When is the best time to buy a car in Nigeria?


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Figuring out the best time to get a great bargain is not as easy as it might seem. This article will help you make an informed decision on buying your choice ride at the right time. Check our answer for when is the best time to buy cars in Nigeria!

Everyone wishes to save money when making a major purchase. Be it a house, a piece of furniture, clothing and of course cars. But figuring out the best time to get a great bargain is not as easy as it might seem. This is because you might think a product would be cheap when launched (so the company can make sales) but it may actually be expensive to boost its value. Also, you may think to buy a car in Nigeria around Christmas would be cheap, but sellers may feel you need it for celebrations and even hike the price above your budget.

There's also the common belief that the price of a particular model drops when a new version is launched the following year. But it doesn't always work that way in the Nigerian automobile industry. Cars are imported and the clearance costs a fortune, while the Nigerian made cars are expensive due to high cost of production. But does that mean there's no great time to purchase a car at a fairly good bargain? No!

To help you save a little something from your budget, here's a carefully researched breakdown of the best times to buy a car in Nigeria, suggested by Naijauto.com!


Ensure you visit the car dealership for prices

1. End and start of the year - after Christmas

Christmas is literally the biggest festivity of the year. Car sellers always try to make a killing through out December till Christmas day. Once the celebration is over, they make orders for new sets of cars to sell in the coming year. At this point they simply just want to sell off old stock, hence the prices are likely to go down. This also applies to the New Year.

It is generally believed that people go "broke" after Christmas. Therefore, anyone who wants to buy a car in Nigeria at that point doesn't have much money to spare. With most sellers hurrying to sell off old stock, you're likely to make good bargains around the New Year. Furthermore, those who visit the country and bought cars during Christmas usually tend to auction their cars around this time in order to augment flight money back to their foreign bases. You can also make a purchase from them at rock bottom prices.

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2. When a latest model is launched into the market

This mostly applies to those who are into luxury cars. The fact that you're looking for something fancy doesn't mean you should throw away all your money while at it. When a new model of your dream car goes into the market, the price of the old model normally drops. Keep your ears to the ground so you can also use that information as a bargaining chip at the dealership. Keep in mind that most automakers release a new version around summer (May - September, Nigerian time).

3. Early in the week

Nigerian business people have a belief that you shouldn't let a customer who comes to buy your wares at the start of the week, to leave. It's considered bad omen for the rest of the week. As funny as this may sound, endeavor to take advantage of that. You might not get the car at half the price, but you'll definitely get a fair discount. Hence, Monday is perfect!

4. When a design or the car's technology gets old

Many car manufacturers keep upgrading the automation and engines of their vehicles. This causes the price of the new model to surge while that of the previous version drops. For instance, since the Mercedes-Benz 4matic got popular in Nigerian roads, every other previous Benz brand has got cheaper. You can take advantage of this when wanting to buy a car in Nigeria. The car dealership is very likely going to be trying to restock it's show room, therefore, leading to massive sales of the old models.

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Watch out for embargo on importation of cars

Finally, another great time to buy a car is when there's an auction. The period an embargo is placed on cars, the Nigerian Customs Service tends to seize smuggled cars and auction them at really affordable prices. Keep an eye out for that and you could be getting your favorite SUV or sedan at some of the lowest prices you can ever imagine. If you have an insider, they can help provide you with further information. That said, you can also observe the nearest dealership near you on when they bring in new stock. Visit them around the period the old stock is about getting sold out and make a purchase. You'll definitely get it at a good discount.

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Kennedy Ilediagu


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