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Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Do you want to scale down in your SUV garage? It might not be a bad decision as the auto world is loving mid-size SUVs right now. Find out the hottest mid-size SUV you can buy in Nigeria!

Mid-size SUVs occupy a special place in the SUV stratosphere. They are small enough to be cheaper and more maneuverable just like the newly popular mini SUVs, but large enough to be rugged, carry anything, and have presence, which any SUV owner will tell you is half of the appeal.

1. Why should you buy a mid-size SUV?

Since mid-size SUVs entered the automobile market, many SUV car users have contemplated at one time at least whether to let go off their full SUV vehicles and still having that SUV structure by going one size down to mid-size. There are of course advantages I doing this:

  • Mid-size SUVs are cheaper
  • Use up less fuel
  • Have a smaller blind spot (though several SUVs have a rear camera that helps with that)
  • Parts are cheaper, and they are generally easier to maintain than full size SUVs
  • Women drivers prefer mid-size to full

Nigeria of course, is now fully part of the global SUV mania, and what with the state of the roads that is little wonder. It stands to reason that the country would have flowed with the growing planet-wide popularity of the mid-size machines. This is evidenced by increasing sales of mid-size SUVs and crossover vehicles nationwide. If you are a current or about to be SUV owner, and have decided to scale down, you need to know of the other options out there.

2. What are the best mid-size SUVs for Nigerians?

Whether you are looking for a 4-wheel drive or a front wheel drive with great fuel economy, great gas mileage, great cabin room, superb interior and exterior design then this list will aid your search, maybe even eliminate it. is happy to present the top mid-size SUVs for the Nigerian market:

  • Mazda CX-9

This mid-size SUV seems to always give us a thrill. Why? It's simply among the best! When you are looking for that sleek exterior look and comfortable interior, it’s got it in droves. The sporty look of this car definitely causes a stare wherever it goes and it's not just about the exterior look but also its interior, which has what we call a superior first class look with great versatile infotainment and even better fuel economy. The price of the latest model is around 12m but you can always go for the older models, which are cheaper.


Mazda CX-9 features a sporty look

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  • Toyota Highlander

We were actually contemplating making this the first on our list but the truth is the interior of Mazda CX-9 totally trumps the Toyota Highlander but that does not mean this car’s interior is inferior. It is still definitely upper percentile when we compare it with the best in mid-size SUVs.

The remarkable thing about this car is its super V6 robust engine, which has good fuel economy and great gas mileage! Owner/drivers who use the older models of the Toyota Highlander still enjoy that smooth great ride. On a Nigerian road, this car is smooth and pleasurable. Toyota has supplied this car with great safety features that adds to the list of other great functionalities. Another great advantage of buying this vehicle is that the car parts are not expensive or scarce as Toyota is quite a boss in Nigeria. If you want an even better super ride, added car features and more fuel economy, the Hybrid version is the one to go for. Older models of this car are still very much in use but if you want an upgrade, you can surely check out the 2019 model which cost ₦11.3m.


Toyota Highlander has been added more safety technologies

  • Honda Pilot

Number 3 on our list always gets compared to the Toyota Highlander and the Mazda CX-9 because they seem to share so many similarities. While it may not have a hybrid version, its engine has always proven to be capable and durable as well as having a remarkable fuel economy and a great cargo space.

Just like the Toyota Highlander, it gives a smooth ride on Nigerian roads and the cabin room or space in the car is comfortable for tall adults as it is for kids. Many mid-size SUVs are lacking this department. There is also a fine infotainment system. With around ₦11m you can get the 2019 model of this car.


Honda Pilot proves great fuel economy and cargo space

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  • Toyota 4Runner

Another one of Toyota’s auto creations, this was among the first mid-size SUVs produced in the 1990s. It has a mean look that makes it unique in a tough guy and really sexy way. With the high number of purchases of this SUV over the years in Nigeria and overseas, one can't help but accept that it's among the best SUVs. From its early years from around 2003, its impeccable performance and safety features have made for a remarkable response from its thousands of enthusiasts.

The 2019 model costs ₦12.6m and above but you can always go for an older model which doesn't cost as much.  


Though being a tough guy, Toyota 4Runner looks somehow sexy

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  • Hyundai Santa Fe

Previously known as the Santa Fe Sport, this car has been redesigned recently with better features all round. The cabin looks good and quite simple for those who prefer minimalism. Its four cylinders produce good fuel economy which is a great quality for Nigerians. Though the recent design is a 3-row but the 2-row also has great safety technology that can serve its users. Like most midsize SUVs, you have the option to choose between front wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It also comes with good infotainment system that gives great entertainment. The recent price plays around ₦9.5m.


Hyundai Santa Fe is definitely a practitioner of minimalism

  • Kia Sorento

One of the brilliant cars from Kia. This mid-size SUV has all the features you will need for an adventurous ride. It has good engine power and gas mileage too. The interior has a clean appearance with standard infotainment system and safety technology like lane keep assist, driver drowsiness monitoring, front parking sensors and many more. Kia had discontinued the turbocharged engine and the 2-row versions of this SUV, so it's now only available as a 3-row SUV. You should have this in mind when you want to go for the latest model which costs ₦10m.


Kia Sorento is affordable & practical

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  • Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a 2-row midsize SUV that comes with a stylish interior and exterior. Its recent upgrade has an eight-speed automatic transmission, which replaces the previous six-speed automatic. It has been rated among the most comfortable SUVs with great fuel economy. It comes with five seating that is good enough for a medium large family, and has more space for adults within. The car is equipped with great technology that is user friendly. Another reason why you may want to consider it is the good fuel economy just like every car listed here. This car cost ₦11m plus with all these great features provided for it.


Ford Edge is upgraded to 8-speed automatic transmission

  • Nissan Murano

When we are listing the ‘best’ mid-size SUVs for Nigerians, we can't avoid mentioning the popular Nissan Murano. The cabin of this car is supplied with great infotainment system such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD Radio, Bluetooth, 13-speaker Bose stereo, Wifi hotspot and many more. The prices of Nissan SUVs are also pocket friendly.  If you have ₦11m and change you can get the latest model though the older versions are also solid. 


Nissan Murano is among the most popular mid-size SUVs

A mid-size SUV is really a good choice if you want to drive an SUV. Now you can make an informed decision about which one to go for, among the best mid-size SUVs for Nigerians, collected by!

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