the listing, contact him/her and do the transaction by yourself.


The website offers a wide range of cheap, well-maintained and verified cars in Nigeria

Above is a guideline on how to buy cars in Nigeria wisely. Hope that after reading this article, you are more clear about the car buying process in Nigeria and implement the car process in the right way.




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