What is the best compact SUV for Nigerians?


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Compact SUVs can and save fuel while at it. That is why we have decided to go in depth and bring you the best compact SUVs for Nigerians. Check top 5 of the hottest below!

Generally, Nigerians think of SUVs as spacious, versatile, big and rugged vehicles that can run on pretty much any terrain and can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions. They are known for being high performance cars. But nobody ever sees them as though they can be fuel efficient. This is probably amongst the reasons most car manufacturers started making the compact SUVs. They wanted one that isn't as big as the average SUV but can still adapt to conditions the big SUVs can and save fuel while at it. They have achieved that and these vehicles have also become a toast of many across the world. But in this article, Naijauto will go in depth and bring you the best compact SUVs for Nigerians.

1. Toyota RAV4

When it comes to fuel efficiency and reliability, a lot of Nigerians will pick the Japanese cars. Fans of Toyota will argue that the brand makes some of the best compact cars and they aren't far from the truth. The Toyota RAV4 was made to be like a compact version of the Toyota Highlander. It still surpassed expectations. It might not give you enough cargo space like huge SUVs, but you still have more than 70 cubic feet of room to put luggage. There's also a navigation system to help to run on Nigerian roads and the car is definitely reliable. It's worthy to note that almost 90% of Toyota RAV4s sold between 2005 till date, are still being driven. Amazing right?


The Toyota RAV4 is a compact car that still meets up to its requirements off road

2. Honda CR-V

Pretty much any vehicle the Toyota makes, there's a Honda version - and vice versa. When it comes to the best compact SUVs for Nigerians, the Honda CRV is one that cannot be neglected. It has been in the Nigerian auto market for years and keeps making its mark. It's small but can definitely adapt to the country's harsh environmental conditions. The CRV was redesigned in 2012 to give it a new look. Fuel efficiency and performance was also boosted as compared to previous versions. But its adaptability features were still maintained. So if you're looking for an off road compact SUV, the Honda CRV is one to definitely consider.


The CR-V can adapt to harsh conditions in Nigeria

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3. Ford Escape

Having a car from the United States of America or Europe, compete with the Japanese brands is usually dicey. But the Ford Escape has made its mark in the market and has proven to be a great option for Nigerian drivers looking for a compact SUV. There aren't much Ford mechanics in small cities, but the vehicle is quite reliable when it comes to running on Nigerian roads, and fixing problems isn't that expensive either. The good thing about the Escape is that it looks like a truck. So regardless of how small, you will feel same way truckers would when running on this terrain. Its also high performing, fuel efficient and well refined.


The Ford Escape is one of the best compact SUVs you can drive in Nigeria

4. Kia Sportage

The most popular Kia cars people know are the Picantos and the Spectras. But if you want a compact SUV for running errands within your state and alsp traveling the crazy Nigerian roads, a Kia Sportage is one to look out for. It's also affordable, easy to maintain, has the latest trending tech features to aid your driving, and you can always carry just enough luggage in its trunk.


Besides Picanto & Spectras, Sportage is the next name from Kia you should remember

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5. Subaru Forester

Last but not the least on the list of best compact SUVs for Nigerians is the Subaru forester. It mostly comes as a 4-wheel drive and just enough room for cargo. You can definitely get out of mud with it, travel off road, save fuel and still enjoy great features to your comfort. It's reliable and definitely worth a purchase.


A true Forester doesn't mind going off-road on any terrain

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Kennedy Ilediagu
Kennedy Ilediagu

Kennedy Ilediagu


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