7 avoidable things to know when you buy batteries in Nigeria


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Don't buy your next car battery in Nigeria until you have digested this simple guide that tells you the little things to do to get a great battery. Check it out!

Car batteries are one of the most important parts of your car. The efficient and proper function of the battery has a big impact on the overall performance of your car/ vehicle.

Notwithstanding, car batteries could be bothersome when they are getting old, and getting a good battery to replace the old one, especially when you need to select one from millions of battery brands, can be hard.

Below are tips that could help you make perfect choices in buying a good battery in Nigeria when the need arises.

1. High battery cost doesn't assure originality

Nigerians are money freaks. Most Nigerians use product prices as a benchmark for product originality. Well, this may not always be the case as not all expensive products last long. You need to do further research as a yardstick for deciding on the final way you go.


Battery is among the most important components in the car

2. Strong battery capacity

One major reason why car batteries fail easily can be linked to low battery capacity. However, in order to ensure durability, there is need to ascertain that the battery purchased is of strong capacity. This can be achieved by using battery tester to test the battery. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, then you might need to use the services of your neighborhood battery charger.

3. Use battery tester to test the battery before purchase

A car battery tester is an electronic device that enables the user to test its car battery as well as to ensure that it is operating at its optimum level. However, battery testers range from simple models that easily test the volume or level of life or charge left in the battery to the complex models on the other hand, that simply test the battery capacity for charge accumulation and potential issues. This saves the user from troublesome situations that may arise during usage along the road. Thus, to avoid risk associated with battery capacity and charge accumulation, there is need to test the battery. Don't joke with it. Again use an expert if need be.

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4. Alternator Check

Check the alternator regularly to avoid any form of misuse or damage. A good battery with a bad alternator is almost useless. The bad alternator may even end up damaging your battery. So go for an alternator check at the local mechanic if you suspect you have a bad one.


Alternators and batteries work hand in hand

5. Don't buy used batteries

Yes, everything in Nigeria is used these days, from clothes to cars. However, while you can get away with buying a used good car, you might not be so fortunate with a second hand battery. We already know the issues associated with used batteries. Although they may seem to be cheap, but they don't guarantee efficiency and peace of mind when you are driving. It's best to save up to buy a new battery than to purchase a used cheap one.  You will be glad you went to the trouble much later in future.

6. Be cautious

It is however necessary to note that battery capacity displayed from 500 and below are not good for usage while car batteries with more than 600 capacity are good for purchase. You must approach your battery purchase with enough knowledge and caution. Ask questions and don’t settle for a battery just because the dealer said so.

Remember that your battery is the heart of the engine, so you need to make sure your engine has a sound, working, and efficient heart.

7. Battery Quality

It is also very paramount to determine your battery quality as this determines the durability of your battery. Thus, battery quality of 75AH should be able to easily display a capacity of 600 and above. You can read up more about battery quality in order to make a right choice.

Following this simple guide will help you avoid issues associated with a poor performing battery.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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