5 best Mercedes-Benz cars for Nigerian Slay Queens: Make your friends jealous, and enemies mad!


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A little girl with a big GOD is incomplete without a posh car, right? When it's a Mercerdes-Benz, there are some models slay queens must have! Check them out!

To start with

The history of Mercedes-Benz can be traced back to the late 19th century when Karl Benz invented the first widely accepted internal combustion engine. Ever since then, the company has expanded its production to accommodate the massive demand for Mercedes-Benz cars.

When it comes to the Nigerian automobile market, several models of Mercedes-Benz are shipped into the country monthly. Nigerian Slay Queens that prefer Mercedes-Benz as their brands of cars are left with several options to choose from.

One thing for sure is that the best Mercedes-Benz cars for Nigerian Slay Queens to make your friends jealous, and enemies mad are not so far off if you have the means!


Slay queens just love that big Mercedes-Benz logo on their ride

Almost every model of Mercedes-Benz like Mercedes-Benz 4Matic is suitable for the Nigerian environment. Therefore, you can purchase your favorite models of this German-made car brand, and enjoy your driving sessions.

Best Mercedes-Benz for Nigerian Slay Queens

Nigerian Slay Queens love to appear trendy and classic at the same time. They are crazy about getting the oohs and ahhs, or people’s attention, with a flashy lifestyle.

Now, clothes, shoes, accessories like phones, and jewelry are per the course. Recently, the ways these big society girls oppress is also by their choice of rides.

Most Slay Queens love to drive around the country in luxury cars that will guarantee their comfort while driving. Many Mercedes-Benz models are designed with an all-wheel-drive drivetrain called the 4matic system.

This drivetrain enables the car to navigate comfortably on Nigerian roads. As a result of this unique feature, Mercedes-Benz became popular across Nigeria.

The fact is that people that know what they desire in cars usually go for Mercedes-Benz as the car is designed with high tech features that will match their profile. However, not all Benz products can favor Nigerian Slay Queens that want to economize on their driving machines.


Every slay queen looks forward to one of these keys

For example, the Mercedes-Benz AMG is not fuel-efficient because its engine is modified for speed. Therefore, before concluding on the model of Mercedes-Benz to buy as a Nigerian Slay Queen, you should do your research very well. The best Mercedes-Benz for Nigerian Slay Queens include:

1. Mercedes- Benz GL-Class SUV

The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV is designed in a luxury SUV shape to give a special class status to the users. The engine of the Mercedes- Benz GL SUV (2015 model and upwards) is rated 19mpg for city and 26mpg for highways. This special feature makes the car one of the fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz cars.

Every model of this car is built with high tech features to make people feel jealous of the owner. Nigerian Slay Queens that drive around town in this unique model of Mercedes-Benz are always the talk of the town. As a Slay Queen that wants to set your enemies’ camp on fire, you should consider the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class SUV.


The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is a car for only the select few

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2. Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

The Mercedes-Benz Company manufactured this model between 1992 and 2014. The interior and exterior design of the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class is classic. Nigerian Slay Queens should consider this model as a choice of car as it will enable them to enjoy a benefiting flashy lifestyle.


They don't come more flashy than the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

3. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This model of Mercedes-Benz is popularly known as G-Wagon which stands for Gelandewagen. This model is designed with high tech features to give a touch of timelessness to its owners.

In Nigeria, this model of Mercedes-Benz comes to people's minds with the name G-wagon. The price may be on the high side but you will get what you desire from the car.

When you feel like getting people’s attention fast, you should consider the G-Wagon as a choice of car. Nigerian Slay Queens will definitely appear special in this model of Mercedes-Benz.

You can walk into any of the good Mercedes-Benz car dealerships of your choice and purchase your favorite model of the G-Wagon. However, still, you should be careful of scammers while searching for genuine dealers of G wagon.


Of course, the iconic G-Wagon made the cut

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4. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Just like the name, the Mercedes-Benz E Class is a unique model of Mercedes-Benz. Many assume the "E" stands for Elegance or Executive. Well, they may well be right though it actually means Einspritzmotor (which means fuel injection engine in the German language).

This Model is designed to travel 22 miles (city) and 27 miles (highway) on just a gallon. Due to this great fuel economy rating, the Mercedes E Class is fuel-efficient and can suit the lifestyle of any Nigerian Slay Queen.

The external and internal features of the car are designed with high tech specifications to help the driver navigate comfortably across highways and local routes. Nigerian Slay Queens that love showing off should go for this model as it will make them appear elegant and chic.


The Mercedes E Class doesn't mean "E for Elegance", but exudes the same

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5. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

When you desire to drive around town in a luxury car, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class should be your choice of Car as a cool slay queen in Naija.

The company designed the C-Class model to add a touch of class to its users. The external and internal features of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class made the model popular in Nigerian roads.

Slay Queens that wish to be on top of their league should consider this model. The C-Class models are fuel-efficient and it comes with high tech features.

Please also note that this is a very popular yahoo boys' car too.


The C-Class has a very low key style, but is vision o style all the same

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How Nigerian Slay Queens can maintain their Mercedes-Benz cars

The goal of every slay queen is to appear over-the-top always. As a Slay Queen in Nigeria, you should limit your choice of Mercedes-Benz to any of the vehicles listed above.

Most slay queens prefer to invite the mechanic at any slight sign of a malfunction displayed in their cars. However, as a slay queen that desires the best from your Mercedes-Benz, you should be different.

When you must have contacted your genuine car dealership in Nigeria, proceed to complete the payment process. Finally, when your new car arrives home, the need for a maintenance routine will arise.

To stay on the safe side, you should have a good maintenance plan that takes your busy schedules into account. Just like maintaining other cars, Mercedes-Benz cars require special attention from the owner. The following maintenance routine can help you to enjoy your luxury car on any Nigerian road:

  1. Check the battery frequently: Before you drive out with your Mercedes-Benz, ensure that the battery is in order. When you neglect to carry out a frequent check on the battery, a time will come when the battery will malfunction, and you can increase the damage by driving with a malfunctioning battery.
  2. Know the best engine oil for your Benz: When it comes to replacing the engine oil, most people would prefer to give out their Benz to any mechanic. You should know the best engine oil required to keep your Benz active.
  3. Hire a professional mechanic for maintenance purposes: Some Nigerian Mechanics can be dubious when they discover you are a gorgeous slay queen. They can even go to the extent of creating further damage, whether real or imaginary. You should avoid this type of mechanic and hire a professional mechanic for the maintenance job. If after the first trial, you get a bad outcome, change the mechanic immediately.


Not a slay queen by any means, but we guess all women appreciate the good life

Check out this Mercedes-Benz coupe in the video below:

Video: 2020 Mercedes C-Class Coupe Sport Edition - Interior, Exterior, Walkaround - Auto Show Brussel 2020

Final Note

Your goal as a Nigerian Slay Queen should focus on buying a fuel efficient car, with high tech internal and external features. Mercedes-Benz comes in several models and shapes. Therefore, no matter your choice of car as a Slay Queen, The Mercedes-Benz definitely has something nice for you.

Now you can accurately select from the best Mercedes-Benz cars for Nigerian Slay Queens to make your friends jealous, and enemies mad. 

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