5 Best small buses for transport business In Nigeria & prices too!


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The transportation business is bae in Nigeria, and small buses play a crucial part in this. What are the best small buses in Nigeria though for this? See our guide now!


The transportation business is one of the most popular professions one can venture into Nigeria as a permanent source of income. It is obviously a very lucrative business seeing as it draws an overwhelming amount of people with little or no regard for their age, academic qualification, or sex. Small buses are very good for this business. But what do you think are the best small buses for transport business In Nigeria?


Small buses are key to Nigeria's transport business

Irrespective of the minimal prestige associated with this profession in Nigeria, considering many young men and women these days would rather strive towards becoming a doctor or lawyer and even get involved in the entertainment industry ahead of becoming taxi or bus drivers, many individuals have actually turned millionaires from this form of commercial endeavor. This is mainly due to the high population of people in the country and the fact that most people would rather move on transit by bus especially whilst traveling interstate than with their personal vehicles.

Another reason is the actuality that not everyone can afford his or her own personal car in a developing country like Nigeria. Statistics have shown that about 60% of vehicles that ply the roads in Nigeria are commercial cars which means there's a great opportunity for anyone willing to venture into this type of business.

Small buses are mainly used for intrastate transportation as they are usually more convenient for short-distance travel. They are also less comfortable than the larger buses as they are not built for long-distance journeys but are less expensive compared. This, of course, doesn't make them less capable of long-distance travel as most produced these days would rival some of the much bigger buses in aspects of comfortability.

Choosing a small bus to purchase is not at all a difficult task as there's not really a vast array of diverse small buses to choose from since both intrastate and interstate bus drivers tend to use the same type of buses on occasion depending on the district or state. Though it is of great importance to stand out from your peers in a positive light, so purchasing an attractive and comfortable bus should be of huge significance to insure your passengers get their money's worth and even come back for smoother and more enjoyable journey experiences in the future.

Now to the focus of this article, let's find out which small (or mini) buses are best suited for the transportation business in Nigeria. The buses you will find below are commonplace all over Nigerian automobile markets and most especially in the car dealership companies in major cities.


1. Suzuki Mini Bus

The Suzuki Every, popularly known as the Suzuki minibus is widely available all over Nigeria and can be easily found on sale in Lagos and Abuja and other large cities with an abundance of car dealerships. The tokunbo Suzuki minibusses for sale are quite affordable but limited in the range of production years.

The most recent models can be ordered and shipped from overseas for interested parties even though the overall price when the shipment is included might double when compared to those bought locally.

Tokunbo Suzuki Minibus estimated prices
 N/O Car model Estimated price
 1  Suzuki Every 2003  ₦700,000 - ₦ 1million
 2  Suzuki Every 2005  ₦850,000 - ₦ 1million
 3  Suzuki Every 2007  ₦1million - ₦ 1.2million
 4  Suzuki Every 2013  ₦1.4million - ₦ 1.7million

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The Suzuki Every minibus is very popular

2. Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus

This is one of the most commonly seen buses that often ply Nigerian roads. It's a durable fuel-efficient vehicle that comes with a diverse array of colors depending on your taste. It can be purchased from the direct dealers located in Lagos at an affordable price, though the cost will vary depending on the transmission (manual and automatic).

Tokunbo Daihatsu Hijet Minibus estimated prices
N/O  Car model Estimated price
 1  Daihatsu Hijet 2004  ₦650,000 - ₦800,000
 2  Daihatsu Hijet 2009  ₦800,000 - ₦1million
 3 Daihatsu Hijet 2012  ₦1million - ₦1.5million

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The Daihatsu Hijet is great for small distances 

3. Nissan MiniBus

The Nissan minibus promises one of the most comfortable interiors with spacious head and leg rooms for your passengers. It also provides ample space for gear and cargo due to its accommodating seating configurations. It is available for purchase all over Nigeria in both tokunbo and Nigerian used forms.

Tokunbo Nissan Minibus estimated prices
 N/O Car model Estimated price
 1  Nissan Urvan 1995  ₦600,500 - ₦800,000
 2  Nissan Vanette 2003  ₦1.6million - ₦1.8million
 3  Nissan Caravan 2010  ₦2.5million - ₦3million
 4  Nissan Urvan 2015  ₦16million - ₦17million

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The Nissan Urvan is not a mini but is also small

4. Toyota Hiace Mini Bus

The Toyota Hiace is a light commercial van produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer, Toyota. This minibus has a wide range of body configurations from the minivan and minibus to the taxi and ambulance.

Though this particular minibus might be seen as being on the expensive side, its price is far from being exorbitant, and with its top-notch facelift upgrades, interior, and exterior wise and given its durability, the Toyota Hiace is basically worth its relatively high cost of purchase.

It comes equipped with a manual or automatic transmission depending on the choice, and with its low fuel consumption, its loaded features, and optimal comfortability, it ensures a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable experience for both driver and passengers alike.

Tokunbo Toyota Hiace Minibus estimated prices
 N/O Car model Estimated price
 1  Toyota Hiace 2002  ₦2.5million - ₦4million
 2  Toyota Hiace 2006  ₦5.5million - ₦7million
 3  Toyota Hiace 2015  ₦16.5million - ₦18million

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The Toyota Hiace is perhaps the most popular small bus for transport in Nigeria

5. Piaggio Mini Bus

Italian motor manufacturer Piaggio is more known for its wide production range of two-wheeled motor vehicles, but it also dabbles in the production of minibusses and vans.

It is a lesser-known name in Nigeria as compared to the rest on this list, but it is definitely not the least in terms of features/accessories and its configurations which provide enough headroom including space for cargo.

Tokunbo Piaggio Minibus estimated prices
N/O  Car model Estimated price
 1  Piaggio Porter bus  ₦1million - ₦1.5million


The Piaggio minibus is a new but growing model

Let's look at the video below showing a wonder minibus:

Video: Japanese minibus with 8 wheels and 8 electric engines


Buying fairly used (tokunbo) buses are always advisable as they are cheaper than new ones thereby cutting the time it will take you to replace the money. In addition to that, these tokunbo buses are most times solid and durable and usually last a long time as a result. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the vehicles aforementioned are the best small buses for transport business In Nigeria. Moreover, they are some of the best and quality small buses currently plying Nigerian roads. And as the popular saying goes; you'll never go wrong with good quality.

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